[Closed] Shibui Knits Lunar Giveaway!

If you’re a knitter, you may have seen the Shibui Knits launch of their newest yarn, Lunar, yesterday, and if not, well here’s your intro! A few posts back I shared my Martine Pullover which was knit in Shibui Rain, and casting on for that back in July of last year was the beginning of my Shibui love. One really cool thing about Shibui is that create their yarns with blending in mind, meaning they pair extremely well with each other to create interesting textures you might not be able to achieve otherwise.Β Lunar is a blend of 40% mulberry silk and 60% extra fine merino wool meaning it has an elegant drape, soft hand, and beautiful sheen. I know because I’ve held it in my hands!

Of course what yarn launch is complete without new patterns! I’m personally really excited about Getty, Crete, and Siena. The Spring ’17 lookbook is full of gorgeous wardrobe builders so you’ll definitely want to scope that out! Shibui kindly provided me with the yarn for my own Getty so you’ll be seeing that pop up soon on my Instagram account.

In the interest of wardrobe building we’ve teamed up with Shibui to give away 2 kits for their Crete scarf (perfect for beginners and pros alike) containing the both the pattern and the required 1 skein of Lunar and 3 skeins of Twig to make your own! We’re imagining this timeless scarf paired with the Willow Tank or Farrow Dress, so we’re also throwing in a $25 gift card to our shop along with each kit. You have two chances to enter, we’re giving away a Crete Kit in Graphite + Grainline gift card (shown above) here on the blog as well as a Crete Kit in Ash + a $25 Grainline gift card over on our Grainline Studio Instagram account.

To enter on the blog, leave us a comment below answering the following question and make sure that you leave your email address in the appropriate field when commenting so that we can contact you! I’ll draw the two winners (here and Instagram) on Tuesday April 4th at 10AM CST.

As I’ve been sharing more of my knitting I’m so interested, are you strictly a sewer, a knitter, or do you do both? If you partake in both activities, do you plan your knitting and sewing to coordinate outfit wise?

Please note: Shibui KnitsΒ has kindly provided the yarn and patterns for this giveaway. All opinions expressed are my own. Entries valid for US addresses only, one entry per person allowed on each prize, only one prize per person. Employees and family members of Grainline Studio and Shibui are not eligible to enter.

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179 Responses to [Closed] Shibui Knits Lunar Giveaway!

  1. Kathryn Valicka says:

    I’m mostly a knitter but I’ve recently started sewing. I have a few of your patterns lined up with fabric waiting to be cut!

  2. Therese says:

    I am a sewer and a knitter. I never plan them together because I usually gift what I make. The idea of coordinating my handmade sis an excellent one though!

  3. Cyndi says:

    I am a long time sewer/quilter and knitter. Most recently I have returned to sewing my own clothes to have more control over my wardrobe staples and the quality of the pieces. I absolutely plan my knitting around my sewn garments and most recently designed a sweater to wear with Willow to a wedding this summer.

  4. Vivien says:

    Sew and knit! I tend to plan my projects according to the materials I have

  5. colleendavis24 says:

    I have been mostly only a knitter up until the last year. Now I’m sewing and knitting like crazy! I don’t usually plan to have my garments coordinate, but lately they have been without me trying. Blue seems to match blue very well!

  6. Meghan says:

    I’m a sewist and I knit! I coordinate, but in a more big-picture way–I don’t quite capsule wardrobe, but I add items very rarely and deliberately and take the rest of my wardrobe into consideration.

  7. Jess dennis says:

    I sew and knit too. I’ve never planned to coordinate an outfit but id love to be that organised one day!

  8. Rachael says:

    I both knit and sew, although I’m not very good at either! I’m working on my skills and challenging myself, I just finished my first sweater (for myself!) and am now making a slightly more complicated cardigan for my husband. I haven’t sewn in a while, so this week I’m easing back in with a set of pajamas (wearable even with mistakes!), but what I really need are simple but polished clothes for work, so those are up next! I’ve got a denim skirt and a handful of tunic-y tops cut out and up next!

  9. danielle says:

    I knit and sew, although I’m still a beginner when it comes to sewing so I just make tops and dresses. I don’t plan my knitting and sewing projects together per se but I know my colors so whatever I decide to put on that day usually works together in the end

  10. Francis says:

    I started out a knitter and that led to sewing. I want my own wardrobe in my colors. Nothing makes me happier than to wear an outfit that includes both crafts.

  11. Katie Emma says:

    I knit and sew, and while I don’t usually specifically plan to knit and sew things to be worn together, I feel like I at last have a good handle on my personal style and can recognize garments that will mix and match well with what I already have.

    There is one time a year where I try to knit and sew something as a set – the Yarniacs podcast hosts a Pantone Fall KAL, where you’re supposed to knit something out of at least one of the colors from Pantone’s fall forecast colors. One year I sewed a top in the color palette to go with the cowl I was knitting, and so it’s my tradition to try to sew and knit something for the KAL, with the idea that I will wear them together.

  12. I am a garment sewer who learned to knit about 10 months ago; my main motivation for learning was socks, but my other plan was to make plenty of sweaters. I haven’t made a sweater or top yet, but I have plans for many that will work with my existing clothes as well as garments I want to sew next. (Sweaters over button-ups, sweaters with jeans/skirts/trousers, etc.) I tend to choose sweater yarn in fairly neutral colors, that way my sometimes-loud taste in fabric doesn’t clash with my taste in yarn and limit my combos. I save loud yarn for accessories (socks, cowls) and wear them with anything, though! =)

  13. Steph Gillette says:

    I learned how to sew first, let that skill languish while I built up my knitting skills, and am now coming back to it (both as a garment-sewer and quilter). For so long, I’ve just made what looked interesting or fun without thinking about how anything would fit into my wardrobe or lifestyle. I’m now trying to be much more coordinated about my making – having a kid and limited time will do that! – so that things fit into a cohesive palette and style.

