New Pattern Release… The Driftless Cardigan!

Driftless Cardigan | Grainline Studio

Cardigans are an essential piece of any transitional weather wardrobe. We have been cooking up a super cute one that we are elated to share with you today. Meet the Driftless Cardigan!

Grainline Studio | Driftless Cardigan

It’s the perfect cardigan for cooler temperatures throughout the year. Wear it when temperatures drop on a summer night or when it’s crisp in the autumn. It’s been mild the past few days in Chicago so we got to take ours for a spin around the city minus our jackets which was glorious.

driftless pockets

The Driftless Cardigan has the perfect amount of drape and generous front pockets that are anchored to prevent them from flipping out while you walk. The drop shoulders are great for layering while the slim sleeves keep the silhouette from becoming overwhelming.

Driftless Cardigans | Grainline Studio

The Driftless looks great buttoned or unbuttoned depending on the amount of structure you’re looking for. It also has two hem options, a classic straight band or a more contemporary split band.

Grainline Studio | Driftless Cardigan

We’re so excited about this new pattern, I’ve been wearing them nonstop, in all iterations, since the first sample was completed. We hope you enjoy the Driftless Cardigan as much as we do!


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30 Responses to New Pattern Release… The Driftless Cardigan!

  1. T Craven says:

    LOVE! I have the perfect fabric, which has been marinating in my stash. Now there’s a plan for it, as soon as spring semester ends…………

  2. ohhyellow says:

    love love LOVE it.

  3. Francis says:

    This is perfect! Please give us some idea of where to buy suitable fabric to make one of our own.

  4. Chrystene says:

    This is a lovely cardigan! But I thought you might want a heads up that your shop links are broken. They give a 404 error.

  5. Rochelle New says:

    WANT SO HARD! Insert ALL the heart-eye emojis!!!

  6. Amy says:

    AMAZING!!! And ditto what Francis said… my biggest problem with sewing knits is being able to find appropriate fabrics to work with! Where I live we lack any decent fabric shops 🙁

  7. Pam says:

    I live in cardigans all year (I teach law) — so this is brilliant! I can’t wait to try it out!

  8. Elle says:

    HURRAH for you for yet another solid and beautiful everyday basic! Your aesthetic is my favorite of all indie designers, hands down.

  9. anya-zoe says:

    It’s so beautiful! Now I need to find an appropriate knit fabric!

  10. Melissa says:

    Jen, you have an amazing talent for timing the right thing. This is another great basic to add to my me-made wardrobe. Thank you! I will look forward to hearing about your fabric suggestions etc as you usually do.

  11. napagal.clare says:

    Great new pattern!! Gotta have….

  12. Libby says:

    Another vote for sourcing fabric for this!

  13. Rose says:

    You’ve designed another winner! I even have the fabric for it. All I need is a bit of time.

  14. dimitria says:

    So lovely!

    Will you be releasing this as a printed pattern eventually.

    • Jen says:

      Nope, just PDF. We’re releasing a few patterns via PDF this year that don’t make too much sense to print but we still really want to make.

  15. Emma says:

    This is amazing! The perfect cardie 🙂

  16. Janet Abbott says:

    any chance this cute pattern will be released on paper??

  17. Seema says:

    So amazing! Definitely the first time I’ve bought a pattern the day it was released and got fabric to match within 48h.

  18. Pam Hunter says:

    Love! My next purchase … 🙂

  19. Kathleen says:

    I’m so excited about this pattern I’m not minding the splicing and taping…. too much 😉

  20. Jill Finley says:

    The cardigan is great and I love the black boots on the model! Can you tell me who makes them? 🙂

  21. chunzi xu says:

    Can I ask what fabric was used for the two samples in this post? Thanks!

  22. Nat says:

    Can I use woven fabric (linen) for this cardi??

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