iceland : golden circle : gullfoss

Gullfoss was the next stop on our tour and also happened to be the first sun of the trip.  Europe’s largest waterfall by volume, Gullfoss is a two step waterfall with surprisingly few guard rails.  Literally you just walk straight up to the edge of the rocks and there you are with your foot hovering over the falls.  Gullfoss is fed by the Hvítá river and Sveinn told us the story of Sigríður Tómasdóttir. There were plans to build a dam in the Hvítá river which would badly affect the waterfall and she threatened to throw herself into the waterfall if a dam was built.  The damn was never built, though it was most likely because the lease secured by the private company who intended to build the damn ran out.  After that, the waterfall was sold to the state of Iceland and now is strictly protected.
As we were climbing up to the Gullfoss overlook we were greeted by a triple rainbow.  This is my best attempt at photographing it, though it was quite vibrant in reality.  After we took our band photo waterfall grid, we headed in to the cafe to meet Sveinn and enjoy some traditional Icelandic soup and coffee to warm up.
Our next stop is a double feature, the highlands and the Langjköull glacier.
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3 Responses to iceland : golden circle : gullfoss

  1. NorwegianAngel says:

    Beautiful pictures! The waterfall is really impressive 🙂

  2. erica-knits says:

    Amazing photos, Jen! I love the portraits of the four of you. I am really enjoying your Iceland updates, what a dream trip! I loved the story that you girls were recognized as Icelanders but the boys were not!

  3. jen says:

    Thanks! That story cracks me up, I'm glad people enjoy it! I hate to be the only one laughing…haha

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