    I got to knit with Shibui for the first time last year and love it. Glad you’re enjoying it, too!

  14. Lilli says:

    Knitter and sewist but don’t coordinate because I don’t produce enough of either to warrant coordination!

  15. Jael says:

    sewing isms first preference, but coming to love knitting. πŸ™‚
    Also – shibui. beautiful!

  16. Eve says:

    I’ve known how to sew (though not well) much longer than I’ve knit, but now I’m mostly a knitter and sewing dabbler. I’ve never sewn anything to coordinate with my knitting, but I usually choose knit projects that will work with my wardrobe/lifestyle. Sometimes I can’t resist an interesting technique/style/construction.

  17. Lisa says:

    I am solely a knitter – I didn’t start knitting until I was in my late 20s, I love to flip through look books and find new ideas to plan my outfit for a season.

  18. Kristen says:

    My mom made me learn how to sew as a kid – we’d pick out one piece of clothing every summer as my “project” – but somehow it didn’t catch on for me until very recently, so I’m sort of re-teaching myself now. But in the meantime (about 5 years ago) I found knitting, and honestly enjoy it more – I find the process more relaxing, whereas with sewing I’m pretty much always in it for the product! But yes, I’m now at the point where I’m starting to plan them to go together – I just finished my very first cardigan (the Exeter by Michelle Wang) and wore it the other day with a black tencel twill Tiny Pocket Tank and handknit Tosh socks, and I felt like such an accomplished badass!

  19. Marilyn says:

    I sew and knit! Sewing is a winter fall hobby and knitting is a summer hobby because I can take it on the road. Yes, I try to coordinate colors between the two. Who wants a knit hat that goes with nothing in your wardrobe? Not me.

  20. Michael says:

    I started as a knitter, and have just recently started to sew. I haven’t coordinated any of my sewing makes with my knits as of yet. Could be a lot of fun to match up a nice scarf and hat combo with a warm flannel button down though! I think I know what I’ll be planning for next fall πŸ™‚

  21. Marion says:

    I do both, but have never planned knitting and sewing projects to coordinate. I’m mainly a sock and hat knitter, so I do knit hats in colors that coordinate with colors I wear regularly!

  22. Eline says:

    I like both sewing and knitting, although I consider myself more of a knitter. I always try to stick to makes that work in my wardrobe, so theoretically both my knitting and sewing makes would play nicely together. But in practice I mostly knit heavy sweaters and winter accessories and I sew mainly summer dresses, so the two crafts don’t interact that much in my wardrobe!

  23. Karin says:

    KNitter and sewer here and, yes, I do try to coordinate between the two. Thanks for the chance as I recently discovered and love Sibui.

  24. jen says:

    Many years ago I was only a (mediocre) sewer then I became obsessed with yarn. When knitting, dyeing, spinning, carding raw fleece, etc. ran its course I went back to patchwork and only in the last couple of years became a garment sewer again. I’m trying to be more mindful in my me made wardrobe choices but definitely do not coordinate knits and sews. Now I do about 50/50 depending on the moment – but awful time when has taken over the quick fix of sewing has won me over! Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. Marleen says:

    Sew, knit, crochet – depending on the pattern! Though I admit I’m better at crochet than at knitting πŸ™‚

  26. Linda N says:

    I sew, but have knit in the past and want to pick it up again

  27. Brittney says:

    I learned how to sew in middle school but with a lack of access to a sewing machine, I turned to knitting and crocheting. My goal for this year is to buy a sewing machine and start making more of my own clothes and coordinate my projects for maximum wearability!

  28. Rose says:

    Yea! What a great giveaway of special things! I just received an order of shibui yarn for my next sweater. I haven’t started yet but love the feel of the yarn. Of course, I love Grainline patterns which I have been sewing for a while. I both sew and knit although I am very much a beginner at knitting.

  29. Kate says:

    I do both, but am still working at improving my sewing skills!

  30. Brigid de Jong says:

    I do both knitting and sewing. I started sewing at age 12 (ahem, that was 50 years ago…) and made most of my clothes for years and years. I taught myself to knit in high school but never was able to make anything that fit. About 4 years ago I started knitting again, determined to learn to do it right. I have made several sweaters (and have 2 in the works right now) and lately have been working on small projects that I can give as gifts. I am presently engaged in the Mason Dixon Knitting “A Year of Techniques” and am enjoying that.

  31. Sarah S. says:

    I do both, but am mostly a knitter. I tend to create pieces that go with my wardrobe, and don’t do exact outfit planning around that, though have been wanting to think more in that framework (only because with the ad hoc way I currently make, my wardrobe is a little less consistent).

  32. Emily says:

    Although I do both, I tend to sew selfishly and knit generously. Knitting up gifts with their squishy ease is so much easier than sewing an equivalent item that may not fit well. But I also feel this short changes my wardrobe as I don’t plan knitting wardrobe staples as much as I would like, maybe something to focus on going forward.

  33. Lauren says:

    I sew and knit, but lately it’s been more knitting. As I’ve transitioned from school to an office job, I’ve been focusing on accessories (shawls and cowls) to add pops of color to my neutral outfits. Now that I know what I like to wear at work, I’m looking forward to sewing a couple of pieces to round out my work wardrobe.

  34. Rise TF says:

    Ooooooo, Shibui! I knit and sew, have a deep love of both–and a lot of WIPs of both kinds. I tend to plan more with sewing, and fall prey to ‘oo that would be a great knit!’ with yarn/knitting patterns. Though I am a sucker for a great collar in sewing.

  35. Kayla Herrell says:

    I knit and sew and while I don’t strictly plan things to go together I’m usually drawn to the same color pallet so my clothes end up going together anyways.

