Grainline Studio x Britex Fabrics | Tasseled Scarf Tutorial

Grainline Studio x Britex Fabrics | Tasseled Scarf Tutorial | Image by Julia Stotz

Grainline Studio x Britex Fabrics | Tasseled Scarf Tutorial | Image by Julia Stotz

I’m super excited to present my first project in collaboration with Britex Fabrics, a tutorial to make this super cute polka dot chiffon scarf with tassels! This scarf is the perfect thing to throw on with your sweaters this winter, it dresses things up a bit and also adds a new texture to a typically knit heavy season. The silk was a dream to work with, softer and silkier than any chiffon I’ve worked with before and with a most beautiful sheen. Also can we talk about the color and print? It’s not just ivory, it has a subtle blush hint to it that makes it super flattering on everyone who’s tried it on so far and I’m a huge fan of the scattered polka dot. It’s a perfect way to throw an updated polkadot into your wardrobe. This was actually my first time working with silk thread (other than needle turned applique) and it really added a subtle polish that probably only I will notice, but isn’t that the best kind really? I think so. Make this scarf with or without the tassels, I think they’re pretty fun but unfortunately so does my cat who tried to steal one right before we took these finished project photos. You can follow the instructions below to make your own, click on the project supplies to order your own scarf materials! Also a shoutout to my friend and insanely talented photographer Julia who did the three nice looking photos on this post. Girl’s got skills!

Grainline Studio x Britex Fabrics | Tasseled Scarf Tutorial

SUPPLIES [supplied by Britex Fabrics]
Silk Chiffon or other sheer fabric 45″ x 45″
Silk Thread
Pearl Cotton
Needle with eye large enough for the pearl cotton to pass through

Grainline Studio x Britex Fabrics | Tasseled Scarf Tutorial

Working one side of the scarf at a time, fold the raw edge of the scarf over 1/4″ and stitch down in a straight line as close to the seam line as possible. You will be folding while you’re stitching, just focus on folding a few inches over at a time.

Grainline Studio x Britex Fabrics | Tasseled Scarf Tutorial

Trim the excess folded fabric back to the stitching line. I find this easiest to do on a slightly curved surface such as the back of my hand.

Grainline Studio x Britex Fabrics | Tasseled Scarf Tutorial

Again while you’re sewing, fold the hem over so that no raw edges are showing and stich the turned edge down. You can follow the stitching line from the previous seam for a neat look. Repeat these steps for all four sides.

Grainline Studio x Britex Fabrics | Tasseled Scarf Tutorial

Now for the tassel. Decide how long you’d like your tassel to be from tip to tail and cut a piece of cardboard that size. My tassels were 2 3/4″ long for this scarf. Wrap your pearl cotton around the cardboard until you get your desired amount of tassel thread.

Grainline Studio x Britex Fabrics | Tasseled Scarf Tutorial

Pass a length of pearl cotton approximately 6″ long under one side of the tassel threads, bring thread to the top of the tassel and double knot.

Grainline Studio x Britex Fabrics | Tasseled Scarf Tutorial

Carefully slide your tassel off the cardboard. Cut another piece of pearl cotton about 11″ in length and start wrapping the top of the tassel making sure to wrap on top of the start of your thread. When you’ve wrapped enough times around (I did about 5 wraps but this will depend on the size of your tassel) knot the thread around the tassel then pass the thread around the wrapping threads about 3 times to secure the end. Any extra length will be cut off in the next step.

Grainline Studio x Britex Fabrics | Tasseled Scarf Tutorial

Cut the bottom of the tassel open and neaten any ends that may be uneven. Repeat these steps to get all 4 tassels.

Grainline Studio x Britex Fabrics | Tasseled Scarf Tutorial

Thread the top threads of the tassels through the corners of your scarf, knot the threads and clip the extra ends off. You’re done!

Grainline Studio x Britex Fabrics | Tasseled Scarf Tutorial | Image by Julia Stotz

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37 Responses to Grainline Studio x Britex Fabrics | Tasseled Scarf Tutorial

  1. Caitlin says:

    What an awesome collaboration! I’ve loved Britex ever since I visited SF a couple years ago. That scarf is super cute and I love the tassels.

  2. Lucinda says:

    Ooo I want to try that with some poly chiffon in my stash!

  3. poppykettle says:

    This is gorgeous! My scarf collection is bigger than my wardrobe, and I’ve been hankering for a scarf with tassels. How did you know? I love the idea of making my own tassels too – thanks a million! Do you know where we can get that type of pearl cotton in other colours, too?

  4. gingermakes says:

    Oh, WOW, this is so chic and cool! What a nice tutorial!

  5. Sweet. I’d like to suggest a narrow hem presser foot. It cuts the whole fold and sew process down to one step. I do all my internal seams and hems this way now.

  6. oonaballoona says:

    i’m deeply in love with those tassels.

  7. I use my target ironing board as a back drop too 🙂

  8. That is one awesome scarf. I am a lover of tassels! I pinned the tutorial.

  9. Such a great tutorial. I made a scarf recently because the piece of silk I had seemed too nice to only bring out as a garment and I couldn’t decide what to make , so I made it into a scarf too. I used my rolled hem on my serger, but thank you for showing how to narrow hem like this.

  10. ZoSews says:

    What an awesome and easy to replicate tute!

  11. Jaime says:

    I am mad jealous of your sewing skills! How did you get your corners so perfect on the rolled hem? My machine likes to eat those.

  12. Kerry says:

    This is a lovely idea, and a great choice of fabric.

  13. I love lightweight scarves and the print on yours is gorgeous. Cute tassels too!

  14. Heather Lou says:

    Totally unrelated to your adorable tasseled scarf but for some bizarre reason, I dreamed you and Kelly from True Bias were selling sewing patterns at my high school reunion last night?! Kelly doesn’t even sell patterns IRL. All I know was I was more excited to see you two then everyone I knew from the ages of 14-17. True story.

  15. angie says:

    What an amazing job on the scarf! Looks great. Love the tassels. Can use them elsewhere in the home too.

  16. Gail says:

    So pretty, Jen! I hope to give this a try!

  17. Alex says:

    I Love this so much – and the fabric – loving spots at the moment!

  18. meghan says:

    This is great! I would love to try it.

  19. emily marie says:

    The irregular dots! The tassels! The narrow hem! (One of my faves.)
    This is excellent. Oh, this is very very good.

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  21. Impressive Jen. I love seeing new posts from Grainline! Happy new year.

  22. I love it!! Thanks for sharing – it’s now on my 2013 to do list.

  23. lloubb says:

    ooh, totally want to try putting the fabric over the back of my hand the next time I’m trimming seam allowances like that. Thanks for a potential solution to something I always have a bit of a problem with!

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  25. elise says:

    Love this scarf, great tutorial!

  26. Pingback: just a scarf | awfully nice

  27. Charlene says:

    Love this scarf. Could you give any hints on cutting out chiffon? I’m trying to pull a thread to get the straight of the grain and was wondering if there was a better way?

  28. laura says:

    When you posted this I knew eventually I’d try doing this, it’s always been super intimidating to me to machine roll a hem. Well today was the day! I looked this up and managed to bang out two surprisingly good square scarves! Thanks so much for posting this 🙂

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