Morris Blazer

Woahwoahwoahwoah, did I actually sew a garment? For myself? I know, right? I can barely believe it either! Just when 2012 was starting to look a bit barren garment wise, I finished up this blazer for myself. It’s the Morris blazer from the Fall ’11 collection, so finally I have made myself something from that. Sadly the photos from this ‘shoot’ are pretty horrific, if you can even call me with a rickety tripod at night with a cat trying to sabotage my every move a shoot. Luke is in Champaign early this week for a workshop he’s organizing and I should not be left to my own devices in the photo department, obviously! I’m laughing at the cat in most of the photos and the ones where I’m not, I’m trying to suppress it and look like a chipmunk. Oh well, I never claimed to be a model, in fact I would vehemently claim the opposite. To see a real model in this blazer, click here.

As for spring wardrobes, so many of you are also planning them and I’m pretty pumped up about this. I wish there was some way we could all see our wardrobe planning / pictures / etc all in one place. An easy way to follow along with spring wardrobes perhaps? Maybe a list of people doing spring wardrobes? I don’t know really, I’m sort of just rambling here, but I am really interested in handmade wardrobes lately. Sewing things that fit into your closet and style perfectly that get so many wears they start to wear out. What a dream!

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  1. Kristen says:

    Love the blazer, esp. the points on the front hem. Really lovely. Maybe a flickr group for spring wardrobe planning? I haven’t had the foresight this season to plan, but would love to everyone else’s!

    • jen | grainline says:

      Thanks! I’m thinking about Flickr too, seems like the easiest place to group post. Who knows though, it might just be me. Ha!

  2. Lovely photos of you and that blazer! Looks like a great staple, a sort of any-season garment. So are you going to put out a pattern for it Jen? Hint hint.

  3. Neus says:

    Wowww!! What a nice blazer!
    A spring flick group sounds a good idea! 😉

  4. Kelli says:

    I love it. Such a wardrobe basic. And I’m with Cirque De Bebe – any plans for a pattern for this one?

    • jen | grainline says:

      Thanks! I’m considering the pattern part…I need more free time. I’m in the middle of hound and random other projects including a friend’s wedding dress so it might be a while…

  5. Caroline says:

    Yeah, I’m starting to get into the spring wardrobe idea too… I’m gonna have two springs this year so I might as well! Need to start my inspiration file ASAP 🙂

    • jen | grainline says:

      Wait 2 springs, what did I miss? Your projects always look so good, I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your wardrobe!

      • Caroline says:

        Oh, I’ve got the northern spring (Japan) but I’m moving back to New Zealand in August so I’ll get the southern one too.
        Thanks! I gotta get some stuff on paper [or internets] soon so I can sort myself out… Should be fun!

  6. molly says:

    The blazer looks really great, are you going to make a pattern for this one?

  7. Jessica says:

    Love it! It looks great with that top, too! 🙂

  8. Leah says:

    I love this blazer! The points look so cool! Really nice. And I have to say, I used your “how to bag a lining” tutorial last night on my first ever jacket and it worked LIKE A CHARM! So thank you, you are clearly a jacket guru!

    • jen | grainline says:

      Thanks! I’m so happy to hear the tutorial worked out for you, everyone should know how easy lining jackets and blazers is. So Easy!!!

  9. rachel says:

    love!! I’ve always wanted a blazer but I think they look odd on me for some reason 🙂

    • jen | grainline says:

      Thanks! I actually feel that way about skirts, though people try to disagree with me. I’ll bet blazers great on you.

  10. indigorchid says:

    Your hair looks nice!

    I know. Random, but it had to be said.

    • jen | grainline says:

      I can’t believe it’s that long already. It’s definitely getting pretty shaggy but I can’t seem to keep a hair appointment.

  11. liza jane says:

    Nice! Classic but very now with the shape of the front and the cropped sleeves. I would love to make something like this if you, ahem, want to put a pattern out for it 😉

    • jen | grainline says:

      Thanks! Haha, man on man you guys are wanting a pattern! I’m going to see what I can do, but no promises. My to do list is going to give me an anxiety attack soon!

  12. Ginger says:

    I love this! It’s just the right blend of casual and tailored! I love the pointed hem and the boyfriend sleeves! Super cute!

    • jen | grainline says:

      Thanks! I’m hoping to get a lot of wear out of it, though it’s already so covered in pet hair I’m probably going to be embarrassed to be seen in it within the week.

  13. lauren says:

    I don’t usually wear blazers, but that one is SO CUTE! I’m thinking the same thing as a lot of people apparently – pattern?

  14. Daligula says:

    I love your blazer! That’s obe of my favourite pieces of your F-W collection.
    Hey, if you organize a ‘sewing circle’ for spring wardrobes count me in! I have sime projects, but sonetimes feel poorly motivated to blog about it. This would be an interesting exercise in many ways..

    • jen | grainline says:

      Thanks! I’ll be doing some planning on the wardrobes project tonight and tomorrow and when I get something cobbled together I’ll let you know! It would be so fun to see what you come up with!

  15. Hannah says:

    You could do a pinterest board that everyone can pin to! To get all the spring images together.

    Also: cute! Still jealous of how you can MAKE clothes… 🙂

    • jen | grainline says:

      I’m actually trying to decide between a pin board and a flickr group! Going to try to think it over on the trainer tonight. Need something to keep me from remembering how horrible riding that thing is…

  16. Lawn Party says:

    You and the blazer look lOvely!!!

  17. Jenn says:

    I second the pattern hint-nudge! I think it would be great!

  18. emily marie says:

    I LOVE this blazer! I also just realized that I’ve never made one (shhh!) and that is completely ridiculous. I would certainly use a pattern if you were to make one 🙂 No pressure though, I’ve got a jillion projects waiting for me at the moment!

    • jen | grainline says:

      Haha, I think a lot of people haven’t made a blazer! I know I hadn’t made one until a year ago so I’m behind as well but I won’t tell. Promise promise.

  19. Leah says:

    Love this! What a great modern take. Looking forward to the pattern, too, when time allows.

  20. sarah says:

    cuuuuuuuute. god, you are so adorable. morris blazer! yes! high fives!

    • jen | grainline says:

      aww boo, you are too nice. I know darn well that I look totally crazy in these photos. I’m not even standing up in one! You know how cat sabotage goes though. Gonna wear this on our brunch date…emailing you now!

  21. Lavender says:

    Omygod!!! I was ready to purchase the pattern right this instant! Pleeeeaaase release it. Pretty please. Whipped cream, cherry, the works.

  22. Maud says:

    I would love to see this
    pattern :)!

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