Hemlock Tee in Woven Stripes

Grainline Studio | Hemlock Tee in Woven Stripes

Occasionally I get questions about making the Hemlock Tee in woven fabrics so I thought my latest blog collaboration with Britex Fabrics would be a perfect time to showcase that yes, it is possible!

Grainline Studio | Hemlock Tee in Woven Stripes

The fabric I used for this project is this large print, super graphic, black and white striped silk and my goal was to make use of the border print nature in a non-typical way. I wish I’d taken a photo of this fabric before I cut into it to show you more what the print looks like, but the large, even stripes I used for the sleeve ran down one half of the fabric, and the section I used for the body of this shirt ran down the other half. This print definitely is an easy choice for a something like a maxi skirt, but I really wanted to get a bit more creative and also make something a little easier to wear in fall. Also you guys know me, maxi skirts aren’t really my jam…

Grainline Studio | Hemlock Tee in Woven Stripes

Like I mentioned above, I used the Hemlock Tee pattern which was released last fall. The pattern is written for knits but since it’s oversized it works just as well in a drapey woven like this one. Since the print was so large, I cropped the length of the body by about 8” so I didn’t run the risk of having it overwhelm me. The other reason I cropped this top is so that I could match the stripes at the side seams. Since this print is so large and the section I was using for the body only ran down one side of the fabric I needed a lot more fabric than you would think in order to get a match. Cropping the top was one way to make this happen much more easily.

Grainline Studio | Hemlock Tee in Woven Stripes

The shirt was sewn according to the directions used for the original Hemlock Tee with the exception of the neckline which I finished with bias binding which I made from the larger striped section of the print. So if you’ve wondered about making the Hemlock in a print, or even if you haven’t, hope this gives you some ideas!

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25 Responses to Hemlock Tee in Woven Stripes

  1. Noelle says:

    Masterful stripe positioning!

  2. Kelly says:

    I love this SO MUCH!! The way you used the fabric is genius! I am not prone to theft but I would totally steal this from you 🙂

  3. Fabulous idea and love the monochrome stripes. Inspired use of a large geometric print.

  4. lisa g says:

    whoah! i totally love this! never thought to try the hemlock in a woven, but now i need one!

  5. whitney deal says:

    Love this Jen — thank you for adding new sewing inspiration for my wardrobe!

  6. Robin says:


  7. karin says:

    I’ve been planning on doing your hemlock in a woven. Thanks for the thumbs up!

  8. Bella says:

    So cool. Inspiring!

  9. Fran Giacobbe says:

    I like the way you think! I just can’t sew fast enough to keep up!

  10. Heather says:

    This is awesome! Love that fabric!

  11. Chris says:

    Love this! And the Hemlock Tee is such a GREAT pattern – thank you. It’s one of my go to TNT’s (along with the Scout.) 🙂

  12. Michelle says:

    Really amazing use of fabric and print in this version of your Hemlock pattern! Really.

  13. Julie says:

    I love how you continue to modify the look of your designs and style them to show how they can be made and worn. I’m still fairly new to your blog (and am slowly getting back into sewing), so wasn’t familiar with this pattern. A few clicks on the older posts about this tee quickly led me down a Scout Tee and Moss Skirt rabbit hole. I can see how my knitting queue is going to get eaten up by a new sewing queue. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Jen says:

      Thanks, it’s one of my favorite parts of things! I really want to try to show people all the different ways you can make up and customize the patterns. Get people’s creativity flowing and also help them get the most out of all the patterns! Glad to be contributing to your sewing queue!

  14. coco says:

    Cute! I continue to love this pattern, Jen.

  15. gingermakes says:

    Love your stripe placement! This looks so modern and cool!

  16. Rochelle New says:

    Ooooo I like this! Bold woven stripes for the win!

  17. mokosha says:

    looks real good! love the fabric you chose! and really like how the blouse drapes when made in silk, i might give it a try soon 🙂

  18. Leena-Maria says:

    I love the monochrome look and the way you used these stripes. Looks so effortless buy yet sophisticated!

  19. Nickia says:

    I know I am late but I absolutely loved this!!! Looking forward to seeing more of you and your blog!

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  21. Odile says:

    Where can I find the pattern for this ? It’s very cool ! 🙂

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