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Okay so I know mid-February is pretty early to be thinking about spring, but with all the warm weather we’ve been getting this winter, it’s pretty hard not to think about it. I’ve been really into these Equipment blouses and would love to work something like this into my wardrobe. A few plainer versions as well too because people tell me you can never have too many button down shirts? I really really need to get new sandals this summer and these Steven Allan sandals (or something similar) would solve that problem excellently. Another plan for spring is to try to accessorize more, I’m pretty basic about that, always wear the same two rings and if I’m feeling extra crazy, maybe a necklace. Maybe. I’m hoping to add a watch and a few other jewelry items to my closet soon. Of course I’ve been stalking the new Essie collection as well, there are 2 colors that I definitely need to have.

I’m considering doing a personal spring wardrobe project similar to my fall project, only perhaps a bit more structured this time, maybe think it over a little more than last time. I literally came up with the idea, made the sketches, and posted about it in one day. Not the best course of action on that. Lizz over at A Good Wardrobe just started planning out her Spring 12 Challenge and it’s really making me want to get something together. I’ve got a ton of projects on my plate right now including a wedding dress for a friend, so maybe I’ll give myself till the first week or two of March to figure it out. Is anyone else working out a spring wardrobe? I love checking out what people are planning!

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  1. Sky Turtle says:

    I am so glad you are starting to plan your spring wardrobe! Your fall wardrobe post is what initially inspired me to start thinking about mine, and this spring I want to do it again.
    I know I won’t make everything I plan and that’s ok, but It’s really useful to have in mind the bigger picture (of your new wardrobe – sic!)
    Also, I posted an entry about your blog on my blog – you are such an inspiration for me :>
    Looking forward to your next posts.

    • jen | grainline says:

      It’s hard not to think about spring with all this warm weather, I think it was almost 50 today! I’m so happy that I could inspire someone to think about their own wardrobe, what a wonderful compliment, thank you! I can’t wait to see what you plan out. I’m also loving your breakfasts around the world series. So awesome!

  2. Lizz says:

    I know – I felt really silly planning spring when we haven’t even felt winter yet! However, this week the first blossoms started to appear so it can’t be too far off, right? Besides… it’s good to be prepared! Thanks for the shout-out.
    Beautiful blouse – I really like the collar. I’m curious to see what you’re planning for spring!

    • jen | grainline says:

      All this warm weather has made it impossible for me to not be thinking about spring, srsly. I wish we were getting a few more signs of spring, though I did notice a bush with new sprouts on it today. I love where your spring wardrobe is headed, the croquis you posted today look awesome!

  3. Beth says:

    I am also planning a spring wardrobe for myself at this time, although I haven’t posted about it yet. It really should be called more of a “transition to spring” wardrobe though because, as you know, spring in Chicago doesn’t always mean warm, sunny days. Good luck with your planning!

    • jen | grainline says:

      Oh Chicago! Are you here as well? What on earth is up with our winter this year! I think my spring and fall wardrobes are usually pretty similar but maybe with brighter colors in the spring. I’m a little worried after reading a post from Tom Skilling saying that warmer than average winters are usually followed by cold dreary springs and crazy hot summers. Lets pretend that was never said. Despite our strange weather, I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your spring wardrobe!

  4. indigorchid says:

    So…. Essie nailpolish *just* became available in Norway – at the whopping tune of 23 dollars! Hehe, it’s trendy you see. I think I’ll stock up next time I’m in the US, along with some Butter.

    Spring plans! I don’t think I’ve completed anything of my fall planning! It’s been a little much lately, and I’ve just stepped away from pretty much all of my sewing projects. One by one, things are falling into place, if only just a little, so I hope that soon I’ll be sewing up a storm again! But yeah… I’ll be getting some of my fall projects out of the way first!

    • jen | grainline says:

      Crud man $23?! I almost bought some Butter in Canada but couldn’t manage to shell out $17 + tax for a bottle. You’ll get back to it soon enough, I can’t even believe you’ve finished what you have with moving and no furniture for so long and work etc. I still have two unfinished fall projects that are preventing me from really moving forward. Maybe by March they’ll be done? Hahaha hmm…

      • indigorchid says:

        Yeah, that backlog can be evil! I like to think of all my plans as options, not have-tos. It certainly can feel like you’re failing when all of the planned projects aren’t happening, but that’s no fun!

        P.S. Thank you – it’s been one hell of a half-year!

        • jen | grainline says:

          I think I’m at that point too, where it’s finally okay if I don’t finish all my plans. At least I hope so because I’m always planning. It’s like I think there are 48 hours in every day!

  5. Meghan says:

    I love this collage. The Steven Alan sandals are amazing, as is the nail color. I must go get it asap! Hopefully I can find some cute sandals that look similar that I can afford! Just picked up a few dresses from the thrift store that I will alter for the spring.

    • jen | grainline says:

      I’m right there with you on a cheaper version of those sandals, I wish they were in my budget but alas, they are not. Hence the dream part of the title, ha! So lucky you find good things at the thrift store, I’ve never had much luck. Can’t wait to see these dresses if you post them!

  6. I would really like to see a spring wardrobe project. It was really inspiring seeing your winter one come together just from the drawings.

  7. Dalila says:

    Nothing structured yet, but definitely I’m doing some pieces i’ve been thinking about lately…

  8. Stephanie says:

    I LOVE those equipment blouses and have big plans to recreate some stylish designer button-ups. I completely agree – you can never have enough! I’d love to see some spring plans from you.

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