Introducing The Morris Blazer

The Morris Blazer | Grainline Studio

I’m so excited to finally announce that the Morris Blazer is now available for purchase! Now lets get to know the Morris a little better.

The Morris Blazer | Grainline Studio

I originally designed the Morris back when I was still doing Hound and produced it for 2 seasons (Fall ’11 and Spring ’12) before I quit to have more time to pursue Grainline Studio. That blazer was a crazy seller, I don’t even want to think about how many Morris Blazers I’ve made. I loved that blazer as soon as I finished the first one and honestly haven’t stopped loving it since. I find that I wear the Morris most during the spring – summer – fall seasons since it’s perfect for tossing on in changing weather as well as all those overly air conditioned places I find myself in all summer long. It’s casual enough that you can wear it daily but doesn’t look out of place dressed up a bit as well.

The Morris Blazer | Grainline Studio

Garment Details The Morris Blazer is the perfect mix of casual and cool. It will quickly become the go-to garment to complete any outfit. With a mixture of drape and structure, bracelet length sleeves, and gentle shawl collar, it looks great dressed up or down. It works up well in fabrics with stretch, making it comfortable on top of everything else!

Techniques involved include sewing a straight seam, setting sleeves, sewing a shawl collar, facings, and topstitching. Pattern is nested to facilitate cutting between sizes if needed.

Both the woven and knit version follow the same instructions and you do not need any knit-specific sewing equipment for this pattern. The only thing I used a serger for was to finish my seam allowances.

The Morris Blazer | Grainline Studio

Suggested Fabrics One of the things I’m most excited about with the Morris Blazer is the fact that it’s drafted so that you can make it in both stretch wovens or stable knits meaning lots of flexibility! The navy blue blazer was sewn up in stretch wool suiting which has such an amazing drape. The striped blazer is Ponte knit which looks pulled together but feels like you’re wearing an undercover sweatshirt. Since both fabrications involve stretch you don’t need to worry about feeling restricted as some blazers can do. I’ve also made one up in French terry which has a bit more drape than the ponte and it worked out quite well. The blazer is unlined.

The Morris Blazer | Grainline Studio

Difficulty The Morris Blazer is rated Advanced Beginner because of the shawl collar. We always strive to make sure that every step involved is clearly explained so if you’ve got a garment or two under your belt you should be just fine with this one.

I can’t wait to see Morris Blazers popping up here and there, I know a few of you have been waiting on this one for a while. As always we’ll be doing a sew along – I know a lot of people find them boring – but I think it’s a nice courtesy to offer to customers. No date on that yet since we’ve abruptly found out last week that the Grainline Studio studio is moving, but I’ll update you with that as soon as I know.

One last thing. If you’re purchasing the print version of the Morris Blazer they won’t be shipping out until after May 1st. I apologize for the inconvenience but we’re currently in the middle of packing up the entire studio for the move this weekend and I don’t predict us being able to ship much of anything – especially since the new patterns still need assembly – before then. I would never have planned a move to coincide with the launch of new patterns but things happen and you get through them the best you can. Kendra and I, with the help of a small team of friends, will be working super hard to make sure you get them asap though!


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61 Responses to Introducing The Morris Blazer

  1. Friederike says:

    It’s indeed absolut lovely! Congrats on your release and good luck for the move! I’m off to buy my Morris pattern now. 😉

  2. Jana says:

    Yesssssss! I’m one of the people who have been waiting for the Morris for ages, and I’m so delighted that it’s finally here! (:
    I’m a tad bit unhappy with the decision to make it stretch-fabrics-only. I was planning to make a linen version. I might still try and see what happens, stubborn as I am!

    • Jen says:

      Sorry for your disappointment. The original blazer was drafted for stretch wovens – nothing has changed from the original blazer. I’ve made it in a regular wool and it was fine, but loses some of its comfort and casual drape. I just prefer it in the fabric it was meant for.

      • Jana says:

        Hmmm, that’s interesting. The version I saw on the Hound website ( said it was made from 100% cotton chambray. I’ll have to see whether I can find any stretch woven that I like as much as the linen I meant to use! Otherwise I’ll just break the rules. (;

        • Jen says:

          Yep, that version was, but I’m making anything up here I promise, the original version the blazer for Fall ’11 and as pictured in any photos I’ve shown related to this post was for stretch wovens. I altered the pattern to accommodate a plain woven and ended up liking the first version much better which is why I went with it for this pattern after about a year of debate.

