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The past few weeks have been pretty hectic trying to get everything ready for my next collection and things will be crazy for a few weeks more still.  I’ve been starting every morning off with clementines, turkish figs, tea and writing in my daily planner.  The figs usually go first as evidenced by this photo.

I’ve been tagged by Natasha, Haruna and Alana to share 7 things about myself.  I’m really bad at these things and everything I come up with is pretty boring so I usually never do them but here goes…

  • I don’t drink coffee and I’ve never had Mountain Dew.  I can’t even handle the smell of coffee, it literally smells like a pet accident to me.  As for the Mountain Dew, sometime in high school I realized I’d never had it and decided if I’d gone that long I was going to keep going.
  • I feel a compulsion to buy things because they have bees on them, it runs in the family.  When your last name is Beeman I think it’s genetic.  I am currently collecting vintage honey pots and my bathing suit is covered with bees that have gold leaf wings.  My dad and I are trying to convince my mom to let us raise bees in the back yard.
  • Again with the bees, I love honey.  A little too much.  I buy my honey from a local beekeeper at the farmers market in 4lb jars.  I finished 2.5 jars last year.  I can’t believe I just made that information public.
  • I have a photography degree, but I literally remember nothing about cameras.  I have to ask Luke basic questions about the camera settings constantly because despite remembering nothing, I am never happy with the automatic settings.
  • I have some sort of obsession with making lists, I get this from my mom.  We will put anything on a list, and if we do things that aren’t on the list for the day, we will add them just so we can cross them off.  I also have a tendency to put more things on a list than is possible to complete in one day which makes me feel horrible if I don’t get everything done.
  • My sister and I are able to remember the lyrics to any song, even if we’ve heard it only one or two times.  This is great for karaoke, but not great if it’s a song you don’t like.  We remember good and bad lyrics alike.
  • I only like to write with one type of pen. The .35 Muji Gel-Ink Ballpoint Pen.  I buy the pens and refils every time I’m in NYC.  These pens are the best.  If I don’t have a good pen, I don’t have my best handwriting and it’s hard to get things done when things are looking sloppy!
I’m off work for 2 weeks starting now which is slightly stressful but good since I have so much to do before the shoot.  I’m also hoping to have time to sew a new blazer.  I cut it out a few weeks ago but the fabric store was out of black Bemberg so my plans were put on hold.  It’s back in stock now so I just need to get over there and spend some money.
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4 Responses to busy busy and some stuff

  1. jessi_O says:

    I have the exact same obsession with making lists. I have a specific tiny notebook where i write my list on a daily basis, and like you and your mom, I add things to my list just to cross them off, it is such a nice feeling! 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    what a great list!! I think your family should totally raise bees in the backyard- it would help keep you in your honey habit!

  3. Birgitte says:

    Um.. are you sure we're not the same person? Songs, bees, lists….I have about 7 lists going at the moment – just in different forms. Imagine how cool it is to finish one thing, but be able to cross it off multiple lists? Yey!

    Also, my grandfather kept bees when I was little, and we would always have a 5-pound bucket in the cupboard, and now honey is so disposable to me. As in – it's so good, why not have some more? Mm… honeybutter the best.

  4. jen says:

    I think we're going to give my mom some more harassing on the bee front. Our neighbors are deathly afraid of bees and she's afraid something terrible will end up happening either to them or the bees. Honey makes everything so delicious, when there's honey in the house, I rarely use sugar.

    B – we totally might be the same person, haha!! I love that you had a 5lb bucket, jealous!!

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