back from nyc

I spent this weekend in NYC for the opening of the Robert Heinecken show Copywork at Friedrich Petzel Gallery. Luke worked for Robert for many years before he died and now works for the Robert Heinecken Trust managing the collection, so it was amazing to see the show together after months of hard work and preparations. I was a bit sad however to be in NYC at the same time as the BurdaStyle book launch party and not be able to make it over! My flight that morning left Chicago at 6am and due to fog closing all NYC airports we were diverted to Newbergh, NY after circling the city for an hour or so and a failed attempt at landing in Hartford, CT. We were so late and exhausted getting in that I was falling asleep at lunch and ended up taking a little nap in the back room at the gallery! Yikes! The rest of the trip was fun but tiring and coordinating 5 people with one apartment key was a bit of a logistical nightmare so I definitely didn’t do as much as I wanted to, though I did get to hang out with my college friends and that was awesome. I’m so glad to be back home now though. I also had thought I scheduled two posts for last week, and found out today that they never posted, whoops. I am not very good at posting for the future I guess.

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