so…i was hacked

If you’ve tried to access this site in the last week, chances are you weren’t able to thanks to some hackers with nothing better to do with their time. I literally don’t understand this type of hacking at all, I mean, it’s not like I am some hacking supporter or anything but at least when people hack with the purpose of bringing down a specific site or trying to get information they have a reason, albeit a bad one. Our server was hacked because there was a weak point in a few of the sites and the hackers were able to inject bad code making our sites useless. Haha yeah, so funny hackers. My friend Jeff who hosts my sites along with others spent days and days getting everything back to normal and thanks to him this site went back up last night. Thanks Jeff!!!!! Soooo here are a few post hacking housekeeping things.

▲ If you purchased a pattern anytime after Monday and were unable to download it, send me an email and I’ll send you the pattern. I know a few people had trouble with the patterns downloading as jibberish.

▲ I’ve also taken down the pattern shop for now while I finish the last stages of expanding the size range offered so if you’re looking for a pattern they’ll be back up hopefully within the week and ready for purchase. If you’d like to be notified of when this happens, I’ll be sending out an email to pattern subscribers which you can sign up to receive below or in the sidebar. You will also get notifications when new patterns are added to the shop and any special offers on patterns.

▲ If you’ve purchased a pattern and are worried about the recent site hacking, don’t worry. Not only was it not the sort of hacking where people take info, there’s no info stored on this site to take.

Okay, now hopefully this means back to regular posting and no more funny business!

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2 Responses to so…i was hacked

  1. linda says:

    oh no! sorry to hear this jen. =( those jerks. >.<

  2. Ins says:

    Very sorry to hear about the hackers, but happy you’re back!

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