  36. heidi. says:

    Primarily a sewer and a crocheter actually. Had an introduction to knitting a long time ago though and took it up again so I could knit a protest hat. πŸ™‚
    My crochet has mostly been for non-wearables. But the possibility to plan together is an awesome idea.

  37. chris says:

    Knit + Sew! And yes to coordinating outfits and projects, most of the time. Thanks so much for all of your inspiration and tips!

  38. I started as a knitter and sewing was something I started after and have been loving it lately. And now that my sewing skills are decent I have been coordinating! In fact right now I’m making a Tamarack Jacket in rust Essex linen and an offwhite scarf to go with it and every time I work on one I just picture them together! So excited to finish them both.

  39. Elspeth says:

    I’m primarily a knitter, but also do some sewing (mostly alongside more experienced sewists). I’m a fairly advanced knitter, but not as confident when it comes to sewing. I’m not quite at the level where I understand how to make pattern adjustments, but need them to make items I’ll actually wear (i.e. changing sleeve widths without altering measurements for the rest of the garment).

  40. Christina says:

    I am a sewer and a knitter. I never plan them together but I could definitely see planning a willow tank and a Crete scarf together!

  41. Jacqui says:

    As a kid I hand-sewed mostly non-clothing projects (a pillow for my mom, a doll, headbands, that kind of thing) but as I get older and incorporate more second-hand pieces and handknits to my wardrobe, I hope to include some hand-sewn pieces in the mix! The last few things I’ve knit I definitely had a wistful eye on what sewn items I’d pair with them but haven’t executed on any… I was recently handed down a sewing machine from my husband’s grandmother and would love to break it in with a Grainline pattern!

  42. Alex P. says:

    I sew and knit (mostly sew…) so when I devote the time and materials to a knitting project, I want to make sure I not only love it and never want to take it off but also, it must coordinate with my hand-sewn and RTW items. I like unique pieces so it can be quite the task making sure it all works together. I follow simple rules like sticking with a color palette, working with fibers I love to wear, and adding interest by creating unique textures that I wouldn’t find in my hand sewn wardrobe. At the moment I’m lacking a light weight cardigan in the perfect length to wear with all my cropped Willow Tanks and ES Clyde pants πŸ˜‰

  43. Julie O'Brien (pascoaggirl) says:

    I mostly knit and dream of sewing…knitting is so forgiving of mistakes,and changes in direction along the way. There is something about the finality of cutting into beautiful fabric and committing to a final vision from the first snip that stills my hand just before closing the blades on the scissors.

  44. Erica says:

    I knit, sew, and quilt. Lately i’ve been knitting the most because we moved and I don’t have a good sewing space in our new house

  45. Crystal Berry says:

    I’m primarily a knitter, but I’m working on building my sewing skills in order to build a handmade wardrobe!

  46. Lianne says:

    I am an avid knitter and an aspirational sewer. I sewed as a teenager, but it has been 15 years. I can’t wait to get back into it. Shibui is amazing, thank you for doing the giveaway!

  47. Nadia says:

    I sew and knit. I have a list and an album of craft ideas, which are about half things I know I want to wear and half things that I want to try to make. I also always want to use the wool and fabric I already have so I will go out and look for patterns that suit my materials. I spend a lot of time mulling over these different lists and adjusting them. Every once in a while it all comes together (ie. I plan a project that is something I want to wear, uses materials I already have, and that teaches me something new). I definitely dream of having no stash and only buying fabric or yarn to make garments I know I’ll want to wear, but as I’m still learning it is nice to have some fabrics and yarns that feel less precious and therefore are easier to experiment with.

  48. Ruby says:

    Both! I sewed as a child, knit in college and now love both. Although, I sew more than knit now as it can be so much faster.

  49. Alex says:

    I’m mostly a knitter, but I’ve recently been getting back into sewing, and I love both! I always try to knit/sew with the styles and colors I’m most comfortable wearing to build a coordinating wardrobe, and someday hope to have a closet full of handmade items.

  50. Michaela says:

    I’m more a knitter than a sewer these days, I’ve become much more mindful of how patterns will work on *my* body, as opposed to the lovely model on the pattern. So I’m a bit stymied at the moment, but looking forward to integrating this info into my making!

  51. Suzie says:

    I do both. I started knitting in college and then got a sewing machine a couple of years ago. I’d like to say that I coordinate knitting and sewing, but really right now I just knit socks for my husband and sew basics and fun dresses for myself. So, very non-coordinating.

  52. Niina says:

    I do both and weave too. Weaving is slow, knitting intermediate and sewing fast so they all have their own special place in my hobbies. IΒ΄d love to try Shibui yarns!

  53. Mary Rachel Moore says:

    I do both. Although, I’m knitting more now, because the portablility fits my lifestyle better. I don’t plan to coordinate things, exactly, but they sometimes my things do work well together.

  54. alisonrea says:

    Both, I started with sewing, but love that I can take my knitting projects on the road.

  55. Sewing is both my job and my passion, however knitting has filled a “hobbie” hole in my life. It is definitely what I reach for to keep anxiety at bay and my stress levels low!

  56. Lydia says:

    I sew and knit, but am definitely more experienced in the sewing field😜 I adore knitted sweaters and cardigans, and it makes me happy when all my clothes mix and match!

  57. dt says:

    I started sewing through making alterations for myself, and I’m still a little intimidated by sewing a garment wholesale. Most of the sewing I’ve done recently has been bags or a couch slipcover. Knitting is more approachable right now, so most of the time I knit.

    I’m not very good at having a small wardrobe, so I don’t have to plan my knitting and sewing toooo much to complement each other. I definitely do sew and knit as I identify holes in my wardrobe (e.g., tapered wool pants or brightly-colored loose cardigan).

