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Me Made May | Archer Roundup

We are in the midst of Me Made May. A sewing challenge created by Zoe Edwards in 2010. Participants pledge to wear a handmade item everyday during the month of May. It’s so great to see what everyone is making … Continue reading

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Farewell to Parkas… Hello to Jackets

photo by Ebony Bizys from her blog Hello Sandwich. We love all things Japanese, and it’s about to be cherry blossom season! We can’t wait to see those blossoms pop! One of our favorite online stores, Miss Matatabi has a … Continue reading

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Tips + Tricks | for sewing with silk

Silk… the only fabric that has its own adjective; of or resembling silk, especially in being soft, fine and lustrous. It elevates garments from casual to formal. It’s elegant and of course… expensive. But there is no reason to be … Continue reading

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On the Surface | Potato Printing

Hey! We have an exciting new series of tutorials for you. We are going to be showing you how to design fabric using all types of surface printing techniques. We are partnering with Dharma Trading Co. aka our favorite resource … Continue reading

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Our Willows

We LOVE plants at Grainline Studio. Being in nature is very special to all of us. We have been really busy in the studio preparing the new Willow Tank & Dress for release. As a treat to ourselves we took … Continue reading

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Willow Swatches & Inspiration

One of our favorite things to talk about here in the studio is what we want to make! Jen, Lexi and I always have something cooking in our sketch books. This morning I went to my favorite coffee shop, Gas … Continue reading

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Lakeside Journal Posts

Original Post | New Pattern, Lakeside Pajamas! Since we now have the Lakeside Pajamas in print I wanted to do a little roundup of our previous Lakeside posts on the blog since some of them happened quite a while ago. … Continue reading

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Cascade Coat Pattern Update

Hey there guys. I’m completely crushed to report that there is an error in pieces 28 & 29 on View B of the pattern. I’ve uploaded a 5 page PDF update for the two pieces which you can download below. The … Continue reading

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Cascade Sew-Along Update

Just wanted to let you all know that I haven’t forgotten about the sew-along, just got that lovely flu that’s going around and haven’t been able to post. I’ll be resting up over the weekend and we’ll resume on Monday. … Continue reading

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