Roses, Peonies and Something More Serious

I originally had something different written here but I literally just got news from my sister that the phone call my family has been waiting for was made tonight. My cousin Gina who has been living with liver failure for years finally got a match in Milwaukee, WI and is on her way there right now for a transplant. If you could keep her in your thoughts it would mean so much, if everything goes according to plan this liver will have found the best new life it could.

**Update** Surgery went well and she’s now starting the long recovery. Thanks for all your kind words, they mean a lot!

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12 Responses to Roses, Peonies and Something More Serious

  1. Belinda says:

    Oh Jen. I’m sending lots of love Gina’s way. I hope it all goes well and that this new liver takes her all the places she has been dreaming of. I’m sure she has been through a lot and has been feeling pretty terrible for a while. I hope this is the start of a long and healthy life. xx

  2. Jules says:

    Wow! I’ll be thinking of your family!

  3. Ginger says:

    Gina and your family is in my thoughts and prayers! Best wishes, a successful surgery, and a speedy recovery to her!

  4. Wanett says:

    Good luck to your cousin! You all will be in my thoughts!

  5. Stephanie says:

    oh my goodness. i’ll definitely keep her in my thoughts.

  6. maddie says:

    I will keep her in my prayers. Hail Mary’s all the way…

  7. Evie says:

    You are all in our prayers.

  8. indigorchid says:

    All the best wishes for Gina, and everyone in your family! I’ll keep her in my thoughts and keep my fingers crossed for you all!

  9. Miranda says:

    Good luck Gina!!

    My father had a liver transplant 5 years ago and is healthier than he’s ever been. It was a scary few weeks with the major surgery and recovery. Then the first year was up and down as he was stabilized on his medications. Now he’s riding 100+ miles on his bicycle and flying around the backcountry in his little plane. He’s living a new, great life!

  10. oonaballoona says:

    hey now, that’s a SERIOUS refashion. all fingers and toes crossed for her!

  11. jen | grainline says:

    Thanks so much to all of you, you are too sweet! The surgery went well and now we’re just waiting to make sure the liver takes, then it’s all uphill from there!

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