blue sky pasha

Here we have Pasha by Jane Richmond in eggplant (or something) Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk.  My last hat stretched out beyond anything I could imagine over the course of 3 or so years and in combination with all this hair I looked totally Rasta.  Not my favorite look for myself so I made this one. Problem is that I think it’s not quite slouchy enough and looks weird perched atop my head.


This photo looks like such a gross little blob.  I did most of the knitting on the plane to and from Iceland and it was a perfect travel knit.  The pattern was well written and the stitch pattern was easy to remember.  I always love knitting with anything Blue Sky Alpacas so that was a dream of course.  I was really hoping for some grey but my knitting store didn’t have any…eggplant it was.  Maybe good though because I have a lot of grey.

How do you block your hats, if you are a knitter of hats?  I have always heard + read that you shouldn’t wet block alpaca so I tried steaming it on my ironing board which was not working at all.  I then jammed my ham inside of it and that worked like a charm.  Has anyone ever tried this?  Cause it’s pretty nice indeed.

And here is the finished hat.  We’ll see if it makes it into my daily rotation, maybe on days when my hair is less big.  I purchased a ton of Alafoss Lopi in Iceland at the Handknitting Association of Iceland’s store for a sweater, I want to start on that sucker SO bad.  I’m a little scared though.  I’ve never done colorwork before and am sort of freaking out that I’m going to ruin my sweater.  I want that sweater so bad though omg.  Is an Icelandic Lopi a bad first color project?  It’s on huge needles, maybe it could be worse.  Who knows.
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3 Responses to blue sky pasha

  1. Unfurled says:

    I love colorwork. I think it's one of the great joys of knitting. I just finished a baby vest, and am now knitting my first argyle. Just keep the "floats" loose, at the back and you'll be fine. Just go for it!

  2. Erin Wallace says:

    I've always loved this pattern and you have made a lovely hat with it! I've never blocked a hat before, I just stick it on my (or the recipients) head and let that do the blocking – however, I think from now on everyone should be blocking their hats with hams!

  3. Julie says:

    That hat looks so pretty!! That rich purple yarn is so lovely, too.

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