          • Jana says:

            Oh, no, I didn’t mean to imply that you were lying or making things up! I’m really sorry if that was the impression you got from my comments! (English is not my native language, sometimes I really mess up the nuances!)
            That version on the website was just the version that I had seen and thus what I had had in my head. It’s why I planned a linen version, that’s all. I still love the pattern and I totally trust that you know what you’re doing and that the stretch woven will work better! It actually sounds really comfortable. I’ll just have to look around for another fabric than the one I had planned to use, that’s all! (:

          • Jen says:

            I’m sorry, I just didn’t want you to think I was making things up or anything like that! I should have mentioned that for that season the pattern was a little different, completely my fault, but honestly I kind of forgot the hound site was still even active! Anyway the apologies are all mine to give. If you do want to make the pattern in a woven, you’ll definitely want to make a muslin to check the upper back and shoulder fit.

  3. True Bias says:

    this is so exciting. i am one of those people who have been waiting for this for a long time. good luck with your move. putting this on the sewing list right now. hoping i can get to it sooner rather than later 🙂

  4. Fiona says:

    Gorgeous! Love it!

    What is the top the model is wearing? Is that pattern also available? I want the whole outfit!!

    • Jen says:

      The top is from the same collection I did with the Morris. It may become a pattern at some point, not completely sure but you’ll hear it here if it does!

  5. Didn’t get the first comment as well as the first purchase, but nearly 😉
    Love love love this pattern. Been hanging for it…not that you would know hey?! Excited to make it asap. Good luck with your move. I am sure the resounding success of this pattern over the next few days will show you that you do need to keep growing! Much love x

    • Jen says:

      I could NOT fall asleep after putting everything up on the site – it’s always so stressful releasing a pattern no matter how many times you’ve done it before – so seeing your Instagram post really made me happy. I also love when I know who made the first purchase of a new pattern! <3

  6. julie says:

    Yay!!!!! So excited for this one!

  7. lindsey says:

    So Excited!! Saw a mention of your upcoming blazer pattern recently (yesterday??) on another blog and was already looking forward to it!

  8. Cara says:

    Cannot wait for this pattern to be available in the UK. I’ve been searching for a jacket like this in the high street for years, still to find one I like, so making my own one seems perfect!

  9. A Gathering of Stitches says:

    How to be enthusiastic and exclaim to the heavens without sounding like a teenager…..? Thank you for releasing this pattern, it is right up my alley, and a distinct hole in my wardrobe. Since I’ve been making all my own clothes I have been looking for a good blazer pattern. Now…. I have found one! Hooray!

  10. knottygnome says:

    so this is unlined? It looks like it is from the fabric requirements but I don’t know that it says unlined anywhere for sure. sorry if I skipped over it.

  11. Grace says:

    Oh, I think this one is definitely for me. I have a stretch seersucker in my stash and I kind of think this would be a great use for it.

  12. Kelly says:

    oh my god. It’s like you read my mind and then made my vision even better.

  13. lisa g says:

    So excited for this! I’ve been looking for a shawl collar blazer for an eternity, and never found a pattern I liked. Love that this is for stretch fabrics, and unlined! Will come in very handy this spring!

  14. lsaspacey says:

    Woo hoo! Well, you know I’m a fan…I’ve been bugging you for years about this haven’t I? Well, thank you! You are going to have a hit on your hands and I can’t wait to find the perfect fabric now.

  15. Chris says:

    Just bought the PDF – so excited…! this will fill a big gap in my wardrobe. Can’t wait for the sew-along…

  16. Kelly says:

    Jen you know I love you, thanks for this- and I am super excited to have a bunch of Morris blazers hanging in my closet!!

  17. Heather Lou says:

    I just g-chatted Jenny “Damn, Beeman beat me to the drapey knit blazer idea!” I had it sketched and was planning on next winter. Great minds, eh? This looks dope – love the striped version. And the new branding is beautiful!

    • gilliancrafts says:

      Come on, make your own pattern too! There is room for more than one awesome blazer in our hearts!

    • Jen says:

      Haha girl, I’ve been trying to get this sucker turned into a sewing pattern since 2013! Other blazers and cardigans have come before and many will come after – yours included! Just because one of us makes a pattern for a certain kind of garment doesn’t mean nobody else can make that same kind of garment pattern, how boring would that be!

  18. Birgitte says:

    Aaah, I’m half-tempted to blog and pretend like I’ve already made one of these beauties, but mine is actually the Hound-kind. It makes sense in stable stretch fabrics I think! It will be so fun to see these popping up everywhere – great wardrobe workhorse!

  19. Dani Malloy says:

    Searching for fabrics for this will be the source of my slightly unproductive workday. Can’t wait for the sew-along!

