Roamy’s New Cat Bed

the supplies

what’s this?


happy cat!

(And now for a Roamy themed post for National Cat Day) It’s actually a few weeks old, I made it before I went to Victoria, but Roamy now has a new cat bed! She used to sleep in a plant we had here but she was getting dirt everywhere and it was dying anyway so we moved it out of the way and I made her this little flat bed. I used 3 fat quarters I picked up at the fat quarter sale at Pieceful Heart Fabrics, the cats are a Tammis Keefe fabric called Tammis Cats in Tomato. It’s a good thing they only had fat quarters of this and no yardage or I would have way too many yards of cat fabric and no idea what to do with them. Anyway, the bed went over pretty well but now that it’s cold she doesn’t want to sit near the windows since they’re pretty drafty. Perhaps next she’ll need a little blanket to snuggle on, though her favorite “blankets” are whatever shirt I was most recently wearing. Cats!

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6 Responses to Roamy’s New Cat Bed

  1. kittenhood says:

    haha, that is so cute!

  2. Saeriu says:

    adorable! In the second picture, it looks like your kitty has a halo on her head.

  3. liza jane says:

    Aww! I need to make one of these for my cat. Although I think I’d use some wool fabric. My cats always seek out any piece of wool I have lying around and lay on it. Not sure why they like it so much.

  4. Linda Craig says:

    Really cute, Roamy really enjoys that great window seal..

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