Inspiration | Make Room for the Mushrooms

MOREL CHANEL | Morel Mushroom wears scarf by Chanel

SHITAKE VERSACE | Shitake Mushroom wears fur coat and trousers by Versace

CHANTERELLE YSL | Chanterelle Mushroom wears poloneck and jumper by Yves Saint Laurent

GIROLLE TANNER KROLLE | Girolle Mushroom wears cashmere scarf by Tanner Krolle

MAITAKE McCARTNEY | Maitake Mushroom wears Shadow duchess satin fabric by Stella McCartney

This is one of my all time favorite magazine spreads of all time. Mushrooms dressed up in clothes? Amazing! I’ve been going through a lot of my magazine clippings and inspiration files and notebooks and came across this total GEM. I was worried I’d lost it but it has been found and immortalized here on the internet. I’m pretty sure it’s from POP magazine back sometime in 2008/2009, I remember clipping it in the later half of my second college career. Anyway, this was just too good not to share.

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2 Responses to Inspiration | Make Room for the Mushrooms

  1. Toby MacFarlan-Pond has done some amazing photoshoots, particularly for Pop. Too many to list, but he’s really good at fun imaginative still-lifes.

  2. emily marie says:

    This is incredible; I love the Shitake/Versace. I was just looking at this AMAZING silk ( ) and contemplating lining a leather jacket with it, but just bought one instead. 🙁

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