Archer Button Up Shirt | 31004

Grainline Studio | Archer Button Up | 31004
It’s FINALLY here, the Archer Button Up Shirt pattern! I’m so excited, I’ve been dreaming of the perfect boyfriend style button up shirt for a while now. They’re popping up everywhere from the French brand Equipment to Madewell to J.Crew and everywhere in between but I’m not gonna lie, this version is my favorite.

Grainline Studio | Archer Button Up | 31004

Grainline Studio | Archer Button Up | 31004

Not only do you get the perfect comfortable classic button down shirt with View A, you also get View B which features a fun, modern gathered lower back panel.

Grainline Studio | Archer Button Up | 31004

So far I’ve made 2 of each, View A in plaid flannel and polka dot chiffon and View B in washed silk crepe de chine and Liberty Tana Lawn and they’re officially my favorite shirts in my wardrobe. I have 2 chambray and one amazing silk print from Britex waiting to be sewn up into these shirts as well. I don’t know if you can ever really have enough button up shirts. Well, at least I can’t. I’ll be showing off all the versions and doing some tutorials here and on the Britex Blog with this shirt so get ready.

To get all the details on the pattern and purchase, click over to the shop!

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89 Responses to Archer Button Up Shirt | 31004

  1. Jane says:

    Wow what a great shirt and a perfect project to get autumn started.

  2. Oh my god YES!!! Been waiting for this since seeing it on your instagram feed! Already got some delicious charcoal crepe de chine lined up… So excited to make this!!

  3. Toni says:

    Great Shirt….love that you added the second view!! Will look forward to some construction tips for working with chiffon. I’ve always been scared to tackle that one!

    • Thanks! You’d be surprised, working with chiffon is easier than you think. I think a lot of people get freaked out about the various silks b/c they start with a poly version of the silk weaves which actually is a nightmare. You couldn’t pay me to make something out of that b/c no matter what it always looks sloppy and leaves me swearing at the machine!

  4. awfully nice says:

    Oh my GOD I’m so excited that you have a new pattern out and that it’s this awesome. I can’t wait to make this!

  5. nettie says:

    It looks awesome!!! I love the view with the little back ruffle!

  6. Julianne Dodds says:

    Congratulations on another pattern release! This is a very classic look, and the gathered panel is cute without being too trendy. I’m looking forward to seeing them on you or a model!

    • Thanks! I try to keep things pretty classic…not a super trendy person here. I wish I had photos to share but unfortunately I have a dearth of photographers at the moment and my tripod is just not doing the trick. Soon though, I promise!

  7. Rochelle New says:

    Oh I so need this pattern!!!!! Genius. Just sheer genius 🙂

  8. oonaballoona says:

    so we were watching reruns of californication , and my mind wandered to the plaid i’d bought for ruggy, and how really it would look better on me, and how i needed a boyfriend shirt pattern, so i figured not having one, it was meant for ruggy…


  9. lindsay says:

    Beautiful pattern Jen! Based on your previous patterns, I know this shirt will be an instant favorite in my wardrobe. I had a question though. Last summer, you posted a sleeveless shirt dress that you had made, and mentioned a pattern was coming. Is this the pattern you meant? I can’t get that dress out of my head 🙂

    • Thank you! This isn’t it but don’t worry, that dress will be my first printed pattern! We’re working on it (we being my graphic designer, illustrator and I) so look for it this spring! It’ll be both paper and digital download, promise promise!

      • jessica says:

        Sorry to chime in … But I’m VERY happy when you said “it’ll be both paper AND DIGITAL download” …
        And last but not least, congrats on the new pattern Jen!!!
        I’ve been wanting to sew something like this for ages …

  10. liza jane says:

    Ah, I love that back panel! I need one in silk. Will make this when the belly is gone!!

  11. Sara says:

    Perfect! It’s my sewing goal to make a shirt like this this year! Wondering if you or someone will be hosting a sew along? Absolutely perfect!

