Be our Valentine?!

Happy Valentines day! If you have been following along with us via our newsletter, Instagram or Twitter then you already know that we just moved to a new studio. If not, then (hey!) we are filling you in now.

With moving comes the frantic need for new modes of organization. Finding a place for loose sewing tools has been our life since January! That being said, we created this present for you! And well… for us too 😉

It’s a free printable needle book! Its perfect for storing all of those loose sewing needles that you find at the bottom of bins and drawers. We hope you love it!


Sarah, Lexi and Jen

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8 Responses to Be our Valentine?!

  1. JamieDSC says:

    All the links just redirect me to your homepage.

  2. carlalissa says:

    Love the idea! Thank you!

  3. Ryann says:

    super cute – but cannot figure out the download?

    • Sarah says:

      Hi there! If you click on the link the download will pop up in the left hand corner of your browser. Click on that and the .pdf will open in a new window. What browser are you using?

  4. Donna F. says:

    Hello: I am also having problems downloading the pattern. I click on “free printable needle book” and it brings me right back to the journal page.

    • Jen says:

      Hi Donna- when you click the link it should auto-download. This file will end up in whatever folder you have your downloads set to save to. It’s working fine our our end so I’m not sure what could be going wrong. If you can let us know what sort of system you’re using that would help. Also if you happen to be at work where certain sites are blocked that could be the problem.

      • Donna F. says:

        It worked this evening. I had looked through my download files this afternoon. Maybe my computer was trying to escape the snow. thank-you

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