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As soon as I stumbled upon Louise’s dala horse Scout Tee on Flickr I became an instant fan of her creations. I swear everything she makes is beautiful and beautifully made. I feel like I could do about 2 months worth of Sew & Tell just with Louise! If you’re not reading her blog yet you seriously need at add it to your reader, this girl is great (and a sweetheart to boot)!

Name  Louise

Pattern  Scout Woven Tee

Louise’s Blog  Poppy and Red Clover

Her Project Post  The shirt predates her blog so check it out on Flickr

What type of fabric / materials did you use?  Cotton Chambray and Liberty Tana Lawn Scraps

Tell us more about your project!  “Oh, I just love wearing it! It’s a perfect pull-on-and-go shirt… and it pairs especially well with slim bottoms! The lightness of the chambray is perfect for summer, but I also love to layer it underneath cardigans in fall. I wanted to add a little more sweetness to the simple pattern design, so I decided to use some of my very favorite liberty scraps and hand appliqué dala horses around the neckline. The dala horses are inspired by my childhood summers I spent in my family’s small wooden cottage in the Swedish countryside. Wearing it immediately brings back so many precious memories: the smell of the freshly picked chanterelles roasting on the stove, the taste of the carefully gathered wild field strawberries on homemade yoghurt, and the feeling of the scratchy woods underneath my bare feet at night…Thanks so much for having me here!”

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8 Responses to Sew & Tell | Louise of Poppy and Red Clover

  1. sallie says:

    thanks for the introduction, jen!! you’re totally right, adorable sewing blog!!

  2. Oh my, I’m still in shock to see myself on here! I had a bit of a rough day today, so you just brought a much needed smile on my face. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for such a great opportunity! You’re the most extraordinary sweetheart – if I do say so myself! Have a great week, Jen!

  3. Charlotte says:

    Poppy and Red Clover is darling. I’m so glad you’ve introduced it (and Louise) to us.

  4. gingermakes says:

    Wow! This is so, so cute! I love it!

  5. Susan says:

    Louise, you and your Scouts are adorable! Thanks Jen, for introducing us to her great blog!

  6. emily marie says:

    Wow! Definitely impressed. I’ll be keeping up with her from now on!

  7. Rae says:

    So cool!! Love those horses. Have just added her blog to my reader! 🙂

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