  58. Jane says:

    I sew and knit but sewing tends to be a priority as I can fit it in throughout the week. As it gets colder here I’m spending more time on ravelry searching patterns. There are so many sweaters I would like to knit. I don’t coordinate the two skills but probably should!

  59. Margery Adams says:

    Strictly a knitter. Where else can you you be either mentally challenged or mentally soothed while experiencing the feel of marvelous fibers. Pure love! Silverleaf pattern in shibui combo my ultimate fave of this winter.

  60. Jean says:

    I do both knit and sew, but I’ve sewn very little lately. I’d like to say I coordinate sewing and knitting, but that sure hasn’t been the case!

  61. Susan Du says:

    I’m a knitter, quilter and sewer! I generally knit sweaters and cardigans that coordinate with my outfits. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  62. Alex Broadbent says:

    I mainly knit and am a recent starter with sewing. I have a lot of experience with customising knitted garments to my shape, and am looking forward to learning more tailoring sewing skills!

  63. Erin says:

    I’m a sewer, but I’m always looking for some kind of project to do that doesn’t require me to be so antisocial. I’ve recently taken up knitting and I’m really enjoying it. I find that projects naturally coordinate with each other since I’m always drawn to the same colors!

  64. I have been sewing for a number of years but am new to knitting which I picked up so that I can have a mobile hobby. I’ve been working on building a more cohesive handmade wardrobe…despite many detours due to wacky prints! Since I am a newbie knitter and very slow, I am making sure to pick yarn colors that are more neutral since I won’t tire of them as easily as I would something more bold. Plus they will go with more things! I’m hoping to start a shawl sometime soon and want to learn socks since my giant feet don’t fit into standard store socks anymore – no more novelty socks for me! My dream would be to knit a (neutral) sweater.

  65. Bele says:

    Sewer and Knitter. Forever. And yes, it make sense to coordinate both crafts to build my personal wardrobe and that of my family members. Total freedom for our style and creativity!

  66. Claudia says:

    I am a knitter and I sew too. I’ve been sewing for longer, but I love knitting for it’s portability. Lately I’ve been sewing lots of color coordinating project bags (including the Stowe bag!) to tote my knitting projects around.

  67. Catherine says:

    Just knitting, but I wish I could sew! I love following along on all your knitting projects.

  68. Wendy says:

    I am a quilter and I also make bags and pillows…and I knit (mostly socks, but I have also made hats, scarves and sweaters). I don’t coordinate my knitting with my sewing – although someday I am going to learn to sew clothing…so then I might start doing that!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  69. Gaynor Hodder says:

    A lightweight cardigan for all those in between days when the weather is so changeable. All of the colours look beautiful and make you wish you could squish them through the screen. Thanks for this generous offer.

  70. Lauren says:

    I just started sewing, but have been knitting for years. I mostly quilt, so I don’t sew any of my own garments yet.

  71. Heather S says:

    I’m strictly a knitter, but maybe someday I’ll get crazy and take up sewing πŸ™‚ Thanks for the super lovely giveaway! xo

  72. danube66 says:

    I knit and sew. Generally, I do more knitting in the winter, and more sewing in the summer. I absolutely love combining things I made!

  73. Carrie S. says:

    I both sew and knit…and at times dream about coordinating both, in reality I am too easily distracted by all the pretties!

  74. Sophie says:

    I’m definitely more of a sewer but would love to get more into knitting, and enjoy seeing your projects on the blog. What a lovely giveaway!

  75. Laura says:

    I sew and knit, and because I always tend to gravitate towards the same colors and styles I don’t have to worry too much about coordinating my projects. Every once in a while I try to mix it up with a new accent color or a more daring (for me!) style.

  76. Pamela says:

    I’m an off-again, on-again aspiring knitter and sewer and I’m interested in both kinds of posts. You address things I don’t know about and I learn a lot and you’ve inspired me to think more about what I’d actually wear before I make.

  77. Toni says:

    I do both, I’m getting more into knitting and just completed my first sweater!

  78. Jeanne Seeds says:

    Knitter only at the moment. I just purchased the Stowe Bag as my first project since middle school, but I would love to try the Willow tank.

  79. Allison says:

    I’m an obsessive knitter and have dabbled in sewing. I’d love to have a handmade wardrobe! Last year I knit a sock drawer worth of socks, and this year I’m focusing on knitting sweaters. But I’m also dreaming of shirts and dresses to wear with those sweaters!

  80. hollycsharp says:

    I would say that I am 98% a sewist. I know HOW to knit, but have never managed to move past the knit-chunky-scarves-no-one-actually-wants-to-wear stage. I think it’s the financial investment that’s holding me back?

  81. Chris Griffin says:

    I learned to knit years before I could sew, but I love doing both! I rarely plan things to match though… I ought to!

  82. Sharon Thomas says:

    I have been an obsessed knitter for many years and only recently because an obsessed sewing person too! I started with your Stowe bag, then the Hemlock Tee, then the Alder shirt dress, Farrow dress and am now making the Linden tee. Thanks for getting me into sewing too, even though now I stuggle with time for everything I want to make!

  83. Pam says:

    I sew and knit! I sew most of my clothes and try to knit a sweater or two a year. Living in a cold winter climate, so I usually knit some winter accessories every year as well. I don’t coordinate my sewing and knitting projects but the idea is definitely intriguing.

  84. PocketC says:

    I started out sewing but I’ve been much more deliberate about how I learn knitting, so I’m a better knitter than sewer. I find I enjoy knitting more… sewing is more about fabric and the end result to me, but I love the knitting process. I don’t really deliberately coordinate, but I’ve been trying to only make things in colors and styles I will actually use, so they end up matching anyway.

