Archer Sew Along | Day 1 | Assembling the Pattern

Are you guys all ready for this Archer Sew Along Adventure? Today we’ll be assembling our patterns, selecting our sizes, and adjusting for length, width, and cutting between sizes if, like me, you fall into a few different size groups. For starters, gather your supplies for assembling the pattern. If you don’t have the pattern yet you can get it here. You’ll need the following…

Grainline Studio | Archer Sew Along | Assembling Pattern
– tape
– paper scissors
– your printed Archer pattern
– caffeine (I’d like to recommend chai with honey and almond milk)

Grainline Studio | Archer Sew Along | Assembling Pattern

Grainline Studio | Archer Sew Along | Assembling Pattern

Trim the edges needed, align the numbered diamonds, and tape that pattern together! It’s a lot of pages to trim and tape so you may want to do like Karen and trim a few at a time, genius idea, right?

Grainline Studio | Archer Sew Along | Assembling Pattern

Another thing I like to do while taping the pattern is to separate pattern pieces as they become complete to make it easier to fit on my table. Just a little tip.

Grainline Studio | Archer Sew Along | Assembling Pattern

Now it’s time to select our size and make any adjustments needed. Find your measurements on the chart included on the pattern. If you’re like me you’ll be blending between sizes. I’m going to be going with a 2 on top despite my bust measurement because of my shoulders and a 4 on the bottom because I’m a hippy little bugger.

Grainline Studio | Archer Sew Along | Assembling Pattern

In addition to blending between two sizes, I’m going to lengthen my shirt by 2″ so I can demonstrate how it’s done. Shortening is done by the same method. Start by cutting the Center Front (henceforth abbreviated as CF) pattern piece down the “Lengthen or Shorten Here” line. Tape a piece of paper to the top half of the CF pattern and extend the CF edge of the piece. This is to make sure when you attach the bottom half of the pattern piece after extending you’re still doing everything on grain.

Grainline Studio | Archer Sew Along | Assembling Pattern

Decide how much you want to lengthen or shorten the pattern by and draw a line parallel to the cut line at that distance.

Grainline Studio | Archer Sew Along | Assembling Pattern

Tape the bottom half of the CF piece along the new line you drew paying attention to make sure the two pattern pieces are still on grain and properly aligned.

Grainline Studio | Archer Sew Along | Assembling Pattern

Now blend between sizes if need be by aligning your ruler so that you get a smooth line between the two sizes. Draw the new edge and cut your piece out following the line you just drew. Repeat for the Center Back (henceforth abbreviated as CB) as well.

Grainline Studio | Archer Sew Along | Assembling Pattern

Grainline Studio | Archer Sew Along | Assembling Pattern

Make sure you notch your pattern so that you don’t forget to transfer these marks to your fabric. You probably have a favorite method of doing this already so I’d recommend doing what you’re used to. I use a pattern notcher to clip into the pattern piece. You can achieve the same thing by taking a little V out with your scissors.

Grainline Studio | Archer Sew Along | Assembling Pattern

Grainline Studio | Archer Sew Along | Assembling Pattern

Since I’m cutting a smaller size in the bust of my shirt I’ll need to cut the size 2 sleeve, unfortunately I have longer arms than the size 2 so I’ll be adding 1/2″ to the sleeve to make up for that. You’re going to follow the same steps as for the CF and CB but since there is no straight edge on the sleeve you’re going to want to take care to maintain a straight grainline.

Grainline Studio | Archer Sew Along | Assembling Pattern

If you added length to your CF and CB pieces you’re going to need to do the same for your  Right Front button band and Left Front interfacing. Don’t worry about the button guide, that won’t be affected, I promise.

Grainline Studio | Archer Sew Along | Assembling Pattern

Cut out the rest of your pieces and relax! Next up we’ll be cutting out our shirts so make sure you’ve got your fabric pre-washed and ready to roll! If you have any questions you can comment below or post to the Archer Flickr Group.

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50 Responses to Archer Sew Along | Day 1 | Assembling the Pattern

  1. stephanie says:

    Yay! So excited to get started 🙂 I’ve already got my pattern all stuck together and fabric washed. Just need to adjust the pattern a little because my measurements are all over the place!

  2. Nothy says:

    I’ll buy my pattern tonight and get started. I will end up being a bit behind you because it is busy at work right now…but I will finish. Thanks so much for doing this – I love the pattern but I’ve had such difficulty with buttondowns….

  3. Stephanie says:

    I’m so excited too! I cut into my fabric last night. I think I cut a size too big, but better overly slouchy than too tight, right? I traced off the pattern just in case I need a different size in the future.

    Thanks for doing a sewalong!

  4. sallie says:

    Awesome! I’m gonna get my pattern ready today! P.S – love your gold shoes!

  5. scgoble says:

    The real question here is: where did you get those awesome gold shoes?!

