Our Newest Pattern, the Lark Tee!

New Lark Tee | Grainline Studio

Alright, our newest pattern, the Lark Tee, is finally here! This pattern was born out of a hole in my own closet, the need for a tee that was sleek and put together without being either skin tight, too baggy, or boyfriend style. I also wanted the sleeves slim enough for layering without them bunching up inside of whatever garment I’m wearing over it. I had tees that almost reached one of these requirements but finding something that hit all of them was a difficult task without paying a good bit of money.

New Lark Tee | Grainline Studio

We’ve included a ton of options with this pattern, crew neck, scoop neck, boat neck, and v-neck along with 4 different sleeve lengths.

New Lark Tee | Grainline Studio

New Lark Tee | Grainline Studio

The other exciting thing about the Lark is that because we made sure all of our style options are interchangeable, you have the potential to create 16 different tees by mixing and matching sleeves and necklines. Want a boatneck top with long sleeves? We’ve got it! A v-neck with cap sleeves? Yep! Scoop neck with 3/4 sleeves? Well, you get the idea.

New Lark Tee | Grainline Studio

The Lark is drafted for knits with at least 20% stretch so most jersey knits should work just fine. Knits with a higher or lower percentage of stretch can work, but keep in mind if you’re over or under a bit on the stretch percentage your tee may have slightly more or less drape. As with our other knit pattern, the Linden, instructions for using both a regular sewing machine and serger are included in the pattern.

New Lark Tee | Grainline Studio

We’ll be doing a quick sew-along to accompany this pattern that will begin on the 14th. In addition to the step-by-step instructions we have some really good variations cooked up, including this striped cardigan version made using the crew neck and long sleeve pattern pieces. More on the sew-along in our next post though.

To check out the Lark and get your own copy, click here!

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32 Responses to Our Newest Pattern, the Lark Tee!

  1. Carrie says:

    Love this! (No surprise there.) And perfect timing as I’ve been debating a T-shirt pattern purchase for a few weeks now. Love all the views and sleeve lengths! Have you tried making this in ponte?

  2. rillafree says:

    Perfecto! Love all the necklines and sleeve lengths x

  3. CurlsnSkirls says:

    Love that the sleeves on this are interchangeable ~ that cardi version is very enticing!

  4. owllaughing says:

    Looks like a perfect t-shirt pattern!
    Well, except that I’m size 10 at the bust and size 4 at the waist and hips… Do you think I will be able to alter the pattern to fit me if I’m a beginner? Is it worth trying? I suspect simply grading between sizes 4 and 10 at the waist and bust will not work…. Or will it? I would hugely appreciate an expert opinion on this.

    • Jen says:

      It’ll get you pretty close, I would probably say start with a 10 at the bust and grade down to a 6 at the hip to cut. From there you can easily pin out the excess you’d like to remove and it will give you more customization through the waist as well. In the images above I’m wearing a 4 top and an 8 hip just graded between sizes. (I’m a 4 bust / 8 hip on our measurement chart)

  5. I was just thinking that I need to figure out how to sew a t-shirt with sleeves fitted enough for layering. I am so excited about this pattern!

  6. jane says:

    Love this! My perfect t-shirt as well- the kind that can layer. Thanks for all the thought and effort you put into your patterns. Always just what we need to actually function in our wardrobes and patterns we can always trust to work well!

  7. amyalan says:

    It’s amazing and perfect and EXACTLY WHAT I NEED. Thank you, pattern wizard! 😉

  8. diana says:

    So excited to see that my Lark Tee paper pattern is in the mail! I love the options the pattern provides.

  9. Ally says:


    Replace all the “he’s” with “knit shirts” and this song perfectly recaps my feelings right now haha

  10. Helen says:

    Oh! Perfect!!! Love love love. How do you always manage to draft the most perfect patterns?!

  11. Hélène says:

    I’m sure this one is perfectly drafted and all, like the rest of your collection, and I’m sure it will please a lot of sewists. But is it that far from the Scout tee, which you kindly demonstrated in knits? Here’s some free suggestions for new patterns, if you care: slouchy pants (maybe with a culotte variation), a transformable back-pack with attachments, a very well drafted pair of yoga pants for women (and maybe a variation for men too).