  85. Sangeetha says:

    I do both, since i mainly knit winter clothes, i dont coordinate since it is invariably getting layered with basics and jeans

  86. pamelyn woo says:

    I do both. Recently i’ve been knitting a lot more (I blame Trump related stress). I rarely plan for knitting/sewing outfits but I try to keep my RTW stuff very neutral (mostly black and grey) and make colorful tops, dresses and sweaters.

  87. Right now I just knit! But I am longing, longing to learn to sew and start making my own clothes–particularly tops and dresses to coordinate with handknit sweaters! Hoping to start with your Willow Tank once I get my old sewing machine in working order πŸ™‚

  88. Lottie says:

    Both! I love how with sewing a garment forms very quickly while knitting takes time but can be done almost everywhere!

  89. Ayl S. says:

    Right now I’m only a knitter, but I really want to try my hand at sewing. Hopefully soon I’ll get on that!

  90. Joyce M Tromba says:

    I am a sewer and a knitter. Sometimes after I have finished a knitting project , a sweater knit, I will sew something to “go”with it, but that doesn’t always work out as planned!

  91. Lauren says:

    I was originally more of a sewer but I began to knit more recently! In both, I used to just make whatever I saw and liked but the deeper I get into it and the more stash of both I have to work through, I’m trying to be more conscientious about what I make and how it will coordinate with other items.

  92. Dee Johnson says:

    I am new to both, but have really been enjoying knitting recently.

  93. KIM BELANGER says:

    I prefer knitting, recently I purchased some fabric and patterns to coordinate with a cardigan I am knitting.

  94. Madeleine Johnson says:

    I mostly knit, since I’ve known how for ten years and even as I have more to learn, it seems less intimidating than sewing. At first it was kind of a pride thing with sewing, since I hated feeling totally out of my depth with things that I was so familiar with in knitting, but now I really want to sew more! (I just don’t have the space, thanks college dorm.)

    As far as wardrobes go, I tend to want to knit more exciting things than I want to sew, so they tend to go together pretty neatly! I knit a lot of sweaters, socks, and scarves, which pair perfectly with my eventual goals of sewing my own basics like button-downs, tanks and tees, and jeans. (I’ll get that Archer someday…) Maybe that’ll change as I get more experienced at sewing… I can’t wait to find out!

  95. Wehaf says:

    I do both, and also crochet. I don’t try to coordinate items or plan whole outfits – I just choose individual pieces on their own merits.

  96. Lindsey A. Richardson says:

    I used to be a knitter, back when I lived in Boston and was cold all the time. Now I live in Dallas and mostly sew. I’ve been thinking about some knitting projects I’d like to try as a way of becoming an “and” rather than an “either/or”! They are very different creative processes and I get something rewarding from each.

  97. Ko says:

    Beginner at both knitting and sewing. Would love to learn how to coordinate the two.

  98. Penelope says:

    Both a sewist and a knitter trying to make things coordinate and not always successful as I’d like…

  99. Tamsin says:

    I knit and sew. I’ve been knitting for nearly ten years, but have only got into sewing garments in the last year. I’m not much of a wardrobe planner, I just pick things I want to knit or would like to have, then figure out what to wear them with later on!

  100. Caterine says:

    I am more a knitter but I am also becoming more and more picky about my clothes and try to put a more sewing in my life. Even if there are two dresses wainting to be finished since… I know well my winter and summer palettes so my clothes both knitted and sewed comes along nicely.

  101. Calypso says:

    Experienced knitter and beginner sewist. Sometimes I make bags that combine well with my knitted garments.

  102. Jean R says:

    Knit and sew. I’m always buying the fabric or wool and then deciding what to make – hoping I’ve got the right amount by the end!!

  103. Stephanie says:

    I just like starting new things and going on a creative adventure…whether it is sewing or crochet or ochi or other creative crafts. But often I get lost on the way and stay a beginner which I am actually fine with. I only want to do and try things that really bring me joy and I can get lost in for a while. My love for knitting and my curiousity to learn and create more knitted things is the biggest and longest so far and has been with me since a few years though πŸ™‚

  104. I started knitting last year and now I can’t stop. I’ve been careful to pick yarn that I know will work with the clothes I make and buy. I actually have a Liv cardigan on the needles that is the exact same cocoa brown as a Lark t-shirt. Unintentional!

  105. Aline says:

    I’ve been knitting for many years now, but have only been sewing garments in the last two. I’ve only recently found your site and love your patterns and tutorials!

  106. Donna L Parker says:

    BOTH! Knitting began at 8 years old in my Brownie Troop. Sewing by middle school. My dad was in the drapery business so I had lots of odd dresses. I have knit, sewn, quilted, knit, sewn, quilted. With your Lark Tee I have gotten back into clothing. Knitting today is mostly socks and cowls!

  107. Jennifer says:

    I have been a quilter for years, just starting garment sewing about a year ago. I started knitting last fall and am wanting to start a sweater this summer to be ready for next fall. My favorite outfit now is wearing my Tamarack with a super chunky scarf I knitted since it’s still so cold here!!

  108. Shellie says:

    What an amazing post! Thank you Jen.

  109. Sandra says:

    I do both but I’m a MUCH better sewer than knitter. I’d love to work on building up my skills and confidence with knitting. I plan out my sewing but have never really planned out my knitting to go with outfits. I just get drawn to a specific color of yarn and go from there.

  110. Victoria McQuerry says:

    I started as a sewer, but have picked up knitting and crochet along the way. So many lovely patterns, so little time!

  111. Kristin McCauley says:

    Currently just a sewer, but I inherited some knitting needles and would like to learn how to knit.

  112. Paula Chipman says:

    I am a long time garment sewer and a four-year-old knitter. I don’t usually plan my knitting and sewing plans, but recently my makes have worked surprisingly well together. It must be subconscious!

