Anthropologie Inspired Hair Accessories

Did you guys see the post Megan had a week or two ago where she showed how to make some Anthropolgie inspired hair ties? Yeah, me too. I had seen the ties on the Anthropologie website but not being a big Anthro person (a little too frilly for my personal taste) I didn’t give them much thought. Then I saw Megan’s tutorial and gave them a lot of thought, they’re pretty cute and not crazy girly when viewed outside the Anthropologie world.

I ordered my fold over elastic online here, they have a pretty huge selection of colors and two widths of sparkle elastic, 3/8″ and 5/8″. They also have some velvet elastic which I wish I had ordered now that I know how awesome these hair ties are.

I also made some headbands to wear while running. I hate the really tight ones they sell at the store, they give me a headache by mid run and the point where they glue the two pieces of elastic together on those things always rips my hair out. These are super soft and don’t snag at all, same for the hair ties.

Megan recommended cutting 12″ lengths of the elastic and I found that that was the perfect length for the glitter elastic since it is a bit less stretchy that the regular FOE and the sparkles make the knot bulkier. I ended up cutting 10″ for the regular fold over elastic and that was great for wrapping my ponytail 3 times, though they’re almost a bit big for my wrist. I’m super glad Megan posted this tutorial b/c now I have my new favorite hair ties + headbands! Boo yah dudes!

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16 Responses to Anthropologie Inspired Hair Accessories

  1. megannielsen says:

    Yay!! we’re twinsies!!!

    I’m absolutely ordering some glittery stuff now – i’m so glad you found it, because i was coming up blanks. yay!

    Out of interest how long did you cut for your headbands? Those look darn comfy!


    • Miranda says:

      Right now I’m wearing a hair band and headband I made after Meg’s tut! So glad you found the sparkle. I ordered 10 yards (what?!) of gold, but it’s sure not sparkles! Now we’re triplets:)

    • I’m wearing one right now! I never ever would have done this had you not posted your tutorial, THANK YOU!!! The headbands are probably about 17″ long? Sadly I didn’t measure them before I tied them up, they’re just what was leftover from my hair ties.

  2. Julianne says:

    You can also singe the cut ends with a lighter to prevent fraying. I think it’s ridiculous that these sell for soooo much money, but the fact that they usually aren’t even singed kinda pisses me off, in a very irrational way. When I had hair I used these all the time, and I like your sparkles!

  3. emily marie says:

    CUTE. I just use boring black hair elastics and never realized how sad that makes me until now. Perhaps if I order some fold over elastic, I’ll even be motivated to make my own underwear? Oh, the possibilities!

    • Hahaha I had the same thought about if I get some FOE I’ll finally make some underwear with the zillions of t-shirts I’ve saved for that project and what did I do? I tied them all up into hair elastics. Hopefully the plan fares better for you than it did for me!

  4. sallie says:

    My hair is just getting long enough for me to wear hair elastics, and they kind of suck, but are super necessary. I could imagine that you could cut these extra long and make elastic headbands too (essential for when I work out)? Thanks for the link to glitter elastic!!

    • I love the headbands these make, most of my hair fits into a pony but the back and sides fall out occasionally so I need either a headband or bobby pins and running in bobby pins is pretty lame, so fancy FOE headbands are a must! Hahaha

  5. Amy says:

    Cool! My gym friend was just telling me to go to Anthropologie and get their hair elastics because most of the ones I use give me massive headaches esp. when I’m working out. So I popped over to Anthro and was like, wait, that’s foldover elastic and I have that stuff! I love your photos–they make me happy.

  6. gingermakes says:

    These are so cute and I want some!!!

  7. dixiediy says:

    those are cute, especially the sparkly ones. and thanks for that link, they have tons of fold over elastic and lace elastic that would be great for using on undies, too!

  8. Sarah says:

    This is such a brilliant idea, I’m going to order some sparkly elastic right now!

  9. Peter says:

    We don’t really have to spend a lot just to be beautiful. These are clever beauty tips and ideas. More power!

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