Back from Vacation

I’m back from a week up at the cabin! My sister and her husband Dave flew in from Victoria, BC for my birthday and all of us, along with Luke’s niece Lucy, went up for a week to hang out and relax. Many boat rides were taken both by speedboat and pontoon and we were lucky to catch some beautiful sunsets. I was pretty excited to see two new to me birds at the Powell Marsh. A crew of Tundra Swans and a lone Least Bittern. My dad spotted 4 Sandhill Cranes flying in a row while we were there too but unfortunately a pretty major storm sent us on our way before we could find any more birds. We were all pretty disappointed that we couldn’t find any Black Bears despite many spotting missions but on my way home I saw one in a field so our yearlong drought has now ended!

I started on round two of my Icelandic Sweater while we were up there. I don’t know if I ever posted about it but I was about to finish it up by doing the neckline ribbing before I finally tried the sweater on and it was too small. Well actually it fit but I wanted it to be pretty roomy and what I had was something just slightly larger than fitted. I knew I wasn’t going to be happy and would never wear it so out it went and I just finally had a little time to get it going again.

It feels good to be rested and ready to get back to work on things! I’ve been contemplating making a blog planning calendar to organize my posting schedule for a while to get things back on track. Do any of you use one? I can’t decide if it’s to planny for me or not.

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4 Responses to Back from Vacation

  1. maddie says:

    Oh gosh! It looks like you had a fabulous time! I’m super jealous.

    As for a blogging schedule.. I highly recommend it! I actually plan my posts monthly so that I have the entire month to take pictures, write, etc. It helps so much!

  2. Ginger says:

    Looks like a great trip! I’ve never seen a bear in the wild, but I always hoped to when we went to Wisconsin in the summers.

    That yarn looks amazing– it’s a great color, and it looks really soft!

  3. Sky Turtle says:

    Great photos and mood to share, Jen.
    I recently started keeping a blog calendar/planner but I keep it pretty open. This way I don’t forget about posts I really want to write and I don’t get to stressed about blogging.

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