tiny pocket dress : pattern instructions

As promised I have finished the tutorial on turning your Tiny Pocket Tank into the dress in my last post.  Today I am posting the patternmaking part of the tutorial; I will post the sewing part on Wednesday.  It’s a lot for one post!  Unlike the instructions for the Tiny Pocket Tank itself, I am not posting the entire tutorial on my blog, that was a bad idea, loading all those images takes way too long.  You can find the tutorial over on my flickr as it’s own set called Tiny Pocket Dress.  I typically use 120lb kraft paper for my non-production patterns, but it was a bit hard to see the pencil on it so I used butchers paper for the tutorial.  You can use any paper you have, if you can’t get large paper, just tape some computer paper together.  A few notes on the tutorial :

  • For the patternmaking part you will need : the Tiny Pocket Tank pattern, paper, pencil, rulers, scissors, something to weight your patterns down and an awl or something sharp that will act as one.
  • I have abbreviated Center Front as CF in many of the instructions.
  • I used 3 – 5/8″ buttons.  If you would like to do the same, you can use the measurements I have provided in the photos.  Otherwise just replace my measurements with the ones that work for your button size.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask here in the comments, on flickr or email me.  I’ve loved seeing the Tiny Pocket Tanks getting made up, so if you’re making one, let me know!

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2 Responses to tiny pocket dress : pattern instructions

  1. Anonymous says:

    You provided such a beautiful template. Can't wait to find the time to sew this, and make a few for my summer wardrobe.


  2. rachel red lips says:

    hi! i just discovered your blog via thestorygirl and have to say, i am in love with you life, patterns, and your line! i would love to know how you got started and how you make it successful (if there isn't some kinda of explanation around somewhere)…i have just started pattern making and designing so i LOVE to hear how real ladies make it work as a career. email me if you feel like dishing! xo,

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