Winter ’15 Wardrobe Plans

Winter '15 Wardrobe Plans | Grainline Studio

A little bit back I posted on some of my Winter /15 Wardrobe inspiration and I’ve slowly been working on some garments inspired by the things I want to see in my wardrobe. I drew up a few pages of sketches to guide me through the process and thought I would share a few before my first Winter ’15 Wardrobe post!

The above photo features two sweaters, one I’ve finished, Bellows, and the other I’ve started on. I’m excited that I’ve had a little time to knit so I can add some hand knit sweaters into the rotation. In addition to sweaters, I’d like to add some knit shells for layering as well as pants / jeans (I have the Ginger jeans and a personal pattern ready to go if I get some time) and I really need another Moss skirt so bad!

Winter '15 Wardrobe Plans | Grainline Studio

I’ve basically stopped wearing dresses but I’m going to make a few up in loose shapes and try to incorporate them into my wardrobe. I want a nice shift, a crepe de chine Archer / Alder, and I’ve got some ponte all washed and ready for a Marianne dress! I’d like to add a few garments designed by my friends into my closet this year and I think Christine is the perfect place to start, seriously she had me in mind with that pattern!

Winter '15 Wardrobe Plans | Grainline Studio

The past few months I’ve been doing yoga in an attempt to get myself running again (a bit of sciatica from my old pal L5 put a stop to things for a while but I just started back on the treadmill!) and I’ve noticed that there’s something I don’t like or would change about almost everything I wear to class. I’d like to design some new basics as well as alter some existing patterns to make things I love. First on the list are some racer back tanks and cropped Hemlocks!

I don’t usually draw out what I’m planning on making, I’m much more of a list maker, but I thought it might help me get my thoughts more in order on this project. So far it’s working well! There are many more garments I plan on adding over the year, including coats, bras, blazers, etc. but these are first on my agenda. What kinds of garments do you want to add to your wardrobe this year? Do you sketch out your plans? I’m also going to try to pull a Tasia and do a little bit of personal sewing each week in an attempt to keep things fun and take a break from business sewing.

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48 Responses to Winter ’15 Wardrobe Plans

  1. geogypsy68 says:

    I would love to do this ! how brilliant 😉 can you recommend a easy way of doing the form ? do you sketch each one individually ? I think it would take me to long to do that, or software possibly ? thank you for what you do and sharing your lovely talent with us…Cheers

    • Jen says:

      I actually use the Fashionary sketchbook, it has light outlines of the form and you just draw on top. We used to use croquis in school all the time for sketching, this keeps it fast and proportional!

  2. ulli says:

    I am a knitter by heart but you inspire me to try my hands on sewing. Thank you

  3. Chloe says:

    I am not a good sketch artist AT ALL – sometimes I do a sort of technical drawing, but other than that it’s lists for me. Your sketches are so nice and clean! I’m gradually coming back to the dresses in winter scene, since it’s much easier to wear fleecy lined tights with a dress than over jeans, and it is cold cold cold. So perhaps I should make another tunic dress…

    • Jen says:

      I definitely prefer a technical illustration! Usually I do them in Illustrator and I’m much more at home than doing this. It’s all about having a croquis underneath for me, this notebook has the little forms on each page to just draw on top of which is SO nice! I totally agree about the dresses, I need some garments to layer over my winter weight leggings. High of 1F tomorrow so I’m already behind the curve!

  4. I love your sketches! What do you use to color them in?

    • Jen says:

      Thanks! I’m just using a variety of markers, mostly Prismacolor. I stopped because they were bleeding so much through the page though.

      • I really dig the back view of the colored-in sketch (even if it is not practical!). I have the same problem: I love the fashionary, but I can’t seem to find marker or pencils that won’t transfer or leave grooves in the other side of the sketch…

  5. christinehaynesdotcom says:

    My new year’s list of things to sew is entirely Grainline patterns! And yes, I actually did think you’d love the Marianne when I designed it 🙂 xoxo

  6. Anilia says:

    Love this. Let me know if you pick a pattern out there for that sift dress. I’ve been looking for the perfect one myself. I keep thinking the Laurel by Colette but think it might be too straight.

  7. Jeanette says:

    yes I draw my ideas, not nearly as nicely as you, but I have treated myself to a Fashionary recently to try and keep everything a bit prettier.

    • Jen says:

      The Fashionary totally helps. I definitely wouldn’t be putting my sketches on the internet without using some sort of croquis! I long ago lost my proportional drawing skills.

  8. I had a major blitz on the stash yesterday and found a floral needlecord that will be perfect for another Moss. I’ve also got a couple more Archers’ in the pipeline. I want to be a bit more spontaneous this year though, I drew up a list in the Autumn and although I managed to complete most of it I did feel a bit restricted in the end.