  6. Ginny says:

    So excited to get started on my sewalong Archer and see everyone else’s versions! FUN! I have my pattern & fabric all ready to go, and even cut out a muslin yesterday morning. I want to double-check fit before cutting into my yummy fabric. Unfortunately my muslining was derailed by a very sick kitty 🙁 — hope to get to stitch it up this morning though.

    • Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about your kitty. Hope everything is alright. We’re having a break day for catchup on Wednesday so you should have time to make that muslin. Sending good kitty thoughts your way!

  7. Kelly says:

    So it begins! I’m pretty much ready to go – just need to figure out sizing and press my fabric. Thanks again for doing this!

  8. Quick question:Should I find my measurements from the instructions pdf or from the finished measurements post you did a few days ago?Because at the beginning I found what I’d like the size to be from the finished measurements post and then when I compared it to the pdf and it was totally different sizes!The thing that confused me was that the final measurements showed that I want a smaller size than the pdf!

    • The difference in the two charts is that in the PDF the measurements are your body measurements and in the post the measurements are finished garment measurements which means all wearing ease is included. It makes total sense that you might want to choose a finished garment with less ease, in which case you would choose a smaller size on the finished measurements chart than the body measurements chart. Hope that makes sense!

  9. Jennie says:

    Ready. Set. Go! AND DONE! I cheated and finished this while catching up on The Walking Dead. Super excited about this sew along.

  10. gingermakes says:

    Yay! I’m so excited! And I’m really glad that you waited a week as I actually have time to follow along with you guys this week! Like everyone else, I love the shoes!

  11. I am so grateful for this sewalong – I just bought the pattern and I am sticking it together tonight. What is the finished sleeve length? I am cutting the size 8. Is it simply the length of the sleeve (minus 2x seam allowances of 0.5″) plus the length of the folded cuff (minus 1x seam allowance of 0.5″).

  12. Hazel says:

    Just bought the pattern today, so getting excited about starting my sew-along progress over the next few days! It’s the first time making a shirt for me so I’m appreciating all your tips along the way 🙂

  13. Jessica says:

    I start today with your sew along. I am a little bit late to start, but I’ll catch in. Pattern is ready and fabric is washed and dryed. Let’s cut the fabric tonight. I am very exited on how the end results of everyone is.

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  18. Kathleen says:

    My Archer is just about finished, but I backtracked here to say I should have listened to Jen about sizing up for broad shoulders! Silly me! I chose a 6 based on my bust measurement and sized up for the hips. I did flat measure the pattern at the yoke shoulder line and thought I’d be ok, but I should have checked the full back measurement too. My shirt is definitely wearable, but next time I will size up to an 8 for the shoulders and just taper through the body if needed.

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  21. Eleanor says:

    What is pattern notching? I have the pattern but I’ve been putting it off because I’m SO afraid of messing this up. I even bought plaid! HA what was I thinking? 🙂

    • Jen says:

      The notches are the little inward marks on a pattern to indicate where things should match up to each other, say sides to sides, or collar to collar stand. On my patterns they’re the little straight lines, but you may have seen them as inverted triangles on the big 4 pattern companies patterns. A little hard to explain in words but hopefully that makes sense! Don’t worry, you’ll totally be fine with plaid too, it’s really not so bad!

      • Eleanor says:

        Thank you, Jen! I understand what you’re describing. Most of the patterns I’ve used in the past don’t have those notches or triangles. Thanks so much for answering my question. 🙂

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  24. Excited to get started on this pattern. When starting to print it out, I selected “Page Scaling None”, but that caused the pattern image to become larger than the paper. When I leave the page scaling at “Fit to Printable Area”, it looks a lot like your printout. Any suggestions?

    • Figured it out! So, in my printer command window, the “preview” image showed the pattern graphics printing larger than the paper. But when I tried printing, the 3×3 square fit perfectly.

  25. Carol Henderson says:

    Newbie sewer here. When you say join lines with your ruler, is this a special ruler or a normal straight edge?

    Thank you.

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  27. Grace says:

    I know I am super duper late to the archer party! Just done my muslin and wonder if there is any way to do a sba? I am an A cup and there is lots of room down the front. I’ve cut the size 0 so not sure how to go down further.

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  31. mammaknits says:

    Wondering if you might help me figure out which size to cut….I realize I will need to grade out (I always do). My high bust fits in between the 4/6 sizes, full bust is a 10, waist is a 12, and hips are in between the 10/12 sizes. Oy…… I want this to fit in my shoulders and be comfortable everywhere else. What would YOU do?

  32. Tracey Kirouac says:

    Wanted you to know how much I’m loving this Archer shirt! Have made two view A’s and a view B, all perfectly tailored to me. I’m soooo happy. Finding the sew along postings online with all your tips really helped. Thank you, thank you, thank you 😬

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