  12. Jenn says:

    YAY!! I’m dancing with joy! Congrats on the pattern release. Will there be any tutorials to go along with this awesome pattern?

  13. What a great looking shirt pattern! Perfect for Spring. I am thinking about View A in silk, Equipment style.

  14. Angela says:

    Love it, we are going into Autumn here so perfect timing! Love the back ruffle BTW.

  15. bennomusik says:

    Great pattern!! I love that you include a real collar stand, and I am really looking forward to the tips on making it out of silk.

  16. Ico says:

    I love the ruffles in the back. I am looking forward to see the other versions you have done.
    Now it’s time to find the perfect fabric for sewing this pattern as soon as possible!

  17. Love it!! Especially the ruffly version, so lovely to design in some frill!

  18. Aw Jen I love it 😀 looking forward to making this up… although I think the most suitable fabric I have to hand is the lovely wool i just made a swingback scout tee from – d’oh 😉

  19. Anouk says:

    Gorgeous pattern, particularly like view B.

  20. shivani says:

    oh my Jen – it’s like you read my mind!!! I’ve been thinking that what I need in my life is a classic button-up shirt in Liberty lawn. I love this! And that ruffle, in silk, peeking out from under chunky wool sweater… dreams coming true here.

    • I’d like to think I’m a mind reader! I like the silk ruffle peeking out from a chunky wool sweater bit, I need to find a chunky wool sweater to do this with. Let me know if you make it up, your pieces are always so beautiful, I’d love to see! Actually I’m sure I’ll see it on your blog, duh jen, haha

  21. Alex says:

    Congrats on a new pattern! – Loving the gathers/ruffles detail as well…I just need to get the confidence to sew something of this level….so I’ll be watching for any sew-alongs!

    • I promise it’s not actually hard at all, you’ll see! I never lie about these things, once you know the best steps to make a shirt you’ll be wondering why you were ever scared. I do think I’ll be doing a step by step or sew along for this one, so don’t worry

  22. sallie says:

    WHAT!!! Crazy! What a perfect shirt pattern! I’m kicking myself for not waiting ONE DAY to cut out the silk shirt I’m making from a mccall’s pattern! But one can never have too many shirt patterns, right? I can’t wait to get a better look at these – they really do look like perfection!

    • Oh, I think I know the McCalls pattern you’re talking about, is it the one everyone was blogging about a few weeks ago? I saw the little teaser in my blog reader about this dyed fabric you cut…now that I’ve got this sucker finished and posted I have to check it out. Your fabric dying is SO GOOD!

  23. Mary says:

    Jumping up and down! Fantastic pattern – especially the little back ruffle. I love that it’s a little girly, but just in the back. Absolutely yummy! Congrats!

  24. Congrats on the pattern – it looks ace!

  25. Andrea says:

    Awesome. Just yesterday I was thinking I needed to get my hand on a button shirt pattern. Having just finished a shirt for my man I had all sorts of idea s to make one for myself and now this pattern magically appears. Like I said, awesome!

  26. Mim says:

    Jen I am SOOO excited about this!! I’ve been searching for the perfect button down pattern for a LONG time, and was just about to try and modify something because I could never find anything just right. Til now! You’re a mastermind!

    • Thanks, I’d like to think I’m a mastermind…that is the description of my Meyers-Briggs personality type so I’m going to take it. HA! I said this above but I was really surprised with the lack of a pattern out there like this. I’m just glad that people want to make the same sorts of things that I do b/c this was definitely started as a project to fill my own wardrobe…greedy patternmaking

  27. CC says:

    So excited about this pattern… I actually gasped when it popped up in my blog reader! Blog my plans with it already!!! I’ve been looking for the perfect slouchy menswear inspired button up pattern. Looking forward to your tutorials about it! Now if I could just twist your arm to make a similarly perfect blazer pattern…

    • Oh man, I just checked out the plans on your blog and I am SERIOUSLY JEALOUS!! If that fabric wasn’t sold out I would be copying you so hard. Ha, I think a blazer pattern should be in the works, it seems to be very high on people’s list and I don’t have a blazer I really love so… maybe I’ll get on it!