    • Jen says:

      I like to draw up a list so I can pull from things I know I want to wear, but I make no promises to myself that I’ll either finish everything on the list, or stick to it if I decide I want to sew something else. Just strictly a guideline, once there are too many rules it just becomes no fun for me!

  9. Francis says:

    I like your idea of a sketchbook, though my drawing leaves a lot to be desired. Now I have pictures torn out plus pininterest. Having it all in one place sounds nice. I hope to make items that fit my lifestyle. That means I need Scout tees, Hemlocks, Lindens and Archers to go with my jeans. I need a lot of basics in colors that will go together for simplification.

    • Jen says:

      Sounds like we’re making the same wardrobe 😉 I also started with a Pinterest board where I just throw everything I see that resembles something I’d like to wear, then refine it a bit more with some basic sketches. Pinterest is so useful!

  10. Love your plans! I’m trying to do somewhat the opposite and sew a lot -less- dresses this year. I want to focus on filling in some gaps. And my biggest plans are to sew a swing coat. I’m busting out the tailoring and jacket books right now and starting a list! I have a journal where I was good for a few months last year making clothing and outfit notes, but I petered out. I picked it back up a coupe of days ago and I want to be better this year about physically jotting down my ideas!

    • Jen says:

      A tailored swing coat sounds like the perfect winter project! I also need to work on that this year, lists aren’t the most ideal things sometimes. It’s funny, I used to wear skirts and dresses all the time but I’m not sure what happened, as soon as I went to self employment it was just comfortable bottoms with a semi-normal looking shirt I would be embarrassed to be wearing if I ran into someone I know at the store. Ha!

  11. Robyn says:

    I want to experiment with mixing my sewing/knitting projects. Sew a zipper in a sweater with my machine, sew leather on sweater shoulders or whatever, add some yarny element to my jeans (not sure how, I’m experimenting!) I want to knit a skirt.

  12. I usually stop wearing dresses in the winter. I’m a freezy-pop. It’s just too cold. But I need to get my butt back to yoga. Cropped Hemlocks sound perfect! Maybe when we get tired of the Sunday Sweater KAL we can do yoga clothes SAL!!! HAHA! I’m kidding. But it might be motivational!!

    • Jen says:

      Ummmmm we might need to do that SAL Yogatown thing. I’m so picky about my clothes and it’s like I’m hyper-aware of any odd clothing quirks while I’m doing yoga. Ugh! Also, aren’t you in LA now? Hahahaha I’m basically cold blooded so I would be the only other person who would be cold out there 😉

  13. Elle says:

    I don’t sketch because I can’t– seriously I can barely do stick figures. I’m more of a list maker. This year I want to sew with more wovens. I rely on knits so much! I want to tackle fitting and maybe even make pants in the spring if I get brave. My goal for the year is to sew up every pattern I own but three (I’m giving myself the tiniest bit of wiggle room). I always plan out my seasonal wardrobes very meticulously but I might relax a little this year. Like, instead of “Linden- french terry- dark grey” maybe “knit grey top” would be better? I’m still toying with the idea.

    • Jen says:

      Dude, It’s all about the croquis! I’ve lost any proportional drawing skill that I once had so without the Fashionary or some other form underneath I’d be lost. I feel like I’m repping that notebook right now, ugh! I swear I have paid normal retail price for that notebook. Um yeah I’m also a super planner so that sounds exactly like the lists I have laying around EVERYWHERE. We definitely should cut ourselves some slack 😉

  14. Brie says:

    I’ve only just started to sew my own wardrobe but I would love to do some jeans more shirts and bras would definitely be interesting. I don’t sketch but I need to get back into drawing so maybe I should. Thank you for being the best motivation! Also I would be down for a Yoga clothes SAL.

  15. Karen says:

    I haven’t trained to sketch professionally, but I wanted to get a grip on my ideal, streamlined wardrobe. I started by creating a PInterest board called “my signature look,” and started throwing in any images that felt like ‘me.’ After pinning (a lot!), I found a few key looks that felt like signature ‘uniforms’: jeans with tank top and little cardigan; linen or denim dress (with or without Mr. Rogers cardigan on top)… etc. I’ve been collecting sewing patterns that reflect those key pieces, and working on only falling in love with knitting patterns that fit the bill. Pinterest really helped me refine what my own look is!

