Sock Yarn Shopping

I can’t remember if I mentioned it or not but I’ll be heading up to Victoria, BC again to visit my sister, her husband, and their two beagles in a few weeks so that means it’s time to figure out a travel project. Last time I went I brought these socks and it turned out to be a perfect project so I think I’m going to do socks again. This time though, I’ll be going a bit more subdued than the previous brightly colored stripes. I’ve settled on a yarn, Knitpicks Stroll Sport, but now I’m just trying to decide on my colorways. The plan is to have the neutral be the main part of the sock with a contrast toe, heel and ribbing. I’m sort of leaning towards 2 and 3 but it’s so hard to choose and though I am tempted to get all 4 combos, I should not be spending so much money on yarn before a trip. Decisions decisions…

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11 Responses to Sock Yarn Shopping

  1. Kara says:

    I love combo two!

  2. elena gold says:

    3 and 4. πŸ™‚ all great tho have fun!

  3. Caitlin says:

    I love contrasting sock heels! Awesome idea. I’m voting for #2 and #3.

  4. pbach1 says:

    knitpicks — great yarn! have fun with your project.

  5. em says:

    1 or 3! I am a sucker for green and grey together, though, as well as that shade of red. Any one of them would be super cute socks though.

    Have fun in Victoria! you are making me miss the west coast πŸ™‚

  6. anto says:

    Well, not to lead you towards the “buying all four of them” option but I do love the 3-4 combination because of how maritime it seems to me. I can’t wait to see your progress shots. I knitted only one pair of socks last winter and I started another sock early spring but it got hot and I never finished the one sock. Do you ever knit two socks at a time? I’ve heard that it is possible but I haven’t found any great tutorials to help me out. I usually focus so much on the first sock that I’ve lost interest by the time the second one has to be made, but I think that’s happened to most of us at any given time.

  7. gingermakes says:

    I love 2 and 3, too! Both really cute!

  8. sallie says:

    You had me at the mustard.

  9. martha says:

    I’m doing grey and mustard/gold right now. It’s a pretty awesome combo. #3 is a good traditional standby too.

  10. Meghan says:

    I love all the colors! You should make them all!

  11. All the colours are cute but I think doing colour #2 and #4 because they coloud look nice if they weren’t matching (mustard one side, blue the other)

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