Archer Sew Along | Day 5 | Attaching Your Pockets

Archer Sew Along | Day 4 | Attaching your Pockets

Archer Sew Along | Day 4 | Attaching your Pockets

Alright dudes, are you ready to attach those pockets? Start by folding the top edge of the pocket down twice along the notches. If you’re using silk for your Archer here’s a little trick I use to get really straight lines. Lay the pocket on top of one of the paper pieces you cut it out with, fold the paper with the silk inside of it and press. You’ll get really crisp straight lines with ease.

Archer Sew Along | Day 4 | Attaching your Pockets

Stitch along the folded edge to secure the top flap. Fold under the raw edges at 1/4″ and press.

Archer Sew Along | Day 4 | Attaching your Pockets

Align your pocket according to the pocket placement marks on the pattern. You may also want to measure out from the button band to make sure your pocket is really straight. With all the vertical lines running up this top (pockets and placket) you’ll notice if a pocket has gone awry while wearing your shirt.

Archer Sew Along | Day 4 | Attaching your Pockets

Stitch as close the edge of the pocket as possible. I stitch at 1/16″ but do whatever you’re comfortable with. I tried to make a .gif to show the direction you’ll want to stitch in to make this pattern but I could not figure out how to make one on Photoshop 6! Videos – easy peasy, .gifs – no dice. If you have questions about this let me know below and I’ll try to figure out a diagram of some sort. You can also just stitch along the three sides without the anchor stitches up top, they just keep your pocket in place more sturdily if you plan on actually using it, I have a feeling for most of us it’s just for style points.

Archer Sew Along | Day 4 | Attaching your Pockets

Now you’ll notice this extra seam allowance fabric after you stitch your pockets down. It can tend to stick up and look messy. Here’s what I do to that…

Archer Sew Along | Day 4 | Attaching your Pockets

Chop it off! Just angle down to nothing at the top point. Since you made those anchor stitches you can cut off this excess without worry about trimming too close to the pocket edge stitching. That’s that on the pockets. Up next – getting the backs of Views A and B ready to attach the yoke, see you tomorrow!

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13 Responses to Archer Sew Along | Day 5 | Attaching Your Pockets

  1. Andrea says:

    If I weigh in… Here’s a tip for how I’ve gotten straight edges on my own Archer pockets… I actually machine baste the two pockets together, RST, at 1/4″, turn them out with nice sharp corners and give it all a good press. Then I turn them inside out again and take out the basting stitches. The edges are now already pressed down at exactly 1/4″ all the way around without fiddling with a seam gauge, and the pocket just needs pinning down.

  2. lisa g says:

    i keep some thin card stock around the sewing room for that very purpose! i haven’t done much sewing with silk, but it works great with rayon challis that is otherwise tricky to press accurately.

  3. Jessica says:

    I can do this day 5! I am curious what it will be the next day. Could you give a tip in de previous post of what will be done the next day?

  4. awfully nice says:

    My pocket seems to be too wide… I checked the pattern piece and as far as I can tell, followed the instructions, pressed the raw edges 1/4″, but when I place it on the front, it is wider than the pocket placement markings, and a 1/2″ from the button band if I go by the far pocket placement marking, not 1 1/4″ as it looks like in your picture. I’m thinking I should press the raw edges 1/2″ or… do you press them at 1/4″ and then fold them over and press again? Thanks for your help and for this sew a long!

    P.S. Your pacing is perfect and I am loving these tutorials and learning a lot!

    • Hmm, I’ll check the pattern again and measure the pocket placement. Only press them under once or it will be too bulky, but if your pockets are slightly larger than the markings I’d either just center the pocket between the two marks or fold a bit more under.

    • Amy says:

      Are your pockets cut on the bias? I’m making a plaid Archer, and I cut my pockets out on the bias. I had to be careful that they didn’t stretch out too much. (Also, I’m now caught up to here! Hooray! By Wednesday I hope to be all caught up!)

      • I didn’t cut these pockets on the bias, but I did cut the pockets for the plaid Archer on the bias. Any time you cut anything on the bias you’ve got to watch out for that sneaky stretch!

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