    • Jen says:

      Completely different from the Scout tee, they’re really not similar at all besides the fact that they’re both shirts. First off one isn’t based off of the other, the Scout has a swing shape and isn’t fitted in the bust, while the Lark is a slim fit. The sleeve caps and armholes are drafted for knits on the Lark unlike the Scout, which gives a much better fit for knits. The cap sleeve on the Scout isn’t fitted since it’s a woven, while the Lark is. You can read a review here comparing the two by Jess of La Mercerie (http://shoplamercerie.com/blogs/keep-up-with-us/43971073-grainlines-new-pattern-the-lark-tee)

  12. There are already so many t shirt patterns out there, I’m just a little sad that so many indie pattern designers are focusing on the super basics 🙁

    • Jen says:

      We try to do a combination of patterns that will appeal to a lot of people and be good for classes (like the Lark or the Linden) and more involved patterns that take much much longer to develop like the Cascade or Alder. Unfortunately producing only stylized, trendy, or complicated patterns isn’t really a viable business model. I also personally love this tee so much and via testing and research determined that we believe it’s different enough from what’s out there to stand on its own in the market.

      • I appreciate the more complex patterns patterns take longer and cost more to produce. I find those patterns more satisfying and interesting to sew. It just feels like the basics and beginners categories are becoming over saturated. Thank you for replying and sharing your thoughts, judging from the other comments your research has paid off. Best of luck xx

  13. Bella says:

    I really appreciate the way that all of your patterns fit into a stylish every day wardrobe. The Scout, Archer and Alder make up a good chunk of what I wear on a daily basis and I can see the Lark being the perfect addition. Not to mention the Cascade which has kept me warm all winter, and my Morris which will come into its own this spring… Thanks for doing what you do, Jen!

  14. Meredith says:

    Love it! Personally I love having good patterns for the basics and this pattern lends itself to so many options. In the past I’ve found myself sewing things that sure, are so fun, but that I realistically never wear. I know for sure that I will wear these and they will get a lot of use!!

  15. This is so great! I love all the variations and I can’t wait to see what else you come up with when you hack it!

  16. Jessicah says:

    I too have been contemplating a pattern purchase- for a cardigan like your alteration- so this is going to be a much more versatile purchase. I used to sew lots of self drafted knit tees, but haven’t for years- I am excited for a basic pattern with endless possibilities. Thanks!

  17. stitchedupsam says:

    This looks like the perfect tee shirt… love the boat neck version in particular.

  18. Victoria B. says:

    As usual, I’m a sucker for your patterns. Even though I have a pattern for a basic tee I love the fit chart of this pattern and just the overall way you designed it. Can’t wait to add more basics to my wardrobe with this pattern!

  19. Ainslie says:

    Love it! Now what about the cardigan in the last photo? 🙂

  20. Lilly says:

    Personally, I had been looking for a basic t-shirt pattern that wouldn’t be too tight or baggy and had the shape and neck styles that I like, so this is perfect timing for me. I’m excited to try it!

  21. gilliancrafts says:

    It’s lovely!!! I can see people wearing it under Alder dresses, or under an open Archer… It also has a really RTW shape that frankly none of my current tee patterns have! I’m not sure the slim cut it for me, but I’m pretty sure everyone’s versions popping up will tempt me! 🙂

  22. emliu says:

    Oh this is so so lovely!!! I have a question though: I like my shirts fitted, and I’m smaller than the smallest size (32 – 24 – 33), will eyeballing a smaller size work do you think?

  23. sage says:

    I’ve purchased a few of your patterns, Jen and I have always been pleased from pattern to garment or accessory completion.
    I was surprised to see a tee pattern, but I’m THRILLED to see a tee pattern with SO many variations. Anytime I see a new tee pattern pop up I am really hesitant to buy it because you never know with t-shirts. What I’m loving about the Lark are the variations! Also, many tee patterns I see are not as basic as the lark can be – maybe they have cuffed sleeves and a hem or baseball sleeves, which are nice, but not truly basic in my opinion.
    This top will be great for laying under cozy sweaters and fall jackets. Thank you! Now I need to fabric shop 😉

  24. Jennifer says:

    This would be awesome if it were one (or a few sizes) size bigger! 🙂

    • Jen says:

      Unfortunately as a small business we don’t have the necessary funds to develop the two patterns necessary to span a larger size range.

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