beach days

Luke and I went to the Indiana dunes a few weeks ago and I finally picked up the film this weekend. I brought my friendship bracelet supplies but it was so hot that day that you could hardly sit on the beach and while the water felt amazing, it almost wasn’t cold enough. Usually I’m the one swimming while Luke is on shore but this was the most I’ve ever seen him in the water. We brought a picnic lunch of greek style quinoa salad, hummus, baby carrots and rainier cherries though we ate them all before I remembered to take a photo. This weekend was pretty cool and a bit rainy and we spent most of it inside cleaning up the apartment getting ready for the week. I’m going to try to photograph another tips + tricks for this week, so get ready…I think it will be easy rolled hems!

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3 Responses to beach days

  1. Julie says:

    I love how you have your embroidery floss at the beach!!

  2. Jenya says:

    Such beautiful photos!

  3. michael ann says:

    oh your thread looks so wonderful all rolled up and organized! i am super jealous, pretty much all of my craft supplies are just in huge heaps around the house… haha

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