iceland : golden circle : highlands and langjökull glacier

After our stop at Gullfoss, we decided to head through the highlands and visit a glacier.  One of the best things about taking the super jeep tour with Sveinn was our ability to sort of make the trip up as we went and play things by ear.  We started out on one path but came to a point in the road where a river had swelled up to 3 times its size and swallowed it whole.  Sveinn surveyed the river, deemed it impassible and quickly came up with a secondary route to the glacier.  The photos above are of the secondary route and are so beautiful I don’t feel bad at all that we didn’t get to see the primary route, perhaps this route was even better!  Many of the roads in Iceland are simply gravel or actually large rocks once you leave the main cities, so we had to pull over to let some air out of the tires and used that as a photo opportunity.  The tires on the super jeeps are developed specially for Iceland driving on rocks and glaciers and cost $1000 a tire, woah baby!  During most of the trip Sveinn had Icelandic singers + bands on the radio, and during this part of the trip it was Sigur Rós which was fitting with the landscape.  It really doesn’t look real when I look at these photos now, but I remember I was there and then I know it is.
We finally reached our glacier, Langsjökull and while it was pretty full of snow, Sveinn informed us that it is severely under snowed-in.  The snow was packed so thick that no matter how hard Jessica and I jumped, we could not even make a slight impression.  The sun was on it’s way to set causing all photos taken looking east to look like broad daylight and all photos taken facing west to have a lunar-esque look.  This was my first glacier and hopefully not my last.  While we were at the toe of Langjökull, a super sized Ford Excursion with 8 people and a driver on a loudspeaker drove up and charged out onto the glacier.  Apparently they hadn’t deflated their tires to the proper psi and promptly got stuck.  After a bit of laughing from all of us, Sveinn was about to go over and lend a hand, but they finally figured out their problem.  Boy were we glad we hitched a ride with a more personal + intelligent guide!  The sun was setting and we wanted to see one more spot, so we headed out.
Next up, Kerið crater lake and an Icelandic round up.
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  1. Allison says:

    These pictures look surreal! How cold was it there? How did you find this amazing Sveinn and can you introduce us? Just kidding, but for real it sounds like such an amazing tour! Did you go through a tour guide?

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