Scout Knit Tee

Grainline Studio | Scout Knit Tee

From time to time I get an email asking about making up the Scout Woven Tee in a knit fabric. I’ve seen a few people do it around the internet but having not tried it myself all I could do was refer them to one of the blogs that had done it and hope for the best. A few weeks ago I decided to remedy this problem and make up a few knit Scouts myself and I have to say, I seriously love them.

Grainline Studio | Scout Knit Tee

I ordered three weights of knit from Mood so I could get an idea of what the Scout would look like in a variety of knits and show you guys as well! This first Scout is a lightweight rayon/lycra blend with amazing drape. I’d compare this weight of fabric to what some brands like to call a tissue tee. The resulting top is very slouchy and has the perfect amount of ease, drape, and movement that I like in a knit top. I’ve been wearing this one a TON in the hot & humid weather we’ve been having lately in Chicago.

Grainline Studio | Scout Knit Tee

Next I tried a slightly heaver cotton/lycra blend which is probably the most similar to a traditional t-shirt weight of the three I’ve tried. I’d say this is my least favorite of the three based on the weight alone, though it’s currently my third favorite t-shirt so that’s still ranking pretty high in my closet. Much like the lightweight Scout, this one has really great drape but is slightly more structured. Also I hope you guys enjoy my “cat is about to destroy something” face in that second photo. Why do they think this is always the time to get into trouble?

Grainline Studio | Scout Knit Tee

This Scout was the heaviest fabric I made up, 100% cotton, and chose to test out the Full Back Adjustment I blogged about when the original pattern came out. I love the swingy back on this one which happened to be really hard to photograph. I don’t think I’d recommend the fuller back on a lighter weight knit as it will just collapse, but on something similar to this I love it!

Grainline Studio | Scout Knit Tee

All in all I’d call the knit Scout a resounding success! I don’t have any tutorials at the moment on how I sewed these tops as I was testing out a variety of techniques to see what I like the best before I recommend anything, but look for a post on that in the future. The order of operations for the top is also slightly different than sewing it in a woven, as is the pattern piece for the neckband. Rather than cutting the binding on the bias, you’ll want to cut it on the cross-grain at a length approximately 2/3 as long as the neckline depending on the stretch of your knit.

Now, since I know you’re going to ask, here are the links to everything in this post…

Scout Tee Pattern

Scout 1
Fabric | Rayon Lycra Jersey Solid from Mood Fabrics
Necklace | Scalloped Necklace from Native Clutter

Scout 2
Fabric | Cotton Lycra Jersey Stripe from Mood
Necklace | My Embroidery Scissors on a Cord (keepin’ it classy)

Scout 3
Fabric | Cotton Jersey Stripe from Mood
Necklace | Harvest Moon Necklace from Cursive

My shoes are from Madewell but they’re sold out so no link. Srry!

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31 Responses to Scout Knit Tee

  1. sew2pro says:

    Great how you can achieve so many different looks from a same pattern, from casual to very respectable indeed! Every summer I buy a similar tee or two from H&M. They never last (but that’s probably the lap cat’s fault). Nice to have alternatives, especially if you can find an irresistible jersey.

    I’m about to sew a jersey dress and appreciate your tip regarding the neckband. More, more! Your tutorials are always very thought-through!

    P.S. Nice shoes!

  2. ThreadTime says:

    Fantastic post. Love that you showed this tee in the different weights and described the results. Your least favorite is my top favorite! 😀 Just what I’ve been looking for. I will definitely be buying your pattern for this one. Thanks so much.

  3. megan says:

    Thanks for the info on making the Scout with knits! Did you cut a smaller size or your regular size for the knits?

  4. mary says:

    love them but especially love the last one! how fun would it be to lengthen and make a swingy dress?!

  5. lisa g says:

    love the tee shirts! it’s nice to see the different weights side by side for comparison. i used to always reach for the fitted tees in my closet, but lately it’s the swingy tops that i’m loving!

  6. Stephanie says:

    This was such a good idea! There’s such a difference in the fabric weights. I just finished a Scout in a linen knit – at first I thought it was too structured (I guess I’m used to clingy tissue knits) but now I like it. I’m going to lengthen the pattern then make a few more in something thinner.

    You know how we’re always going on about the best proportion? I forgot about heels. Slouchy top, skinny jeans, heels. I never wear them, but omg SO FLATTERING. Those shoes are really cute. I have to completely avoid the Madewell website.

  7. Kelly says:

    I love the shape of the Scout, especially the sleeves, and a knit version is already on my to-do list! Thanks for showing and reviewing the different weights for comparison.

  8. Katie says:

    Sold! I especially love the last one – I’m going to try a full-back Scout with some nice heathered brown jersey I’ve just bought. Perfect easy tee. Thanks for sharing.

  9. liza jane says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome. All three. This is such a versatile pattern.

  10. ebonyh says:

    Rad! I finally got brave enough to try sewing with knits last month, and wtf?! I love it! Excited to make a try with this pattern.

  11. Jo says:

    ahh I have been plotting a knit version with full back – you beat me to it! rightfully 🙂 Excellent post, it’s really helpful to see them in different weights.

  12. Rochelle New says:

    Wow, those look like the most comfortable t-shirts EVER.

  13. Great scot! I love all three! (Or should it be great “scout” – oh I kill myself – lol) I am especially fond of that last look with the wide stripes and full back – will have to give it a try ASAP! 🙂

  14. nettie says:

    I went to Mood a day to early!!! I could have used your notes. Though the wifi in there is non existent.

    I bought knits today. I have the perfect tissue weight to try a knit Scout. At this rate, most of my summer wardrobe will be variations of Scout tees!

  15. Meg @ Mood says:

    Love these! And it’s our fabric! Even better.

  16. Julie says:

    They all look awesome!! And you know it’s a great pattern when it can be interpreted into a variety of fabrics and weights like that. Way to go!

  17. Kelly says:

    I am definitely adding some knit Scouts to my list, these look awesome!

  18. Jennifer says:

    These are all so fabulous! I just love the styling and the fit of this top! I’ve made your Tiny Pocket Tank with great success and I might try making it in a knit…

  19. lsaspacey says:

    Hey, love these madly. Must buy stripe knits soon. But you forgot to give us the deets on those amazing jeans. Hmmm?

  20. lindsey says:

    oh this is so so gorgeous! i can’t sew, but have this huge desire to! your blog is great inspiration to get me going 😉

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  29. Jen says:

    No adjustments made besides the neckband which I did according to the instructions in this post:

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