Lark Inspiration and Swatches | Lark Cardigan Variation Pack

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The Lark Cardigan Variation pack allows you to turn your lark tee into a drape front cardigan without doing any drafting or pattern alterations. It’s the perfect season to cozy up in a cardigan! It’s not cold enough for a jacket but not hot enough to leave the house with out a later. I picked out some soft fabrics that will sew up beautifully!

Swatches one and two are both bamboo rib knits. Rib knits are à la mode this season and these two have a sheen to them. They will be perfect for a sophisticated look. Number three is a waffle knit. I love the texture! If I could leave the house wearing a textured blanket… I would. But with this cardigan I can feel like I’m wearing a blanket and be presentable in public.

Number four has a western vibe. I imagine wearing it with a floppy felt hat. Five is the perfect neutral and number 6 is so earthy, like the red rocks in Oklahoma. I love it when a garment can evoke a sense of place.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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3 Responses to Lark Inspiration and Swatches | Lark Cardigan Variation Pack

  1. shoes15 says:

    I’d love a Linden variation pack – a collared version, a half-zip, a full-zip, a kangaroo pouch, etc. All would be so useful.

  2. Lisa says:

    I love that beautiful red ochre fabric – it reminds me of the red centre of Australia 😉

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