Summer Wardrobe | Cloudy Day Dress

The Details
Pattern | My Own from Hound
Fabric | Cloud printed Spoonflower organic cotton sateen

Phew! The cloud print dress is finally finished! I LOVE this dress, the print turned out looking awesome and not at all like I fell into a vat of bleach like I was worried about and it fits really well. I know this starts to lose it’s meaning when I say it every time I make something, but this is my new favorite thing! Fittingly for the name of this dress we’ve been having cloudy / rainy weather for the last two days and I’m also without my photographer. This is my second self timer shoot for this dress. The first was AWFUL, mostly it was the indoor lighting but I’ve also grown accustomed to being photographed by Luke who understands my in front of camera awkwardness and directs me as well as uses a camera with beautiful lenses that can handle the light a bit better (okay it’s he uses a 5D, it’s a lot better) than my camera. I got up super early this morning and went outside and did some self timer photos, people this is MAJOR for me. I used a self timer out in public! Can you tell how awkward I felt in that second photo when I discovered a delivery guy to the Italian wholesale place across the street was watching me? Hahaha yikes, I am not that outgoing. Major props to Luke’s bike for being my tripod out there, good thing you didn’t bring it in last night dude!

Anyway this dress is a big hit with me, I’m the only one who’s seen it so far besides my pets and a bathroom mirror photo I sent my mom, oh and the Italian delivery guy, but I didn’t ask him how he felt about it. I’m planning on wearing it out Friday for Luke’s and my 10 year celebration (which I’ve taken to referring to as the “solid decade”), so I’m hoping he can snap a few nicer photos then. I printed the cloud print fabric with Spoonflower and the pattern is my own, the Sparrow dress from this past summer’s Hound collection. I also think it will be able to transition into fall pretty well with a blazer or cardigan, tights and boots. Yes!

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52 Responses to Summer Wardrobe | Cloudy Day Dress

  1. Molly says:

    Looks great, I love the cloud print!

  2. mia says:

    I love this! Any plans to make this pattern available in your shop?

  3. smunch says:

    I LOVE THIS DRESS. The fabric is so awesome and the color of the shoes is perfect with it. So funny about self-conscious posing I know exactly how you feel!

  4. eliseanna says:

    I love that silhouette and the low back – fantastic dress. Great fabric too!

  5. So lovely! The fabric is great. I can relate to your self-conscious photo shoot… I get so awkward when I know people are watching me take photos of myself.

  6. Joelle says:

    This dress is great! I love how the simple silhouette lets the print take place. So much fun!

  7. It’s super cute! And oh lord, do I feel your pain with the whole taking pictures of yourself thing! Why do you think there’s no post yet on the awesome dresses I’ve made from your Scout Tee? Note to self: must get over this and get better at taking photos of myself! You look awesome and the fabric turned out beautiful. I got swatches from Spoonflower recently and was very impressed by this sample!

    • Yeah photos are the worst, you’re a cutie though, just go for it!! Easier said than done I know. I sort of feel like Spoonflower has upped their game lately, better fabrics and colors and they definitely have great customer service. I’m interested to get swatches from DPI in San Fran and compare the two.

  8. Emily says:

    I LOVE this!!!!!! perfect print alignment and fit, and yes, totally fall-appropriate too.
    also congrats on 10 years 🙂

  9. Emma Lawson says:

    This dress is amazing. I love the print.

  10. liza jane says:

    Super pretty! I love the photographic print.

  11. paunnet says:

    So lovely, the print looks awesome.
    All my respect for taking photos of yourself in public, I get super embarassed even when my family is around.

  12. Julie D. says:

    So in love with that dress. It would be AWESOME if you made that dress pattern available in your shop!!!

  13. Amanda says:

    The fabric. The pattern. The gathered skirt. This is such s lovely dress! And snaps for self-timing in public. You are a brave lady! Kudos!

  14. bernieandi says:

    This dress is so delightful the print is lovely and the fit is spot on! When it comes to taking self-timed photos out in public I know how you feel, I always feel super awkward about it too (but all the good lighting is outside) and I have shots capturing me looking worried as cars or people coming past. Don’t know how those fashion bloggers do it all the time.

    • OMG I am always dumbfounded by the fashion bloggers who take a zillion photos out in busy places, how do they do it?! I totally have those photos too, Luke is always saying who cares but it just feels so awkward. I really like the outside lighting and different settings so I make myself do it, maybe we’ll get better from subjecting ourselves to it over and over? Ugh, who knows!

  15. gingermakes says:

    LOVE THIS! It’s so, so cute! Great job, dude! You look amazing!

  16. sallie says:

    Its so amazing! The cloud print looks wonderful the way you laid it out on the pattern. I love it! Taking pictures of yourself out in public is totally awkward! I’m always glad that I live in a relatively abandoned Scooby-Doo town so very few people get to witness my fancy prancing in front of a camera!

    • I’m always so impressed with you out there with your tripod doing photos, serious guts dude!! You definitely never look awkward, I need to take a page out of your book 4real. I’m totally glad I ordered that extra yard of fabric, and that I didn’t end up looking like I fell into a pool of bleach. Hahaha

  17. maddie says:

    Oh, I get awkward when I take self timed photographs in publish too. Kudos to you girl for taking the leap. Who cares about the delivery guy!

  18. Julie says:

    That dress is SO spectacular!! great job, you look amazing!

  19. Caitlin says:

    You’re so brave with the tripod out in *real* life!! All in the name of fashion, right? Your dress looks so good and it looks cloudy and so well fitted to you. Perfect. 🙂

    • Haha thanks! I should say that it was 630am and I set the camera up on the back of Luke’s bike to avoid possible tripod attention. My original plan was to go up on the roof where nobody would see me but our management company foiled my plan with a gigantic new padlock. UGH!

  20. Zoe says:

    LOVE this dress! You look awesome in it, which was no doubt what the Italian delivery guy was thinking too! xx

    • Hahahahahaha I’m going to pretend that’s definitely what he was thinking and not “what the heck is this girl doing with a self timer set up on the back rack of a locked bicycle at 630 am!”

  21. Stephanie says:

    It turned out PERFECT. Oh man, I love this dress. The back is really pretty. It’s funny what we do for our sewing blogs. I feel reeee-diculous when I get my picture taken and the awkwardness really shines through. I need to learn how to pose. You look darling and thanks for suffering through the self-timer so we could see your fabulous dress. 🙂

    Kudos to ten years!

    • Haha it is crazy what we do for these blogs! I feel like no matter what my awkwardness in front of a camera always shines through but oh well. I said above that if I could re-start this blog I would hire a fake Jen to be in my photos, hahaha! I also need to learn how to pose, there should be some sort of class like “Posing for Sewing Blogs” or something. I would sign up 4real.

  22. Alex says:

    Really great combination of silhouette and fabric – love it!

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  24. Shasta says:

    I love this print! Do you have a spoonflower account where folks can look at your designs?

  25. Bea Ashworth says:

    Hellooo! I think your stuff is brilliant this one in particular! I would love to have a pattern like this! PLEASE MAKE ONE :D. I wear dresses this shape all the time, so cute! Love the cloudyness!

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