Election Day!

If you’re in the United States, I’m sure you know today is election day. I personally believe that voting is one of the most important responsibilities we have as citizens of this country and everyone who is eligible to do so should; as they say “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.” I have never missed an election (that’s every election, not just presidential) since I was old enough to vote and though I’ve only voted for a presidential winner once, I’m hoping that tonight I’ll make it 2 for 4. I’ve got two election themed links to share today, one informational and one fun.

First – If you’re not sure where your polling place is, Google has a pretty good lookup here. In addition to your polling place it brings up every canidate running on your ballet in every position in case you need to do a little last minute research before you get to the polls.

Second – A really great This American Life ran Sunday called Red State, Blue State about the rift that politics has created in people’s lives, both personally and for those involved in politics. I thought it was a pretty great listen.

Now get out there and vote!!

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10 Responses to Election Day!

  1. sallie says:

    Already voted!! I’m with you – I feel voting is super important. Even more important, truthfully, in local elections. But there’s nothing like a presidential election to make you feel like a part of the people. Good Luck, America. Also, checking out that “This American Life” on my bike ride to work today. Thanks Jen!

  2. Ditto! I’ve never missed a chance to vote! I’m going for my fourth presidential win today (which only points out my age more!) and honestly will be devastated if it doesn’t go my way. But we’re not thinking about that… only good thoughts!!!

  3. indigorchid says:

    I keep wanting to say “Amen” to everthing today, this included! (without religious overtones, just agreement-overtones)

  4. maddie says:

    Yep I voted today! I hope you and I chose winners! Thanks for the links – I;ll be sure to read them later tonight!

    • I’m grateful that I did choose the winner last night, I also happened to correctly predict the electoral outcomes of all 50 states! Pretty proud of that one…just call me Nate Silver!

  5. Julie D. says:

    Such a great post! I work at a college and know a few students who didn’t vote “out of principle” and it just pisses me off. Cheers to voting!!

    • Ugh, that makes me so angry. What are you proving by not voting? In my opinion just be an adult and vote for the candidate who you think can do the best for the country. You’re not going to agree with a candidate on EVERY point but you just have to make the best, most informed decision you possibly can!

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