weekend photoshoot

Last weekend I was in Elkhorn, WI for the hound ss11 shoot and took a few rolls of film with my Canon AE-1.  I don’t have a point + shoot digital right now, so I’m trying to use my film cameras more to avoid buying one.  I had one little mishap, I yanked the film of the spool on the last advance which caused the film to not rewind. That was a surprise when I opened the back after I thought it had rewound!  Luckily not too much light damage was done and I rewound the film in our bathroom when we got home.  The shoot was amazing despite the cold weather and clouds, I would definitely love to go back to Camp Wandawega when the weather is a bit nicer.  I spent some time sitting on one of the docks and it was exactly what I needed after working non-stop on this collection, though it did make me want to go to the cabin even more.  These are just a few of the photos, most of them have Mallory, our model, in them so I’m saving those till after I release the collection.

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3 Responses to weekend photoshoot

  1. Unfurled says:

    Summer Camp, I love you! And the midwest vibe has me channeling Chevy Chase and John Candy. Tell me you had wood panel station wagon and I will buy all the clothes in your forthcoming collection.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what camera do you use? the photo is awesome. I love the tone.

  3. jen says:

    Thanks, I used my Canon AE-1.

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