New Pattern | 37001 Lakeside Pajamas

Grainline Studio | New Pattern | 37001 Lakeside Pajamas

I’m so excited to introduce the next Grainline Studio pattern, the Lakeside Pajamas!

Grainline Studio | 37001 Lakeside Pajamas

The Lakeside Pajamas are a summertime pajama set featuring a spaghetti strap tank with split back and gym short style shorts. This set is perfect for lounging or sleeping while keeping you cool and cute. We’ve been having a bit of warm weather here in Chicago and I’ve been living in mine lately.


Techniques involved in making these pajamas include sewing straight seams, darts, and applying bias binding so depending on your skill level this pattern could be easy to intermediate. They’re a pretty quick project with a nice reward at the end!


Head over to the shop to get started making your own Lakeside Pajamas! I’ll be back tomorrow with more photos and info on this set here, see you then!

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31 Responses to New Pattern | 37001 Lakeside Pajamas

  1. Karene says:

    Great! I just bought it -your new shop works well- and will sew it today! I love your patterns and hope that a someday we will see a summer dress? with short sleeves (for work)? 😉

  2. Cameron says:

    I had just decided I needed to make some lounging shorts because borrowed boxers just aren’t that much fun, and these much, much more fun than patterns that I was considering. Thanks for putting them out here just in time.

    P.S. Is that part of a paper pattern in the background there?

  3. Leila says:

    These are super cute!!

  4. Mai says:

    Love love love this pattern, just perfect!

  5. Karen Shaw-Jones says:

    Could this set be made up in knit fabric?

  6. nettie says:

    Gorgeous!!!! I would totally wear this outside!! With longer shorts, of course ;B

  7. LOVE these!!!! I think these will be a sleep in them/spend the whole day in them summer staple. x

  8. laricci smunch says:

    Yay! I already bought fabric and I can’t wait to make these!

  9. LOVE! Perfect for the warmth in London at the moment – I’ll definitely be making these. And I love the fabric you used especially.

  10. Amy L says:

    Happy Monday, I have been eagerly waiting for this pattern release! Finally finished my Grainline tank today and I wearing it to work today. Love the cut of this tank and hope to upload pictures this week. Heading over to the shop now to get my copy of the pajamas.

  11. hyemi says:

    That fabric! It looks perfect for summer pajamas – can I ask where it’s from?

  12. sallie says:

    Love it! Will have to snatch this one up, too! Especially since my summer lounge staple of old ratty t-shirts is… well… less than becoming!! Great work Jen!

  13. ShanniLoves says:

    Love these! Definitely need to add to my sewing to do list!

  14. megthegrand says:

    These look so fresh and summery!! Perfect 🙂

  15. Very sweet. Love the back detail on the top – looks so cool to wear.

  16. Michelle says:

    LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. I wish I was wearing a pair of these pajamas right now. It’s so hot and muggy today.

  17. Meg @ Mood says:

    Love that you used our fabric for this cute set!

  18. lsaspacey says:

    So cute! I love how they look pretty much exactly like the ones you made yourself this time last year. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  19. Ashley says:

    Too cute! I love the split-back tank; I would totally wear that in public!

  20. Rochelle New says:

    Love love love!!!! Okay, which card am I going to put this purchase on lol…

  21. These are my dream pajamas (no pun intended… well maybe a little) and I have been eagerly waiting their arrival! I cannot wait to make a pair. Or two. Or five. LOVE!!!

  22. emily marie says:

    Love these so much! The only thing that’s depressing me about leaving for vacation tomorrow is that I won’t be able to sew. 🙁 Definitely going to make a set when I get back. I’m thinking some running shorts out of this pattern should get me to go a little farther, too!

  23. Stephanie says:

    YAY! They are so freaking cute, Jen. Your shop looks fabulous too.

  24. Jo @ bubala says:

    Looks fantastic! Going on my list for summer sewing 🙂

  25. Haylee says:

    These are amazing!! My gosh Jen, ahh I’m soo excited. Thank you for being so awesome, seriously though.

  26. Carolyn says:

    Another amazing pattern in some dreamy dreamy fabric! You always have the best taste Jen. I’m also imagining wearing this top outside the house…and these shorts in quickdry fabric as board shorts. The straps on the top are made from bias binding, right? Have you had any problems with them stretching out over time?

  27. Marie F. says:

    Bought! I love it, I need one of those set! I love your fabric choice.

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  29. Keana says:

    I love these! Is there any way I can order them? I’m not at all a sewer but I am looking for the perfect pajama shorts set for my bridesmaids for my wedding in July & these fit the criteria!

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