iceland : golden circle : kerið crater lake + goodbye

Our final stop on the Golden Circle was the crater lake Kerið.  Kerið was formed when a cone volcano erupted and, after emptying it’s magma, collapsed in on itself.  Unlike Crater Lake in Oregon (another cone volcano that collapsed in on itself) Kerið was not filled with rainwater, but instead the surface of the water sits at the level of the water table.  The frozen surface of Kerið reminded me of an extremely large gemstone or geode, the colors were so surreal.
After climbing back in the car Sveinn broke out some traditional flat bread and smoked lamb sandwiches he made for our journey as well as Iceland’s largest thermos full of hot tea!  So sweet.  Luke took the sandwich photo above and it is his proudest photographic moment of the trip.
I bought a few things in Iceland, mostly things for friends and family, though we did get an Icelandic poster about making an exploding volcano cake and I bought the most amazing wooly knee socks and yarn to make my own Icelandic sweater.  These things I will share in posts later on as well as a few rolls of film that aren’t yet in digital form.
It feels sad to be wrapping up my Icelandic posts, I absolutely loved the country, people, skyr, everything really and I have never been so un-ready to head home as I was at the end of this trip.  I may have shed a tear or two secretly on the way to the airport.  The next place I want to travel to is Iceland during the summer, but this time I want to stay for at least 2 weeks, rent a car, bring more film, meet puffins, ride some ponies and knit.  These photos don’t even really begin to show how amazing Iceland is, I really believe that if you can make it there, it is a must visit.  I loved it more than France, Germany, Austria and Italy combined, and it pushed the English countryside into second place.  Iceland, I love you!
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6 Responses to iceland : golden circle : kerið crater lake + goodbye

  1. martha says:

    I've loved these posts! I hope you share your film photos. Though I have a big soft spot for the English countryside, I can see how this would push it into second place.

  2. Unfurled says:

    it's been so great to see your stunning photos. i live between england and portland, or. one day i'm vowing to stop in between now that i've seen these gorgeous photos!

  3. Molly Bags says:

    Oh WOW! It's like a reflection of space!

  4. Allison says:

    I just came across your blog and I thought you should know I am totally in love with it. Iceland sounds amazingly beautiful and all of your pictures are gorgeous. I can't wait to explore your blog more!


  5. Don says:

    You probably don’t view this anymore as it is almost 2.5 years dated. Anyways, my wife & I are headed to Iceland in Sept for a two week driving tour of the complete Ring Road. This area – Kerio Crater, Geysir Gullfoss & Þingvellir National Park, is on the last day of the trip outside of Reykjavík. I came across your blog because I was trying to determine if people ascent in the crater and what the water is like.

    Loved your observations on Iceland, can’t wait to go!!!

    • That sounds like a wonderful trip! I don’t know much about if you can go into the crater since it was frozen when I was there but I do know that Bjork once gave a concert from inside of it! Have fun!

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