Jen’s 2015 Year End Sewing Review

I love the end of the year, partially because I enjoy reflecting on what happened over the past 12 months, but also because I get really excited about making plans and goals for the upcoming year. I did a TON of sewing this year, we put out a record 5 patterns in one year around here, but that meant that my personal sewing was a lighter than usual. And that my blogging of personal garments was nearly non-existent. With that said, here are the 4 garments I made for myself (meaning they weren’t part of another tutorial or pattern release) that ended up on the blog.

Blue Lace Watson | Grainline Studio

Blue Watson Bra
Original Post
Pattern: Watson Bra

A New Denim Moss (and raglan tee & watson bra) | Grainline Studio

Denim Moss & Penny Raglan
Original Post
Patterns: Moss Skirt & Personal Pattern

An Alder for All Seasons | Grainline Studio

All Season Alder
Original Post
Pattern: Alder Shirtdress

Instagram Garments| Grainline Studio

I did a pretty mediocre job recording garments on Instagram [@grainlinestudio] this year, but two of my favorites that got a lot of wear did end up there. The first dress is my Alder / Archer mashup that I made for Jon’s sister’s wedding in May. I got the hot idea 24 hours before the wedding that I needed a new dress. The dress was cut before class, sewn during my student’s final exam, and worn the next day. Perks of teaching in a room full of industrial machines! The second is a modal jersey coverup I made for being up at the cottage. I needed something light that doesn’t cling, but also covers my arms because if there’s one thing I HATE it’s getting sunburned in a boat, but I love being in boats! Anyway this cover up was a huge hit.

One of my goals for next year is to record more of the things I make myself. I’m just starting to work with a good friend who’s an amazing photographer to help me take blog photos. Our first collaboration was in this post, and we’ve got more planned, which I’m super excited about. I just bought an iPhone tripod & remote so I’m hoping to at least Instagram more of the garments I make myself next year if they don’t make it to the blog.

How was your year in sewing? Have you already started planning for 2016?

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7 Responses to Jen’s 2015 Year End Sewing Review

  1. Maddie says:

    I LOVED seeing you on the Bra Making Forum on Facebook! Obviously, I loved your blue Watson. Lol. I hope next year you will be sewing more bras (and sharing them) because I learn most through others.

    Next year looks to be a repeat of this year – more lingerie! But I’m hoping to push my skill forward and define/refine my aesthetic more. I really love how Grainline offers great basics with a twist, and I want to do the same for lingerie.

    Merry Christmas and cheers to 2016!

  2. Francis says:

    I want to buy a small ring binder to make notes of each project I start, sewing or knitting. I’m bad about not making notes of any changes I made or what size I made and how it turned out. Details of stitch length, needle size, etc. Maybe include a snap shot. Then If I remake, I can refer to my notes. As it is now, I have to do the thinking from scratch all over again. If it is in a ring binder and I stop the project, I can just remove the page. I also what to be more mindful of what I make and be sure it is fitting into my wardrobe and needs.

  3. gilliancrafts says:

    Seems like you had a great business year, and hello, great personal things to come in 2016! Have a wonderful Christmas, and I do hope you take some quality time off! 🙂

  4. Samantha says:

    Which iPhone tripod and remote did you buy, and do you like them….? Need to get me one of those.

  5. Elle says:

    I love all the forest green here! It’s one of my favorite colors and I especially love that sleeved shirtdress. I’m excited to see what you come up with this year! Your taste is always .

    • Elle says:

      hahaha I wrote “insert thumbs up emoji” but apparently that was rejected my this non-emoji keyboard! Anyway, your taste is always “thumbs up emoji.”

  6. Anna says:

    I like to do a year end review too! Jen, I discovered your patterns this year and your blog and they have been a sewing inspiration to me. Thank you for all you have contributed and I look forward to seeing more.

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