put some paint on it

I’ve been working on some household projects lately since my sewing machine has been at the shop.  One of the first things on my list was to paint this horrible little pressboard cubby cabinet that we have in our kitchen.  It used to be part of the gallery desk the gallery Luke took over our lease from, and when he moved in, he disassembled the desk and stuck that part in our kitchen.  While it was horrible, it was also super narrow and it was hard to find something to replace it.  It had no back on it so the bricks would crumble off the wall into our bowls, making it so I had to wash each bowl before I used it, even though I put it away clean.  We put a back on to keep out the bricks and make it more sturdy and primed it with my favorite primer, Killz.  I was all set to go get some cheap grey paint and slap some on when our friend offered up a few colors of super fancy paint left over from the Hamish Fulton show across the street that he felt bad throwing away.  Yes!  Now we have a pure pantone cyan process c kitchen cubby painted with the most expensive paint I’m ever likely to use.  It painted on so nicely I kept trying to come up with a word for how nice it felt, and all I could come up with was mouthfeel.  Sick.  Now I want to paint something else.

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  1. Miss P says:

    Ooooh, I love painting furniture. This looks fab. Such a delicious colour!

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