A Small Doll

I meant to post this little lady on Monday but I’m up at the cabin and the internet I’m used to borrowing was turned off until today. I made this Olive doll for my friend Paige’s baby shower. Paige and I met at U of I many years ago when we were both Photography majors but she, unlike me, stuck with it and is now a super talented wedding photographer in Charleston, SC. Lucky for me she had her baby shower outside Madison, WI so I was able to attend! I had originally planned to make something clothing related for her but I quickly discovered it’s sort of difficult to find clothing sewing patterns for newborns and I wasn’t sure it made much sense to knit something for a South Carolina baby due in September. Sweat City! Everything sewing seems to be for 6 months and up so little Hadley will have to wait a few months for that. Anyway, this is my second time making this pattern and I think the doll turned out pretty cute. I improvised a skirt and dress, both of which are just rectangles sewn together with elastic waist and neck bands. Definitely recommend this pattern if you need to make a doll for anyone, or yourself!

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6 Responses to A Small Doll

  1. Ginger says:

    Super cute! I love this! Great idea– I always feel weird making a tiny little dress or sweater that the baby will only wear for a short while. A doll can be a real keepsake!

  2. Beth says:

    The doll is sooo cute! I love the dress and the hair!

  3. Kerry says:

    So lovely! What a great gift.

  4. MadeByMeg says:

    this is adorable!

  5. Carolyn says:

    Coolest doll ever! Love the stripey feet.

  6. paige w. says:

    jen, this is most definitley my favorite toy our baby girl owns! she’s going to keep it forever, and i’m going to somehow force myself to let her actually play with such a beauty. thank you, thank you! and just as good as the actual gift was getting to spend some time together – miss you! xo

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