  113. Jenna says:

    I do both! I love the whole experience of feeling fabric and yarn to make sure I’ll like it against my skin. Oftentimes I gravitate towards color rich bright colors. My fabric choices are often floral while my yarn is bright mix of colors. Recently I’ve been working on getting more high quality basics into my life that I can wear on those days I want to keep things neutral (Grainline patterns have filled so many of those roles!) When knitting a sweater I always scan my wardrobe to see what the style will look good with as it takes so long to do.

  114. projectstash says:

    I’m an avid knitter (never without a project on the needles) but my sewing machine is all set up as I plan to embark on sewing some simple tanks for the summer. My 2017 goal is to make some basic staples for my minimalist wardrobe!

  115. Linnie says:

    I mainly see. My knitting projects are fairly simple, but I am eager to get to the next level!

  116. Renee M. says:

    A newer knitter and crocheter, a quilter, but not a sewer – that would be very practical, though, to be able to coordinate an outfit, I have a lot of practice cowls that I love, but nothing to coordinate with them.

  117. Karen says:

    I do a lot more sewing, but I’ve started doing more knitting recently. I don’t really plan anything as much as I should, but at least my knitting fills genuine needs for the most part, like boot socks!

  118. I could’ve sworn that I commented yesterday… I recently started knitting in part because of you. I learned as a kid but never followed through with a project. I’ve been watching you and other sewers I follow for a little while with envy. My neighbor picked up knitting last year and is AMAZING and convinced me to join her. I finally did and am starting my first knit shirt. I have one sleeve completed. It has all worked out fairly well as sewing has taken a backseat since I’m a new mother. Knitting seems to be easier to set down and pick back up. Since this is my first project I can’t say that I plan a ton but I think I have general styles I tend towards for both knit (deep v necks, loose cardigans, oversized sweaters) and sewn (fitted pants, pleated skirts, button up shirts, tank tops, and tshirts) clothing. I like to be able to mix and match colors/prints but have a general theme in shapes.

  119. Cindy says:

    I am a knitter and a sewer. I am a former yarn store owner. I had my shop for 22 years and during that time I didn’t sew. I sold my shop 4 years ago and got out my 1972 Elna and began sewing again. I discovered several new pattern companies and have been making shirts and dresses. I knit socks, shawls, hats and fine gauge sweaters. I don’t pre plan things to go together, I find that it usually works out because my color palette is complimentary so color wise it all comes together.

  120. Cara says:

    I am a lapsed sewer and slightly less lapsed knitter. I’d love to pick up both again soon with gusto, but lately I’ve mostly just been knitting (and occasionally sewing) gifts for other people. Back when I did both more frequently, though, I just knit or sewed what I wanted when the urge struck, without much thought to wardrobe planning.

  121. Nicole says:

    I prefer to sew, but I do like to knit occasionally (though mostly when I can’t sew, such as when I’m on vacation). I have never planned a knit garment to go with a sewn garment, but perhaps that should be a long-term goal!

  122. Diana Kalkofe says:

    I’m “only” a Knitter since 10 years. I love how knitting slows me down. I have a sewing machine at home, but it’s still a mystery to me… :/

  123. Teresa Farley says:

    I sew, I knit, and I only coordinate in my head. I usually just make whatever inspires me at the moment.

  124. Ida says:

    I do both! But to be honest, my sewing is mostly summer dresses, and my knitting is cosy sweaters and socks, so they don’t really go tohether

  125. Emma says:

    I knit and see. It hasn’t occurred to me to plan those two together, but I think I will now!

  126. April Buzby says:

    I sew and knit. Most of my knitting ends up gifts. When I knit up something that’s just for me I make sure it fits into my wardrobe. The last two years I’ve tried to do the Outfit Along but I never quite finish on time πŸ™‚

  127. Stacey Copenhaver says:

    Both —but I’m fairly new to knitting. No planned coordination between my sewing and knitting projects (yet), but most of my recent sewing projects are for my family. πŸ™‚

  128. Linda Spencer says:

    I sewed for years until we adopted children #4, 5, and 6, 10 years ago when I put away my sewing and quilting to focus on raising them. Now they are almost all grown and I’ve taken up knitting and have fallen in love. Sites like yours and fringe association are making me think about taking up sewing again with the primary purpose of being able to coordinate yarns and fabrics I love.

  129. Nicole Bell says:

    I used to be a sewer but in the last couple years I’ve totally caught the knitting bug. I’m working on my second pair of socks now and have the itch to start my first sweater soon. I don’t think in terms of outfits- I’m a pretty basic dresser so most items can be mixed and matched- I’ll wear the same grey scarf all winter and it matches with most everything…pretty boring! haha

  130. Grace says:

    I’m mostly a knitter–though I can make a simple elastic waist skirt…I don’t coordinate my sewing (what there is of it) with my knitting, but I would like think I would if I sewed more!

  131. Louise says:

    I knit and sew and have for more years than I care to think of! I never used to plan them to work together, it was whatever I fancied making. But recently I have been trying to co-ordinate them more.

  132. naoko says:

    Hmm… I sew in the spring and knit in winter. Woven shirts, knit T-shirts, sweaters, very casual garments. They are not created to coordinate. But because they are basic, and I select the fabric/yarn/pattern, they don’t clash.
    Although, I have sewn shirts and skirts that do not go together well at all. I should work on that.
    I’ve sewn plain knit T-shirts for this summer already, and will give your question a good thought for the woven fabric shirts that I hope to sew. Thanks,

  133. Alex Klug says:

    I started knitting over ten years ago and recently started sewing. I would like to start knitting again as I’m expecting a little one this fall and have lots of ideas, but not much energy…

  134. I mostly knit, though I do sew occasionally. I find knitting more relaxing, and less complicated than sewing. This is partially because my knowledge base is more developed in regards to knitting, but also that I need fewer tools for knitting, and have to do a lot of finagling to check sizing and fit with sewing (no dress form!). I’ve been sewing a bit more recently, as I find it’s an easier pass-time in the warmer months than having a great pile of wool in your lap!

