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Cinch Pouch Tutorial

I can’t believe it’s already May and Mothers Day is next week! Jen and I made these cute little cinch pouches for our Moms. We are going to fill them with surprises! They make great presents because they are super … Continue reading

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Archer Pleated Popover Variation Tutorial

Back when we introduced the Archer Popover Variation Pack we had a lot of people interested in a tutorial on how to put a pleat at the bottom of the center front placket. Today we’re going to show you how to … Continue reading

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Sewing Tutorials

Happy <3 Bow Tie Tutorial

Hey! Valentines day is coming up and we have an adorable Bow Tie tutorial for you guys! You can make it for a romantic partner, a friend, yourself or your pet! It’s a day to celebrate all kinds of love. … Continue reading

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Best of 2015: Variations and Tutorials

Have you noticed we have a theme going this December? We have spent this last month of 2015 talking a lot about the patterns we have put out, our personal makes, and what’s been a hit on the blog. To … Continue reading

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Sewing Tutorials

Appliqué Linden Tutorial

Today I have another Linden Sweatshirt tutorial for you, I’ll be demonstrating how to appliqué your Linden with a fun phrase or word. I’ve been seeing sweatshirts pop up for sale with appliquéd phrases on them, usually either French or funny, … Continue reading

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Sewing Tutorials

Split Hem Linden Tutorial

A few months back I posted this split hem mariner stripe Linden and just realized that I never shared the tutorial on how I split the hem. This is a super easy alteration that adds a nice custom touch to the … Continue reading

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French Seams on Right Angles

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to work French seams on the waistline seam of the Alder Shirtdress. Here’s a little tutorial to show you how to make this happen. This tutorial assumes that you already know how … Continue reading

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Sewing Tutorials

French All Your Seams

  If you’ve been following along for a while, you may remember this post, but I’ve been getting a lot of French seam questions lately so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to resurrect this tutorial from the blog archives and … Continue reading

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Sewing Tutorials

Madewell Scout Variation: Sewing Tutorial

Alright, here we go with the sewing portion of the Madewell Scout Variation. If you missed the pattern tutorial you can find it here. For this tutorial you’ll need the following supplies… Scout Tee pattern altered using the tutorial found … Continue reading

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Sewing Tutorials

Sewing Tutorial | Quick & Easy Plaid Matching

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about plaid matching since the release of the Archer Button Up Shirt and especially now with Archer Appreciation  Month. Today I’m going to show you a really easy quick way to make sure your … Continue reading

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