  20. I love the stretch fabric idea, and have been wearing a thrifted Metallicus ‘blazer’ a little like this and I’m always wondering how I can sew my own… yours is way better, perfect sleeves etc! On the list!

  21. Victoria B. says:

    I knew I’ve been holding out on fixing the blazer hole in my wardrobe. Love your patterns and your sew alongs! Thank you for providing us with those—I know for me personally that’s how I learn and become a better seamstress. I’ve already bought the pattern, and I have some test fabric waiting for a wearable muslin. Excited doesn’t even describe how happy I am!

  22. Bianca J says:

    Wow this is dreamy! Especially love the striped version… can’t wait to make it!

  23. kristin says:

    Yay! It’s so pretty! PURCHASED!

  24. RavenNemain says:

    I am also requesting a pattern for that top – it’s lovely.

  25. Carolyn says:

    Jen, you are my hero! Absolutely love this one. 🙂

  26. Yvonne Liaw says:

    Love the jacket. Would also like to add in my vote for the top!

  27. Katie Emma says:

    Congrats, this looks amazing! I think this would be perfect for interviews in academia – polished looking but not overly formal. Plus I’m sure I could get this to fit me way better than any blazer I would buy in a store (which is why I don’t own any blazers currently…)

  28. gingermakes says:

    Love love love it! Bought, printed, taped, and cut out! 😀

  29. Annet M says:

    I’m very excited, though I’m not going to buy it yet, because I HAVE to get my curtains sewn and hung up and my trim up and etc etc but it is on my to-do list for post everything else (or I’ll cave and buy it soon and then “forget” to do the other things first 😉
    I tweeted at you about a severe lack of blazer patterns a few months ago, so excited to give this a try when the time comes.
    And sew alongs are not boring at all. So helpful!

  30. gilliancrafts says:

    Woohoo! Stretch AND unlined? You made my day. Looking forward to the sewalong because somehow calling this a jacket not a cardigan (which I could crank out without worries) is making me really nervous. You’ve worked really hard to release this – hope you are celebrating tonight! 🙂

  31. Bella says:

    Woohoo! Pumped about this!

  32. eimear says:

    its gorgeous. the balance of the jacket is prefect, i love the side view, it shows the fall of the collar which is so elegant. congratulations,

  33. Karen says:

    The Morris Blazer is so exciting! Can’t wait to order and make it. I, too, want to make it from linen. I’ll check to see if I can find something that might work. I was looking at Japanese patterns and saw some great linen that they called “shabby linen”. It looked amazing but maybe too lightweight. Have you heard of shabby linen?

  34. Amy says:

    Oh Jen, I’m all over this one! I love that sleeve length.

  35. shivani says:

    another completely amazing pattern Jen! I especially love that it’s for a knit – hoorah! Just wondered, would it be madness (or at least a waste of fabric) to make this up in the Liberty fleece? Is it the wrong weight? I have some that I bought with the intention of making a knit blazer, but then couldn’t find the right pattern.

  36. claire says:

    This looks absolutely stunning! I only have one comment, I hope you won’t mind it. The model is pretty, but I would have liked to see a curvier one, to get a better idea of how it would fit on a more average woman. I don’t mean any offense to anybody.

    • Jen says:

      No offense taken, the photo is from a shoot we did back in 2012 for my then clothing line, not a recently taken photo by any means. I basically had no budget and she was the free model I was given by an agency. Since the pattern for the blazer was requested so many times by people who had seen this collection I thought it would be fun to do a throwback to the original photos that started this pattern becoming a reality.

  37. jenn says:

    just bought the pattern! so excited to be sewing something other than lindens for myself 😉
    (i was in the middle of sewing my husband a shirt but got totally side tracked with the pattern release!)

  38. Meghan says:

    Great blazer! I’m excited to try it. I have kindof a dumb question. What is the best type of interfacing for this?

    • Jen says:

      I recommend tricot or knit interfacing, it will allow your fabric to stretch naturally since it’s also stretchy itself.

  39. EU_wanderer says:

    Can I ask about the pdf pattern – is the print at home version US letter sized, or European A4 sized (or somehow able to do both?)

    It looks gorgeous – comfy and smart.

  40. Julie Klo says:

    This is so exciting!!

  41. Congratulation for release Morris Blazer really it’s looking gorgeous. It’s choose my lover and as soon as possible i purchase it. Thanks for details description.

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  43. Joan Harris says:

    Just finished the Morris Blazer in a ponte. Love it, love it, love it. Directions were great. Just made a few changes for my slopping shoulders and got a perfect fit. Keep the new patterns coming!

  44. Would jersey knit work?

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