    In the past I just made things willy-nilly, but I’m increasingly interested in making sure my makes coordinate in some way with each other. I try to look for themes in my wardrobe, and stick with those, or else I look for gaps and try to fill them. If I can tick both boxes, perfect! If not, at least one. The pallet and texture is also really important to me: I have to think it out rather thoroughly, and it can’t stand out like a sore thumb amongst the rest of my wardrobe. I want variation in texture, in fibre, in colour, but I want it to sing with each other, not off key!

  135. Ruth Gregory says:

    I am a sewer and knitter. I am a self-taught continental style knitter who wants desperately to improve. The pictures of the knitted garments shown here are lovely and would be flattering on all figures. I want to try some of the styles you show in this post!

  136. Jennifer says:

    I used to sew a lot. Then I became an avid knitter for years. Now I am starting to sew again, but I can’t say I really think through coordinating outfits. The color palette to which I gravitate is fairly small, so everything tends to go together.

  137. Alicia Vause says:

    I knit. A lot. I especially like knitting fine-gauge cardigans because that’s my favorite to wear. And I’m learning to knit mostly dark/neutral garments, because the brighter ones end up getting worn less. I save the bright “pops” of color for knit scarves, hats, and socks. After a decade of serious knitting, I definitely plan my knit projects to fill holes in my wardrobe. Not to say that I don’t have random passion projects where I fall hard for a new yarn or pattern!

    I also sew, but I don’t do it often, mainly because I don’t have a dedicated work area for sewing. It’s easy to knit a few rows when you have a few minutes, but if you don’t have a sewing machine set up, you can’t easily sew for a few minutes here and there. So I reach for my knitting instead.

  138. Nicole Heggerston says:

    I’m new to both the knitting and sewing scene! Would love to do both to create outfits!

  139. Madeline says:

    Definitely a knitter, although I’m trying to get back into sewing after a decades-long hiatus. Finding fabric for clothes is a bit of a problem here (fine quilt shops abound). I don’t coordinate the knitting and sewing, although I have such a wonderful selection of scarves and shawls that I can accessorize almost everything in my wardrobe.

  140. Danna B says:

    I both knit and sew but I tend to do very minimal planning. I don’t coordinate my knitting with my sewing – that would require too much forethought!

  141. Amelia says:

    Yes, I do both. I have found that sewing really detracts from my knitting time though, so sometimes I feel that I’m not achieving much of either! I will also knit for the sake of knitting and many things on the go at once but sewing, just one item at a time. Coordinate? Hmm, same colours and aesthetic for both I guess. I have in maybe the last couple of years started planning entire outfits but I only ever get one element finished!

  142. Amelia says:

    Oops, I misspelled my email! This one is correct.

  143. tangoing says:

    I’m both a sewist and a knitter. I don’t usually coordinate my sewing and knitting particularly though, but my style is cohesive enough at this point that it ends up going together (ask the knit hat and sewn jacket I’ve worn together every day for the past two weeks, haha). I do definitely have dreams of a cabley wool sweater over a button down shirt though, and that’s been something I’ve been tossing around in my head for a year or two now. I had a bad experience with a wearable muslin of the Archer (I made very poor fabric choice), but I really need to pull it back out and try again with a lighter fabric in a color I don’t hate, haha.

  144. Kathy says:

    I am a sewer.

  145. Rachel says:

    Started as a sewer, now mostly a knitter, and coming back to sewing. My first scout brought me back πŸ™‚

  146. Julie says:

    I do both, but mostly sew. Used to mostly knit. I typically don’t coordinate, but probably should.

  147. littlepostcards says:

    I knit and sew and while I wouldn’t say I coordinate my knitting and sewing, they tend to go together because I’m drawn to complementary colors of fabric and yarn and am always trying to fill the gaps in my wardrobe!

  148. Tammy says:

    I used to knit years ago and have recently restarted by working on a pair of socks in a luxurious merino yarn. I do sew the majority of my clothes after a long hiatus.

  149. Caroline says:

    I knit and sew but don’t coordinate makes. I enjoy the process and if items end up matching, that’s a bonus!

  150. Knucks&Bows says:

    I was strictly a knitter but started sewing about 3 years ago and am starting to realize I really can’t make more quilts, what am I going to do with all of them!?!? So delved into garment sewing and it’s a completely different world lol. I’m not much of a planner or coordinator with what I make in either regard unless it’s for my girls – I’m seriously no good at coordinating the two techniques for myself.

  151. LAURA A says:

    I have been knitting and sewing since I was a kid. I seem to remember knitting a pullover in high school that matched a shirt I’d made but that wasn’t on purpose and I don’t think I’ve come that close to coordinating the two since.

  152. Anne says:

    I make a lot of my clothes, and am a beginner knitter. I recently inherited much of my mother’s knitting supplies, so I am feeling that it might be time to start. This looks like beautiful yarn and a doable project.

  153. Shawna says:

    I knit and sew. Lately I have been knitting. I want to do more sewing. I never coordinate my knitting and sewing projects.

  154. Beth A Bartz says:

    I’m a long time sewer and crocheter and have recently added knitting. Love the colors and feel of what you featured in your blog and inspires me to think about how to creatively combine the two thinking of line, color and texture!

  155. Diana says:

    I absolutely love both! This gorgeous shawl would be perfect to wear this spring/summer over the sleeveless Farrow that is in my WIP pile!

  156. Hi. I’m a knitter who has just got the sewing bug. It’s now taken over from the knitting in regards to being my favourite hobby. I love sewing so much but I will always have a big soft spot for yarn and knitting.

