Window Box Oasis

I had planned on posting my next Summer Wardrobe garment today but the heat finally broke and I planted my window box!! I’m way way way too excited to wait on posting this so you all now have to suffer through my plant photos when I know you’re actually looking for some sewing. Check out that plant creeper up there btw, that tall plant is catnip.

Anyway…. I am the super lucky recipient of a window box made custom for our buildings huge, awkward windows made by our neighbor and friend who lives downstairs, Nathan. We have no yard or green space in this building, technically we’re not allowed on the roof, and they just split our courtyard into some totally weird champaign bar and the outdoor patio of a Graham Elliot restaurant. Super lame, so this window box is pretty much it as far as outside greenery and I LOVE it!!!!

I thought it was going to be a lot more tricky to find plants for it this late in the season but while the full sun plants and veggies are slim to none, the shade / part shade plants were out and about and ready for me to take them home. I ended up with a few Begonias, assorted Coleus (Wizard Mix and Black Dragon), an Asparagus Fern, Catnip and two plants that say Polka-Dot Plant on the tag. I’ve never heard of those before but they’re in my box now! I’m hoping this box gets big and leafy, the only thing I wish I could have found was some Dusty Miller…love those!

Other than making planter boxes pretty I’ve been working on finishing up the next pattern download which will be a pair of shorts. I’m muslin testing the pattern now, so as soon as I finish that up I’ll post them here! Summer wardrobe garment coming soon too, might reshoot now that it’s not 103 out. Who knows.

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9 Responses to Window Box Oasis

  1. Ginger says:

    So cute! I love your window box! Polka dot plants are really fun. And I can’t wait for your shorts pattern!

  2. Caitlin says:

    Yay! It looks great! Window boxes are so pretty, I’m glad you got one 🙂 I had some polka dot and asparagus fern as houseplants, sadly the polka dot died due to lack of watering but the asparagus fern (known as Fernest) is going strong. The kitties like to chomp it so I keep it out of reach.

    • Haha Fernest, love it!!! I keep walking over to the window and staring at it like a total plant creep! Now that you’ve said you had the asparagus fern and polka dot plants as houseplants I’m going to try to take apart my box this fall if they survive and bring some plants indoors, I just wish we got better sun inside our apartment, but shade plants right? Oh boy…

  3. Jessica says:

    I love your plant choices! They look so happy together!

  4. sallie says:

    I’m pretty sure there is nothing quite as good for the soul as putting some plants in dirt. Enjoy your new window box!!

  5. Hannah says:

    CHAMPAIGN BAR. I love it + you are awesome.

    Also, these photos are gorgeous!! Once a photo student…

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