Tamarack with Pre-Quilted Fabric

Pre-Quilted Tamarak Yardage | Grainline Studio

Pre-Quilted Nani Iro fabric at Miss Matatabi [clockwise from top left 1 | 2 | 3 | 4]

We’ve gotten a few questions about yardage from people planning on using pre-quilted fabric as well as batting by the yard. You’ll find the yardages for both below!

45″ Wide Layout | Sizes 0-18 |  2 1/4 ydsTamarack Pre-Quilted Yardage 45 Wide | Grainline Studio

54″ Wide Layout | Sizes 0-18 | 1 3/4 yds

Tamarack Pre-Quilted Yardage 45 Wide | Grainline Studio

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8 Responses to Tamarack with Pre-Quilted Fabric

  1. Lusty says:

    Thank you for this! That Nani Iro fabric is exactly what I’d love to use for the Tamarack jacket, but I do have one stupid question. You mention a layout for 45″ wide fabric, but all of those Nani Iro are only 41″ wide. I ran into issues with that extremely narrow width on another project so I’d like to just clarify whether your described layout would be affected by the narrower fabric.

  2. Debbie says:

    Thanks. After looking at the pattern yesterday I remembered a pre-quilted fabric I’ve had for years. A gorgeous deep, deep solid blue. Now to find a fabric for the binding. I’m thinking a batik.

  3. catkalika says:


  4. Kayla Green says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I haven’t tried my hands on creating a jacket with pre-quilted fabric for DIY for your home. I especially like the top-right print. So if I am a size Small, should I cut the fabric to a size Medium?

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