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About the Grainline Blog
Hello, and welcome! I’m Jen Beeman and I am a designer and patternmaker living in Chicago, IL. Grainline is a place where I share my projects, seasonal handmade wardrobes, things I’m up to, and on occasion, a gratuitous pet photo. In addition to hopefully inspiring people with my various projects I also enjoy sharing sewing and pattern making tutorials of techniques, tips, and tricks I’ve learned over the years through school, work, colleagues and friends. I love to make things and am passionate about sharing that with others; one of my greatest beliefs (making wise that is) is that sewing something you love is not a difficult task if you have the right skills and techniques to get the job done properly. In addition to sewing I also knit, run, drink way too much tea (seriously, way too much), try to spend as much time as possible at our family cabin, and am owner to the raddest cat that has ever lived. Hope you enjoy what you find here!

About the Grainline Studio Patterns
We are a pattern shop featuring modern, fashion-forward patterns that will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe. All of the patterns are drafted with a contemporary fit and we take extra care to provide clearly illustrated instructions that are easy to follow to ensure a professional finish. We believe that the best handmade wardrobe is one you can wear and be proud of on a daily basis. All of our patterns are drafted, graded and digitized by hand in our Chicago studio.

Grainline Studio originally started as the personal blog of Jennifer Beeman, the designer and patternmaker behind the patterns. It expanded in mid 2011 to include these downloads after people started requesting the patterns for the garments she was creating for herself. Jennifer studied fashion design at Columbia College where she focused on patternmaking and technical design. She now works as a patternmaker for local designers as well as designing and producing a line of women’s clothing under the name Hound.

Grainline Studio | About

some frequently asked questions

Did you go to school for fashion? Yes. I originally got my BFA in Photography from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign but realized that wasn’t what I really wanted to do. After I graduated from UIUC I worked for 2 years to save up money and then attended Columbia College Chicago for a 3 year Post-Bacc and graduated with a degree in Fashion Design.

What kind of sewing machine / serger / etc. do you use? My sewing machine is a Bernina Aurora 435, my serger is a Bernina 700D, and my cover stitch is a Bernina 009DCC cover & chain stitch machine. I love them all.

What do you use to make your patterns/weight your patterns/cut your fabric? All of my patterns are made on professional grade 90lb kraft paper or oaktag. I use professional cloth weights to weight my pattern pieces down while I trace (those are the black metal things you occasionally see in my photos, they weigh about 4lbs each). I then use scissors to cut all of my garment pieces.

▲ Can you make a pattern for xyz garment for me? Sorry to be a downer, but at the moment I am not taking on any freelance projects.

I’ll be in Chicago on x date. Can I stop by the studio and hang out? Due to the fact that our studio is a private place of employment and not a storefront, shop, or workspace we do not offer studio tours at this time. When we’re here we need to work – running a business takes a lot of it!

Feel free to contact me at hello@grainlinestudio.com