  28. nicolerunde says:

    I have been waiting and stalking IG for this to happen. I’m so excited! As soon as I finish my winter coat (uh, that I should have finished months ago….) this is my next project!! First in chambray, then in CAT PRINT, of course.

    • Um…cat print?!?!?! You didn’t happen to Instagram said cat print a few weeks ago? I remember seeing one on there and I’m pretty sure it was you. I remember being supremely jealous of that fabric so needless to say, I can’t wait to see!

      Also, my winter coat took a solid year so eh, it happens!

  29. Leah says:

    Thank you! I love the wardrobe staples you are designing. Keep them coming!

  30. So excited to try this out! I’m super-nervous about tackling a full-blown shirt so some posts on this topic would be excellent.
    Also seconding chiffon enthusiasm!

    • Well lucky for you it looks like we’re having a sew along! I’m also definitely doing a silk tips for button down shirts post with Britex Fabrics, so that’s 100% coming soon. It’s already photographed and I’m just writing the text!

  31. Great pattern Jen – just bought, downloaded and printed mine already 🙂 🙂 :)!!

  32. carolyn says:

    Yay! Another fantastic pattern! I’ve liked everything that I’ve made from your patterns so far and I can’t wait to try some more!

  33. Marie says:

    Love this pattern Jen, it’s so cool! I’m kind of on a new-pattern-ban, but I don’t think I can resist this! I’m also excited that you’ll be releasing a new dress pattern this spring too!

    • Thanks so much! I hear you on the ban, I’m on a new fabric ban. It’s SO HARD!! I can’t wait for the dress pattern, I hope everything goes smoothly (knock on wood, cross my fingers, etc!)

  34. Carolyn says:

    yes yes yes! I’ve got some plaid flannel that will be perfect for this! Regarding the sewalong: I would be interested, at least, in a tutorial about attaching the collar and stand. Mine always end up wonky at the points and curves. Also- have you thought about adding finished garment measurements to your future patterns? It would be really helpful in trying to work out how much ease there is. Congrats!

    • Funny you should mention the finished patter measurements, I am definitely adding them in the future and my plan is to go back and work through the already made patterns to add them. Somehow that slipped my attention but I’ll be adding them for sure.

      I’ve got a pretty good method for attaching the collar stand without wonkyness so I think you’ll like that part. It’s a little awkward the first time but it’ll be your new favorite method, I promise.

  35. Mady says:

    I’m so excited!I was looking for the perfect button up shirt forever now!Thank you!This is next on my sewing list!

  36. Congrats, this looks fantastic! I don’t usually wear long-sleeved blouses, preferring short sleeves and a sweater, but I’m starting to come around. I’d love to follow your expert tips and suggestions in a sew-along (even if I ended up sewing later). Can’t wait to see your rope print one, too. 🙂

  37. megan says:

    I’d love to see a sewalong for this shirt. 🙂

    Love the look with the back peplumish panel, I’m excited to make one!

    Agree with an above commenter about finished garment measurements – that might be helpful.

  38. MIranda says:

    YES!! I’ve been waiting for this one! I’ve got the coolest lightweight cotton with tiny tigers on it (random much?) that I’ve just been saving. I’m going to make it. Tonight.

    I’d love a sew-a-long, too! Your tutorials are just great.

    Huge congratulations, Jen!


    • Gah, I can’t wait to see the first one made up by someone other than me! I’ll be making one tonight as well so we’ll be sewing apart together. Aww, we’re just too darn cute, haha!!

  39. dixiediy says:

    yay! i’m excited about this new one. i’ve been looking for a not-too-complicated button down pattern and i love that this is in a more modern cut than you would find in the big four. and the back gathers are a really cool touch!!

  40. meg says:

    This is really cute!! If only I had the patience/talent to sew

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