Summer Wardrobe | Denim Maritime Shorts

The Details
Fabric | Marc Jacobs Blue Solid Denim from Mood
Pattern | Maritime Shorts
Shirt | Lace Scout Woven Tee
Shoes | Minnetonka Boat Moccasins

Phew! Finally have these guys finished and photographed, just in time for another heat and humidity wave around here too. The pattern is a modified version of the Maritime Shorts [tutorial here] and the fabric is a semi-stretchy woven denim-esque fabric from Mood. It’s actually a sort of strange fabric, it feels a bit stiff but hopefully it will soften up a bit in the wash. I couldn’t say no to the teeny tiny blue and white checks though…too cute. They’re getting a good amount of wear and are slightly more easily combined with my colored tops than the ikat pair of the same pattern. Also, props to my dad for taking these photos!

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18 Responses to Summer Wardrobe | Denim Maritime Shorts

  1. These are such great shorts. Alone, they’re very casual but the way you have styled it has dressed them up. I REALLY LIKE IT 🙂

  2. sallie says:

    I love them! the curved hem is a really nice touch!

  3. Sunni says:

    Love! I’m dying to make myself a pair of these and am going to hunker down this week and get with it! So cute! Great cut too!

  4. Great shorts and I agree the fabric is fab 🙂
    P.S. I had trouble accessing your pattern shop webpages (all of them – regardless of which pattern tried). The problem was the same for the 3 different browses I tried: FireFox, Chrome & Internet Explorer

  5. Amy says:

    I really love these to pieces. Such a great shape. I jumped in on the pattern over the weekend with a friend who is learning sewing. Your tutorial will really help along the way! I’m curious–did the stretch fabric change the fit a bit?

    And your cornflowers and daisies are so pretty! I wish mine looked that good this time of summer ;).

    • The stretch actually did change the fit, these are more stretched out than the first pair of pure woven ones I made. You can kind of tell in the first two photos how they aren’t laying flat in the front legs like the Arizona pair I made, I think they’re stretching out there when I sit down. There’s sort of a LOT of stretch in this fabric though.

  6. emily marie says:

    Love the variation on the shorts and that fabric! Anything in the denim-y family automatically becomes my favorite.

  7. Cute as Jen. I am definitely trying this variation.

  8. gingermakes says:

    I love this outfit! It’s just so cute!

  9. stephanie u. says:

    They are super cute! I’m pretty determined to make a pair before it gets too cold to wear them! I like the shorts paired with your lace tee, too.

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