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If you follow my Instagram [grainlinestudio] you know that I went on a bit of a pajama making spree this past week. I only planned on making the striped pair but I like them so much I decided to use up some of my chambray stock on a pair. The shorts are loosely based on the Maritime Shorts with quite a few changes. I omitted the pockets, changed the hem and added a true gym short style side bias bound seam. For the elastic waist I went up a size (cause who wants fitted pajama shorts, not me) and straightened the side seams from the widest point of the hips up. For the top started with the pattern I used to create the polka dot top from last week, adjusted the neckline and added a split back for fanciness.


I think each pair of pajamas used about 5 or 6 yards of bias binding so I’m pretty biased out after that! It was definitely worth it, they’re getting a lot of use, I’m wearing them as I type this and watch the super strange Olympic Closing Ceremonies. These tops are my first garment with this type of bias spaghetti strap which was pretty much beyond easy, just the way I like things. I’ve also never sewn this type of gym short finish before, I just copied a pair of running shorts I own. It was fun figuring out how to do it so that the side seams are concealed inside the bias binding which is topstitched to the short. I like a puzzle, even a small one like this.


The Details
Pattern | My Own
Fabric | Cotton Chambray (wholesaled, sorry no link) and Striped Marc Jacobs Shirting from Mood

I hope you’ll pardon the fact that I’m not wearing them in this post…it felt a little weird to model my pajamas on the internet? Maybe if they didn’t have an open back and weren’t pretty short. Anyway just imagine that they’re pretty awesome.

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35 Responses to Summer Wardrobe | Pajama Party

  1. smunch says:

    Ooh, I love these! I wish I had the patience to make some too. The gym short detail is awesome and I love the split back of the tank tops.

  2. Weronika says:

    These are kind of adorable… I also love how you could mix and match the two!

  3. Molly says:

    Those are really cute and well made, great job! I’d love to see how you did the straps and hem/side seam of the shorts.

  4. carolinefryar says:

    Man, those look good! I especially like those bias-bound seams on the gym shorts. Please say you’ll be working on a pattern– I’d love to make some pajamas before the summer ends!

    • Thanks! Sadly no pattern is in the works, these are just something I threw together out of other patterns. I am working on some fall patterns though so hopefully that makes up for it.

  5. daria says:

    these are super cute! and I love how they all look together!

  6. maddie says:

    All of them look great! I have the best success when I copy a RTW garment I already have.

    The bias binding looks awesome. I too would be bias-ed out if I used as much binding as you but it was completely worth it!

  7. gingermakes says:

    These are SO cute! I really, really like them!

  8. Zoe says:

    These are all shades of awesome! You blow me away every time with how amazingly neat your garments always are! xxx

  9. trula says:

    Those look fantastic. I’d love to have a pair like that myself.

  10. Kristen says:

    Really cute, I love the back of the top! Don’t blame you for not wearing them on the internet.

  11. ZoSews says:

    These look great! So neat 🙂 I’d be all biased out after all that binding too…

  12. Love these! I’m amazed with your perfect bias binding – beautifully constructed.

  13. Caitlin says:

    I love your super cute pjs! That back is really fun and the gym style shorts – genius girl. You are a champ with that bias binding, wow. It’s my least favorite thing to sew ever. Do you use a bias foot? I have one but it seemed to make it more of a pain. I love seeing all the things you make, you are so productive and what you share is well made and good lookin’!

    • Thanks lady, such kind words!! I don’t mind the bias binding too much as long as I have a book on tape or npr on or ANYTHING to take my mind off of it. I don’t have a bias foot, they’re so expensive for the Bernina I’ve never invested, but I’m always curious about them. I’ve thought about going into the a dealer to try one out, it seems like a foot with a learning curve though and if there’s one thing I hate it’s a learning curve!

  14. Olga says:

    Love these pajamas, the style, the fabrics, and especially the delicious detail shots of the bias binding. I too hate cutting out bias strips (and I also don’t like the “round method” and also try to cut the longest strips I can), but I love the look of a neatly sewn bias binding and actually kind of enjoy sewing it. I second the request for a tutorial on the shorts bias side seams.

    • Oh man I hate the round method also! They make it like you’re going to save so much time but it’s a more of a pain in the ass and you end up with way more seams…at least that’s what happens every time I try it. I’ll try to get a tutorial going in the next week or two on the shorts binding.

  15. Sallie says:

    Lovely! These look so neat and clean and comfy to wear. I always love your aesthetic and how it comes through even on these simple pjs!

  16. bernieandi says:

    These are just lovely. They make me miss summer! I especially like the back of the top and the shorts are just so cute! Life really is too short for boring pajamas. You have inspired me to make some nice ones!

  17. anto says:

    These pj sets are so adorable. Not only do I love them, but the way you photographed them is just as beautiful. The Split back is a really sweet detail that makes them even more special.

  18. jaime tanis says:

    So cute! I have been obsessed with lingerie lately, and these are so easy breezy. May I ask what software you use to get the flat drawing graphics of these pieces?

  19. Erin says:

    You should offer a pattern for a PJ set!

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