Jen’s Fall / Winter ’16 Wardrobe Inspiration

Jen's FW '16 Wardrobe Inspiration | Grainline Studio

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The nights are getting longer and the weather is finally starting to turn cool, which can only mean one thing…fall is here! There’s nothing I love more than wardrobe planning for my favorite season, the season of long sleeves, closed toe shoes, sweaters & beautiful, rich colors. With that in mind I set to work on gathering images that reference the silhouettes, textures, and colors that I hope to include in my own handmade wardrobe this season. You can see everything I’ve pulled on my Fall / Winter 2016 Pinterest board here, as well as the sources for every item of clothing shown in this post.

Jen's FW '16 Wardrobe Inspiration | Grainline Studio

This season I’m imagining an easy, yet put together, wardrobe for my everyday look. Loose fitting dresses that can be dressed up or down, oversized button-ups (as always), and lots of cozy knits. I also am planning a few updated basics, like silk or wool tees for layering. This means Archers, Scouts and Larks aplenty as well as a few versions of our upcoming fall pattern. The color palette contains all my favorite colors, so I’ll be on the lookout for fabrics in the near future.

Jen's FW '16 Wardrobe Inspiration | Grainline Studio

I’m also planning on making a sweater or two for myself as well as another Tamarack. We’ll be releasing a printed version of the Tamarack soon which includes an update to add snap or button closures down the front, so obviously I need one of those!

My next step is going to be working out the exact pieces I plan to make and getting started on finding fabrics. I’m particularly excited for my fall wardrobe plans this season because I finally have a sewing setup at my house which means I’ll actually get some of this done!

Are you planning a fall wardrobe or sewing list? What are you most excited about sewing up? Any silhouettes you can’t get enough of? Fill me in!

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26 Responses to Jen’s Fall / Winter ’16 Wardrobe Inspiration

  1. Francis says:

    I’m very excited about the updated tamarack. I hope to make a plaid archer and a driftless cardigan. I also would like to try and hack the hemlock into a knit dress similar to the fit of the dresses you show in your inspiration board.

  2. Debra DiLoreto says:

    This has to be the most boring wardrobe I have ever seen! It’s baggy and blah!

  3. PsychicKathleen says:

    Right now I’m working on light jackets – my work in progress is an unlined blazer in a nice blue checked suit wool but if it turns out really well I plan to make it in denim as well. I’ve always wanted a denim jacket but I really don’t like those boxy ones – they just don’t look right on my frame! I have my Morris sitting on a corner of my cutting table…I don’t know WHAT fabric calls to me for that though…I’m thinking maybe a little and airy knit – I know a ponte would be best but I’m not wild about ponte jackets. 🙂

    • Jen says:

      My favorite Morris is made in a stretch wool suiting. It’s comfortable and moves easily but still looks put together. I’d highly recommend giving a fabric like that a go!

  4. Elisabeth says:

    I am still searching for the perfect dress pattern. Something between an a-line and a trapeze that would work in a rayon jersey for summer or wool jersey for winter, with a variety of neckline and sleeve options. Actually, I am waiting for you to design this. I keep trying patterns and hacks and fitting but it’s never quite right.
    Straight sack dresses and crew necks are not for me! I do adore a boxy tunic in wool, or a slouchy sweatshirt. I have plans for more Lindens, and a scary kitty FT in my stash.
    I love the Archer/Alder mashup you recently posted. That looks like something I need in my closet right now! Happily, I just bought both patterns.

    • Jen says:

      I’m into the idea of a sack dress, but the proportions have to be just right and I haven’t found one RTW that works for me yet. Always too long, or too wide, or not wide enough. A-line, like the dress on the right in the center photo above, is much easier for me to find and wear.

      Glad you enjoyed the Alder/Archer mashup, combining them quickly became one of my favorite dress patterns! I’ll make a note that we should consider a knit dress also…;)

  5. Prencella Hamby says:

    I’m new to your patterns. What size cup do you draft for?? I need a D usually. Hate to have to make an FBA but can if have to.

  6. I really like these choices and the palette, and I can see how they fit with your personal style and with each other. I love the idea of layer-friendly basics in luxe fabrics like silk or wool jersey, and am hoping to add similar pieces to my wardrobe as the colder weather arrives. A few Grainline patterns factor into my sewing plans, and I’m eager to see what you have coming out for Fall!

  7. Bernadette says:

    Love these understated looks, and love the fact that you’re doing your own thing — there’s lots of stuff out there for people with Debra’s tastes already, but stuff like this is harder to find (done right).

    Any chance the “update to add snap or button closures down the front” for the Tamarack will be available for people who already bought the PDF version? Maybe as an add-on like the Archer popover pack? I’m planning on my second Tamarack this fall as well. 🙂

    • Jen says:

      Thanks! And yep, we’ll be making the update available to previous purchasers. We’ll upload the new file to the shop and send out an email to everyone who’s already purchased with a link to download the update.

  8. Love the feel of this post! I am looking forward to sewing lots of basics (I bought the scout pattern a few weeks ago), and a navy courdoroy skirt (something with buttons down the front) as well as a burgundy velvet circle skirt.

    • Jen says:

      Thanks! I love the idea of the skirt, considering one myself, though not in corduroy sadly. I love it so but my ever-shedding cat won’t let me wear it 🙁

  9. Delightful! I’m so excited for the print version of Tamarack jacket! I have everything I need for when it comes, and it’ll probably be the more interesting thing I put together for Slow Fashion October. I’m planning some sashiko on the shoulders and upper back, too! I’ll ping you, I’m sure, when I get to it and blog about it.

    • Jen says:

      Ooh please do, it sounds like it’s going to be wonderful! Looking for fabric for mine now and it’s so hard to decide on just one!

      • So true! I’m having a hard time deciding what colour my sashiko thread should be, as I’m doing a non-traditional pallette and pattern! So many wonderful, difficult choices! I don’t know if you were planning on talking about it publicly, but I’d love to hear/read about what fabrics you’ve whittled yourself down to. I’m always interested in other people’s tastes and processes!

  10. I hope you will help us source some nice sweater knits:)

  11. Linnea says:

    Eek! So excited for the Tamarack update. I have a coated flannel that I think will be pretty awesome! The button/snap version would be perfect for it. 🙂

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