  16. I guess I’m a combination list/sketch person.. my sketches look like wacky misshapen cartoons, but they get the point across, and then I usually jot down the fabric I have in mind. This post totally inspired me to solidify my winter plans though! I have an ongoing list of what to make and it’s more approachable to break it into seasonal chunks, so thanks for the push — a new alder & hemlock hack will be coming to my closet soon 🙂

  17. emily marie says:

    I’m a list maker too, so that’s all I’ve managed so far. Taking that extra step and sketching would probably be super motivating though, and I’d likely get more things done! I used to do it a lot more (especially in school) and it’s time I got back into practice. Thanks for the cute inspiration!

  18. Ive got a fashion wry and an enormous written list – I really should do some sketches. Being summer in Australia my list involves mostly shorts (maritimes, definitively!) and dresses! But I’m doing year round knitting…. A huge part of the sewing process that I adore is planning, so I should sketch more

  19. sallie says:

    Thanks for sharing your sketches!! These are brilliant! I always love your wardrobe plans. They are always so classic and fashionable and curated and make me wish I wasn’t such a spazz with my sewing whims!

  20. I’m at the opposite end of the hemisphere to you – so no winter planning for me. We had highs of 40+ (celsius) in South Australia for the past week, that is about 104 degrees F. Total yuck. I am currently reorganising my studio for smoother workflow and my next sewing project is the McCalls Palmer/Pletsch fitting block. Hopefully it all goes smoothly. Then after that a lot more studio-wear staples like slacks and button front shirts (hello Archer). I’m interested to see what you come up with in terms of active-wear, cause this should totally be on my list too.

  21. lsaspacey says:

    Jen, love your plans; however, i miss your old chunky cylindrical-based early croquis. : ) Lucky you with a shift dress already in the stash. For some reason this easy shape (of which i want multitudes of dresses) alludes me pattern-wise. The pattern I’m trying now has a restrictve armsyce and gapes badly at the back neck. I will have to merge it with my tnt knit t-shirt pattern and hope for the best because i want loads of these in wovens and knits. If you have any pattern drafting tips on narrow upper backs, i would be grateful.

  22. Your sketches are fascinating 🙂

  23. gingermakes says:

    I love your sketches! They’re so cute! I’m terrible at drawing, even with a Fashionary, so I usually write out a little list for A/W and S/S and tape it to the wall by my sewing machine so I’m reminded of what I really want to wear. I don’t really like making sewing plans or being too organized, but I’ve gone through too many seasons without sewing the few things that I actually wanted to wear, so now I’m liking the relaxed list approach.

    I always feel too cold in dresses in the winter, but I got the Marianne dress pattern for Christmas and I’m really excited to try it out. I’ll just have to get some good tights… oh, and also start shaving my legs again… 😮

  24. nickeya says:

    This is something I have been thinking of doing drawing somethings up and ten sew them. I have big bust so I will like to focus on making some blouses and some blazers… Because it’s hard to find theses in stores..

  25. annalisabrown says:

    I am more of a list maker too but I should probably sketch more often. I just discovered your site not too long ago so my wardrobe goal is to get some Grainline in my life. Love your patterns!

  26. I love these sketches. Not just the clothes you’ve gone for (those knits are so droolably-amazing) but the sketches too. I’d love to sketch out my ideas, but I have a sneaky suspicion I’d get bogged down in wanting the sketches to be perfect instead of being creative. Guess I’ll just have to live vicariously.

  27. Mia says:

    Your sketches are so beautiful, they actually inspired me to try making my own even though I haven’t sketched in years. Having a visual is so helpful!

  28. Kelly says:

    Your sketches are wonderful! I’ve just started trying to sketch more, but so far I haven’t actually made anything I’ve sketched… and haven’t sketched anything I’ve made. There’s a disconnect in there somewhere!

  29. kristin says:

    I love your sketches and your plans and I’m excited to see how you pull it all together! I’m making another Archer now and I’ve got Ginger jeans on my list too (unless you release your pattern first, haha!). Adore your knits too, for real. You’re one inspirational gal.

  30. not sure how i missed the sciatica part. look into piriformis stretches before your runs. I get sciatica as a result from that muscle spasming when i run. also pretty crucial are hip strengthening exercises. i went through a series of PT due to sciatica from a lower disc and my piriformis putting pressure on the nerve. im back to running 5K 5x a week.

    • Jen says:

      I’ve actually been to PT 3x for this problem, it’s to do with my L5 vertebrae so I have a little routine of stretches and exercises they gave me as well as the new recommended yoga routine. I’ll google those stretches and see if I can incorporate them into my routine, thanks!

  31. Portia says:

    I’ve just started to sketch my ideas in a small notebook. Just 30 second flats to remind me of the general idea so I don’t forget. But I really do need to do some proper planning and there’s something about the process of sketching it out that kinda helps to galvanise/finalise the idea in your mind. Love your plans. I would wear each and every one. Except the lovely Moss. Gorgeous as it is, I can’t do skirts, lol.

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