Arizona Bound

grainline arizona shorts
grainline arizona shorts
arizona bound shorts outfit

Well by the time this posts I will be on my way to Arizona for the weekend! I’ll be spending most of my time at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art for Luke’s opening with his art crew New Catalogue, “This is a Present from a Small Distant World,” but we’re hoping to squeeze in a little pool time and a hike. Crossing my fingers for those! I’ll be back next week with more info on these new shorts, have a great weekend!

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39 Responses to Arizona Bound

  1. Arlie says:

    I love the shorts!!! You know what would be the most amazing tutorial? Some summer shorts πŸ™‚
    Have a great time – Arizona is the best, my mom and sister lived there for some time and I loved visiting.

  2. lauren says:

    Those shorts are awesome. I went to Arizona for the first time in March and loved it – I hope you have a good time! Maybe you’ll have better luck finding good southwestern textiles than I did.

    • jen | grainline says:

      Thanks! Definitely didn’t find too many southwestern textiles, or really any for that matter. We were in Scottsdale which maybe isn’t really the best place for finding them. We did get pretty into the Mexican Import store though…

  3. Sky Turtle says:

    Wow, they look great!

  4. Ginger says:

    Super cute! I love these!

  5. Caitlin says:

    So cute! And perfect pocket placement, yo. I saw your Hound shirt on of a kind — awesome! Have a great time in sunny Arizona πŸ™‚

    • jen | grainline says:

      Thanks, stripe matching rulez! They aren’t lying when they call it sunny Arizona, woah woah woah!

  6. Heather says:

    Those shorts are amazing, Jen. Have fun!

  7. Jessica says:

    have fun! the shorts look perfect!!

  8. Marsha says:

    PLEASE be a new pattern! I am in dire need of new shorts!

  9. Melissa says:

    Damn girl – those short are killer! Your pattern matching skills are amazing, that’s one hot lookin’ pocket!

  10. Carolyn says:

    LOVE those shorts. And that pocket. And that blouse is just perfect to wear with it.

  11. Oh they are fanTAStic! I’m so in the mood for printed shorts…looking forward to the debrief.

    • jen | grainline says:

      Thanks! So happy that I found this Ikat and went with my gut on it. Sometimes I get worried that my wardrobe is moving in the direction of a circus performer or cartoon character…ha!

  12. ZoSews says:

    These look great! Excellent pattern matching πŸ™‚

  13. Kristen says:

    I love those shorts! Great fabric! Have fun in AZ!

  14. Beth says:

    Awesome shorts! I need to make myself some. Have a great trip!

    • jen | grainline says:

      Thanks! After trying these out all weekend I definitely recommend everyone having a pair of crazy shorts

  15. Heather Lou says:

    I want to marry those shorts. WHAT A PRINT!

  16. Kelli says:

    I just saw your feature on Refinery 29. Just wanted say congrats on that.

  17. Nicole says:

    Love this so very much! Where did you get that beautiful fabric??

  18. Becca says:

    I love that fabric! Where did you find it?

  19. kath says:

    Those shorts are so nice! I love the whole look. Cute and casual!

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