in hiding

[photos by diana of our city lights]
Oh summer.  How do you always manage to be the busiest season?  I want to go outside, ride bikes, run, eat ice cream, eat dinner on the roof, go to the cottage, float on the river, head out in the boats but something is always getting in the way of summer fun.  It’s also getting in the way of posting here.  Here’s what I’ve been up to lately…
▲ Sewing up a storm of hound pieces after the Oh Joy! feature.  This is taking up pretty much all my time right now.  It’s definitely exciting to see the pieces head out into the world.
▲ Working on a new WordPress site for grainline.  I am pretty tired of blogger and it’s many limitations so I’m designing a new site that will also have more room for different features + patterns.
▲ Trying to get some new patterns ready for download.  I’m currently working on what I hope will become a trio of dresses.  We’ll see.
▲  I am also in the midst of designing and patterning fall 2011 and spring 2012 at the same time.  It can get a little confusing for sure.
I’ve also had a few requests for downloadable patterns to be made from hound garments.  At this time I have no plans of making any of the hound patterns into downloads.  I use all the patterns from past seasons as reference for future seasons and as such would like to keep them private.  I have plenty of fresh designs to go around though!
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2 Responses to in hiding

  1. Julie says:

    whew, you sound super busy!! But the best kind of creative busy, which is great. I love the photos!

  2. well-crafted says:

    Sort of a blessing and a curse to be busy during the summer months, eh? I’ve been meaning to drop in and congratulate you on the new collection. You are really making beautiful pieces. I wish I could buy something, but alas, my figure would not be flattered by these styles. I am admiring from afar though and am feeling really happy for you and your recent success! Keep up the good work.

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