weekend review

This weekend was my most eventful weekend in a while. Usually I just sit around and work and maybe meet some people in the evening with Luke, but this weekend was jam packed. I don’t know if I mentioned previously, but my sister is moving to Victoria, BC on October 2nd. This was her last weekend off work until she leaves so we did quite a bit of hanging out. She made these totally awesome pumpkin cupcakes with gluten free flour (seriously this is the best gluten free flour ever, it’s worked in every recipe we’ve tried) and we went on a quest to find the perfect nail polish color to go under my sparkles in order to re-create this. We also hit the new Topshop which was a nightmare. Swarms of people from the suburbs, a really loud DJ, expensive sweaters who’s tags read “Contains Wool!”…um does 10% wool in a sea of 90% acrylic really count? Literally you can get a Merino sweater from J.Crew for less.

My parents also sort of forced me into a new phone, a smart one. I resisted for a bit at first, but I’m pretty excited about the ability to take photos with it. I expect my twitter will get a bit more interesting from now on. So far I’ve mostly just taken photos of my pets but I’ll definitely mix that up. The bottom right corner is a photo of a woven T-shirt I’m working on. I’m pretty pumped up about it, sometimes you want a bit of a dressy t and jersey doesn’t really cut it there. I ordered some Liberty Tana Lawn, so hopefully it gets here soon. Even the muslin looked great when I tried it on so I’m getting anxious for the real fabric!

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4 Responses to weekend review

  1. michael ann says:

    your nails look so fabulous! i’m not usually a big sparkle fan because i hate how they never come off with nail polish remover, but those look so cute…

  2. emily marie says:

    YES. love the nails. I just put some glitter nails on last night, and my elementary school obsession has been fully rekindled! I also found about 10 glitter polishes from that era that are still totally wearable. big win.

  3. jen | grainline says:

    I totally love/hate glitter polish. Looks so good but never comes off, but I figured the hassle was worth it for this gold sparkle!

  4. Katie says:

    Hahaa.. I resisted the smart phone craze for a loooong time also. Now that I have one, I dig it. But, I also would still be satisfied if I had my Nokia from way back when. Those things were (almost) indestructible!

    Love the dressy t-shirt you are working on!

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