Willow Variation 01: Cropped Tank

Cropped Willow Tank |Grainline Studio

Today I’m going to talk about turning the Willow Tank into a cropped top! Typically when lengthening or shortening a pattern piece you’ll want to use the lines marked on the pattern. When shortening the Willow into a crop however, we recommend shortening from the bottom. This keeps the top from becoming too wide at the new hem, keeping the proportions in tact. In the instructions below we’ll be marking and re-shaping a new hem.

Cropped Willow Tank |Grainline Studio

To begin grab pattern pieces 1 and 2. Find and cut your size, make note of the original stitching and fold lines.

Cropped Willow Tank |Grainline Studio

Measure up from the fold line the amount that you’d like to shorten your top. For the version in this tutorial I started with a size 6 and shortened the top 3″. Draw the new fold line across the front and back of the pattern pieces.


Measure down 2.5″ from the new fold line to create the new cut line, aka the bottom edge of the pattern piece. The 2.5″ includes a 2″ hem and a .5″ seam allowance.

Cropped Willow Tank |Grainline Studio

Cut across the new cut line and discard the extra paper.

Cropped Willow Tank |Grainline Studio

Fold along the new fold line and trim the excess where the folded section overhangs the upper pattern piece. This will ensure your hem will lay flat without buckling.

Cropped Willow Tank |Grainline Studio

These are now your new pattern pieces. All of the instructions for the tank are the same after this alteration, so just follow along with your instruction booklet.

Cropped Willow Tank |Grainline Studio

Hope you enjoyed this cropped Willow variation! We’ve got a few more variations coming over the rest of the summer so stay tuned!

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11 Responses to Willow Variation 01: Cropped Tank

  1. PsychicKathleen says:

    Love this tank! Your willow pattern is SO versatile 🙂

  2. Lindsay says:

    Love this! Moving it to the top of my weekend projects.

  3. Joan Holt says:

    I love this too. I’d love to see a willow variation that would work for winter that you could wear long sleeved tees under. I imagine it would need bigger armscye depth. Would you you consider doing one? I’d love it as a tunic dress and a tank for winter. I notice you say for light fabrics; would it work for winter weight fabrics if this adjustment were made?

  4. Lauren says:

    Love the fabric! Where did you get it?

  5. silk says:

    So well photographed and well written, even an inexperienced person like me can see exactly what you did!

  6. Jean Crawford says:

    Just finished the crop version. Great pattern! I do have one question regarding the bust darts. My darts seem to end on top of the fullest part of my bust vs. the side. Is this correct? The fit is great. Do I need to review you bust adjustment info?

    • Jen says:

      I would shorten the dart a bit so that it sits just to the side of your bust point. It’s not uncommon to have to slightly adjust the bust darts because each person is so different from the next!

  7. jocolumbine says:

    Article from June – it’s now September. Just sayin

    • Jen says:

      Yep, thanks for the heads up, we are aware of this. Unfortunately our new site isn’t done and we’re unable to post on this one. Our new site should be up in about 2 weeks. We’ve announced this multiple times on our Facebook page as well as in our newsletter. There is nobody more frustrated about this than us.

  8. Amy Nicole says:

    I freakin’ love this fabric choice!

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