  157. Theresa Sawczyn says:

    Hey Jen! I’m relatively new to both, but definitely knit more than I sew. In some ways knitting seems easier, but then again I did work in college briefly for the costume shop of our drama department. It was such fun, and I haven’t given up on the idea of making more of my own clothes!

  158. Jk says:

    Mostly a knitter fur the time being as my apartment is too small for a fully functional machine. I’d love to have the space to plan full outfits.

  159. Anna says:

    I knit and sew, but have been more into knitting as of late. I’ve not yet thought to coordinate my makes, but now there are so many possibilities!

  160. trl710 says:

    I am primarily a knitter. When I was a young woman, I sewed many of my clothes. After the children were born and when I was raising them I had no room to sew so I increased my knitting. Now they are all on their own and I am starting to sew again. I made the Scout tee last year and hope to make more of them plus other things this year. I do find my sewing skills are not so good and need to take some refresher classes.

  161. CindyLou says:

    Knitter! Recently started on some sewing. Lark tee is in the queue for once I get a little more confident with knits. Knitting and sewing coordinates should be easy since I pretty much only wear greys, black, and hot pink. :p

  162. Judith says:

    Mostly a knitter, but wanting to be a sewer as well. I used to sew, but had many years without a machine, now I have the machine, just trying to build up confidence using it.

  163. Inoka says:

    Im a sewer and a knitter (primarily a knitter) and as i go through my projects i see that projects for summer are coordinated (dress or skirt with a knitted cardigan or sweater) however for wintertime there is no coordination at all (warm colourful sweaters are knitted, but the garments i sow are more for parties)

  164. erin says:

    I do both although I definitely sew more. With a puppy I find it easier to sew than knit, it’s easier to be more productive with sewing during puppy naps between play and cuddle sessions. So at this point I’ve mostly got a stash of patterns and yarn in colors that will coordinate with my sewing when I can be more productive in my knitting – hopefully soon!

  165. Sumiko says:

    I’m a sewer and knitter. I love the idea of coordinating. A summer tank and lightweight summer cardigan is on my making list.

  166. Juliette says:

    I’m a beginner in knitting and I would love to learn sewing. I would probably not coordinate things but just trying to make whatever I can!

  167. asteride says:

    Knitter forever! I sew sometimes but never things that go well with my knitted garments. Probably because I’m not so good at sewing!

  168. Dashielle Horn says:

    I sew, knit, and embroider, but I go through phases. I’ll get into a groove with a particular craft for a few months and then cycle through. It has never even occurred to me to coordinate my knitting and my sewing, though.

  169. Kate C says:

    I’m a much more confident knitter, and because it’s more portable I tend to knit more than I sew. Someday I hope to sew as good and as much as I knit. I love the idea of planning knit/sewn outfits, but right now it’s more about filling holes in my wardrobe. Everything tends to coordinate in the end, though.
    What beautiful yarn!!

  170. Claire says:

    I’ve sewn for a very long time. Although I learned to knit over a decade ago, I only recently started taking it more seriously and using patterns. Your knitting posts were actually been a bit of an inspiration for me. I’m already able to sew things that coordinate with the RTW part of my wardrobe, and I try to pick knitting projects and materials that will do the same.

  171. Giorgia says:

    Just a knitter. I do not know how to sew!

  172. Elizabeth says:

    Hi! I knit and sew. I’ve been knitting for over 15 years off and on, but only garment sewing for about a year and a half. I definitely try to big-picture wardrobe plan–using things like Wardrobe Architect, and now The Curated Closet, so that all my pieces reflect my style and work well together.

  173. Shannon says:

    Definitely both. I tend to knit more in the winter and sew more in the warmer months, but now that I have a new sewing machine, I sewed through the first part of the year as well! Knitting is much more portable than sewing — and I can knit while watching TV/listening to speeches, etc. But I love both dearly!

  174. julialoweb says:

    I starting knitting and sewing in the same year, and knitting is my first love! I knit most often but I’m also hugely inspired by sewing projects so I’m working on improving my sewing skills this year. I do try to coordinate between the two, but I always get inspired with new ideas and rarely follow crafting plans I set out for myself. Yet somehow I still love the planning part, even if I don’t follow it precisely I get the “feeling” I want from my plans and do tend to follow that!

  175. Caitlin says:

    Totally addicted to both! I’ve been knitting longer and more of my making time is spent on that. Mostly I try to make very versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched in all sorts of ways

  176. Beads and Barnacles says:

    I now do both. I have been sewing for longer and would class myself as better at sewing but getting there with my knitting.
    I never did plan my knitting to fit in with my wardrobe but am getting better at it now πŸ™‚

  177. Diana Madden says:

    I both sew and knit (sewing since childhood, knitting for 30-ish years off and on), and began natural dyeing in 2016, which is an amazing process, although TBH most of my sewing practice for the past year or four (since going back to full time employment from substitute teaching and rearing pre-driving children) involves collecting fabric and patterns, so very coordinated handmade wardrobe in my mind and sketchbook. Recently, I began knitting for myself, I’ve made many sweaters and hats for my children over the years, and like some other commenters, the cost of yarn has kept it to shawl (Sibui “Tier” pattern in Twig) and caps, but broke down at Verb for Keeping Warm’s post election 20% of sales to ACLU weekend and bought Madeline Tosh in warm camel to make very, to my eye, perfect basic all-season cardigan “Dexter” by Isabel Kraemer.
    Thank you for all the process posts, they really encourage meπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

  178. Gidget says:

    I knit, sew, and quilt. As far as my wardrobe, I do not plan the two to coordinate any longer, I use to in my early 20s. Now I just knit what I like and sew what I like. Sewing is my weekend retreat and knitting is my workday wind down. I look forward to it each day/weekend.

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